Xavier De Coster

Xav studying page ??? of The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants in the southwest corner of the Booking Hall of Nottingham Railway Station, 30 October 2006

Xavier De Coster is co‐founder and co‐manager of The Oddworld Library. He joined OddBlog in late 2003, and is almost single‐handedly responsible for the site’s comprehensive archive of interviews, images, videos, and websites.

Xav is a veteran reporter of Oddworld news, beginning his career on French fansite Oddworld Maniac in March 2001. When webmaster Psykobee closed the site, Xav soon found temporary employment on Abe Babe’s Oddworld‐Web before joining Max on OddBlog. He is also a long‐standing member of the Oddworld Forums staff, currently moderating Zulag One alongside Max.

Xav (born 20 February 1986) is currently studying Civil Engineering at the Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium. He listens to cool music.


How did you first become a fan of Oddworld?

Art. That’s all I can say. The beauty of the landscapes and of everything on it is what really caught me.

What does Oddworld mean to you?

Oddworld means some kind of escape out of this world. It’s a journey into an extremely well conceived reality with absolutely charming places and characters. Oddworld is a place where there’s always something to discover with the other members on the Oddworld Forums, where you can build some amazing theories just on the shape of a creature.

And through this reflection of Oddworld, there’s another way to see our own world.

How did you join The Oddworld Library?

When Max showed me his OddBlog project I knew I wanted to be a part of it. It was the first stone of what we see today. I wanted to do TOGG to provide the best pictures to anyone and have it all sorted in an user friendly place. And the idea for the TOA project popped in my mind when I found out more and more Oddworld material wasn’t available anymore due to sites closing or simply changing, and thus I decieded to put everything back online. During discussions with Max it became apparent we both wanted to do some kind of network to link OddBlog, TOGG and TOA with his latest project The Oddworld Encyclopædia, that’s how The Oddworld Library is born.