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Five Questions With Oddworld Co‐Creator - The Oddworld Scriptures

Five Questions With Oddworld Co‐Creator
Published: 1 December 2001

This short interview with doesn’t appear to be online any longer, and we can’t find it using the Internet Archive. If you manage to find a copy online, please contact us. The date of publication quoted is the date Xavier first archived the interview.

Five Questions With Oddworld Co‐Creator recently caught up with Oddworld co‐creator Lorne Lanning to discuss farts, Munch’s Oddysee, PlayStation 2 dartboards and Xbox. Do you have a fart fetish?

Lanning: Not that I know of, but life is always full of surprises. Why a wheelchair for Munch?

Lanninge: It came about as a chat talk on a handicap site that we had witnessed. They were talking about how many handicapped people in wheelchairs couldn’t believe that there has never been a game with a wheelchair in it. That was the spark of the idea. It seemed so obvious. It had many physics possibilities, which we really didn’t get to fully implement, but the idea prevailed. We also saw that using it as a powerup for a characters that was less agile on land was a good compensation. It’s also just damn humorous to see this strange creature with one leg pushing himself around frantically in a wheelchair. Is your dart board shaped like a PS2?

Lanninge: It used to be, but that was before Bush was in office. Describe Microsoft in one word.

Lanninge: Supportive! Other than Munch’s Oddysee, what is the killer Xbox app?

Lanninge: Okay, this sounds like a trick question… but in my opinion there are two in two genres; shooter and fighter. Sherry [McKenna, Lanning’s co‐founder of Oddworld Inhabitants and CEO of the company] and I just watched Ed Fries play through two Halo levels in Las Vegas last weekend. We were both impressed with the variety of effects and overall visual quality of the final builds of this game. They’ve definitely raised the bar for the shooting genre. Then there is Dead or Alive 3. As a fighter, it does some amazing graphical stuff and also interactions with the environment. Many of our people were down at an Xbox promotion recently in LA, and they loved playing DOA3. However, I really want to get my hands on [Project] Gotham Racing too. It looks great but I haven’t felt the controls yet.