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Fan of the Month

Fan of the Month section is temporarily on hiatus while worthy candidates are scoped. There is no election process, no application, and no magic word! Just keep on keeping Odd, and somebody is sure to notice. In the meantime, check out the archived FOMs and get inspired!

Alfred "Alf" Gamble - U.K

Aaron B. - U.S.

Atushi - Japan

Bob C.- U.K.

Drew (the Slig) - Scotland

Elodie C. - Australia

Hayley - Australia

John (Elum) - Georgia, USA

Jonathan - U.K.

Josh Ryan Evans - Los Angeles,USA

Justin (Pilot) - Nevada, USA

Kris Kohls - California, USA

Kristen (AbeBabe) -part 2. Australia

Kristen (AbeBabe) -part 1. Australia

Martin - U.K.

Matt (Lantra) - Vancouver, B.C.

Matthew (Oddguy) - California, USA.

Peter (Alcar) - Australia

Sydney (Oddworldian) - Australia

Tom A - Belgium

Theresa T. from USA

William (Max the Mug) - U.K.

Sabrina M. - Germany

Xavier - Belgium