Sep 092011
It looks like downloadable content isn’t the only Stranger’s Wrath merchandise planned. In a statement today, clothing company Insert Coin announced that they have been working with Oddworld Inhabitants to produce official t-shirt designs based on Stranger’s Wrath. The two designs produced are based on New Yolk City and Sekto Springs bottled water:
The first design is ‘New Yolk City’, inspired by the largest conurbation you romp around in the game. Taking its visual style from the wild wild west – and incorporating a gloriously wide-eyed Clakker – this iconic design is the perfect souvenir after a journey around the Western Mudos! The second design is ‘Sekto Springs’, which is based upon the 100% ‘authentic’ beverage at the heart of Stranger’s adventure. Refreshing and with a little hint of continental style, this tee is a salute to the world in which the game is set.
No price or release date has been confirmed as yet. Most of the store’s t-shirts are available at around £20/$30.
Sep 062011
More good news for fans of Stranger’s Wrath—Just Add Water has announced via a Twitter post that the coming weeks will see Stranger’s Wrath content (such as avatars) being released on the PlayStation Store. The developer has also tweeted two photos of a PlayStation 3 home screen (first photo, second photo), showing what appears to be a Stranger-themed wallpaper or XMB theme. The two photos show the same scene—the background of the game’s main menu, the HD reworking of which was recently revealed—but with Stranger—but notably features differences in Stranger’s pose, suggesting that the theme will be animated in the same way as the original menu version.
Sep 062011
Alf’s Rehab and Tea certainly seems to be back in full swing as this month’s Fan Art highlight has been posted over on the official Oddworld website. It looks like someone has taken notice of the large number of fans sporting Oddworld tattoos—in addition to the usual selection of artwork, Alf has put out a call for Odd tattoos, promising a dedicated gallery if enough submissions are sent in:
We’re also starting to notice a number of people with, getting or thinking of getting Oddworld tattoos. We can’t get enough of this dedication, and we want to show the world how much you love Oddworld, so we’re going to have a dedicated skin art gallery just as soon as we have a large enough collection. So if you’ve got Abe on your arm, a Slig on your shin, or a Wolvark on your… skin, then send in photos at the same address!
Sep 032011
Just Add Water is in the process of making a trailer to promote the new Stranger’s Wrath HD update. In a series of Twitter posts, the games developer has announced that they have captured the raw data for the trailer, and are now in the process of editing that data down to a more manageable level. A tweet by Stewart Gilray seems to confirm that the trailer will be made up of ingame footage, not pre-rendered CGI. With the game previously being announced as close to Beta, the announcement of a new trailer may signify that the game is close to release, although at this point nothing has been confirmed.
Aug 292011
Just Add Water has been interviewed by gaming website GotGame. Speaking on behalf of the Yorkshire games developer, CEO Stewart Gilray discussed Gravity Crash, and divulged some information on the Stranger’s Wrath HD remake. Of note is that, while there is still no definite release date, JAW does have a planned deadline, and are close to moving into Beta testing:
Right now we’re just finishing up various PS3 specific elements, then we’ll be at Beta. During Beta we will be optimizing the heck out of the game. Currently it’s running at 60fps 90% of the time, we want to ensure that it’s 60fps ALL of the time. As to what can players expect… It IS the same game it was in 2005, we’ve just polished it, lots more polys, much more detailed textures. We’ve doubled resolutions most of the textures in the game, in some cases even more. We’ve pushed out the view distance in some places just to give a much better view of the vistas in the game.
Also, interviewed last week was Michael Taylor, a freelance audio composer and editor currently working with JAW on the Stranger’s Wrath and Munch’s Oddysee HD updates. In the interview with Nerd Vice, Taylor discussed his past experiences in the games industry (where he has previously worked on various Xbox Indie and iOS games), and talked about his work on the Oddworld HD remakes. His work includes converting and recreating the original audio files to the best possible quality (Taylor previously discussed his work on Stranger’s Wrath in a Dev Diary posted on JAW’s website). Taylor also discussed recording some previously lacking female dialogue, the lack of which was brought to the attention of Stewart Gilray by fans; and mentioned that his work was approved by Michael Bross, the original composer for Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath.
Aug 282011
In a recent article for, Just Add Water have released some new in-game screenshots of Stranger’s Wrath HD. The new images are juxtaposed with screenshots of the same scenes running on the original Xbox version of the game, to highlight the graphical upgrades. Oddworld Forums user lloyd has kindly put together a minisite where you can directly compare old and new by rolling over the images. This comparison highlights the larger field of view, higher resolution textures and higher poly-count character models. Three more screenshots can be found on Oddworld Inhabitants’ Facebook page, including an updated version of the game’s main menu background. Some posts from JAW team members on the Oddworld Forums elaborate on the changes made; tda confirms that all of the new character models have been built from scratch (with the exception of a small handful remade from the models used for pre-rendered cutscenes), while Glitch explains the process of ensuring the level of improvement is consistent throughout the game.
Aug 282011
Oddworld Inhabitants have released a series of images on their Facebook page showcasing the graphical improvements made to characters in the Munch’s Oddysee HD update, including Abe, Scrabs and Paramites. An interesting detail is that Abe now sports his original four fingers, rather than the three he has had since Abe’s Exoddus.

Higher resolution images of the new Abe, Scrab and Paramite models have also been posted on the blog of Tom Bramall, one of JAW’s 3D artists.