OddBlog Specials

Every once in a while, The Oddworld Journalistic Reporters manage to secure an exciting, exclusive report, transcending them from shifty‐eyed media hounds to a primary source of news. Below are these so‐called OddBlog Specials.

Oddworld Inhabitants to inhabit GOG.com (16/12/2008)
The press release for the release of Abe’s Oddysee on the digital distribution site GOG.com.
Nathan interviews Lorne Lanning (18/07/2008)
Whilst travelling California, Oddworld Forums admin Nathan had the good fortune to meet up with Lorne Lanning and conduct this exclusive interview with him.
A glimpse of Citizen Siege (17/03/2008)
Michael Bross interview (25/07/2007)
To promote Music From Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath, OddBlog interviewed Michael Bross, composer of Oddworld’s music.

Meeting Lorne & Sherry (08/11/2006)
Max and Xavier were privileged to be allowed to sit and chat with Lorne & Sherry during their stay in Nottingham. This is our report on what we discussed.
Citizen Siege press release (29/10/2006)
Lorne and Sherry handed us this press release—​regarding the new partnership between OWI and Vanguard—​to post on OddBlog.
Cathy Johnson interview (11/10/2004)
Following from OddBlog’s and OddNET’s interviews with Mark Snoswell, we felt compelled to explore the possibilities of a similar Q&A with the person who first had the idea for an Oddworld ‘art of’ book, OWI’s creative services manager, Cathy Johnson.
Mark Snoswell interview (16/09/2004)
Mark Snoswell, founder and director of Ballistic Publishing, was kind enough to take the time to be interviewed by OddBlog concerning Ballistic itself and The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants: The First Ten Years 1994–2004.
Sapphire’s report on GDC ’04 (09/04/2004)
In March 2004, Sapphire had the opportunity to attend the Game Developers’ Conference in California; she was able to view at least part of the opening sequence of the then‐upcoming Stranger’s Wrath and even meet with Lorne Lanning. She kindly allowed OddBlog to report on her experiences.
Outlaw Character Cards (04/04/2004)
During the 2004 Game Developers’ Conference in San Jose, California, Oddworld Inhabitants handed out eight ‘Outlaw Character Cards’ featuring characters from the then‐upcoming Stranger’s Wrath. Sapphire was lucky enough to attend the event and take a pack home, and then generously shared the cards with OddBlog, who were the first to showcase them publicly.