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<p>Known more affectionately as TOL, The Oddworld Library is the definitive fansite dedicated to Oddworld. TOL provides fellow fans with comprehensive art, music, and video downloads, archives of developer interviews and official websites, and a growing encyclopædia of Oddworld knowledge as well as covering the other intellectual properties of [[Lorne Lanning]]. The site is divided in two main parts:</p>
#REDIRECT [[Oddworld Library]]
<p>The '''Oddworld Encyclopædia''', also known as '''TOE''', an unofficial compendium of Oddworld knowledge hosting in-depth articles on the fictional Oddworld universe, the games and films that feature it, its creators, and even its own fan base. It is home to all the material Wil (aka Max), our resident Oddworld expert, has written over the years.</p>
<p>The '''Oddworld Archives''' preserving all the raw Oddworld related material that was published through the years and that Xavier, our resident Oddworld archivist, thought might be interesting. This includes text documents such as Press Releases, Designer Diaries, Interviews but also pictures in [http://oddworldlibrary.net/archives/togg/ The Oddworld Graphics Gallery (TOGG)] or even full websites in [http://oddworldlibrary.net/archives/web/ The Odd Wide Web].</p>

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