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This is a guide on naming pages on the Oddworld Library wiki. These are in addition to technical limitations of the MediaWiki platform and rules defined in the specifications of URIs.

General rules

  1. Plurality
    1. Encyclopedia articles should be titled in the singular (take special care when creating pages for species)
    2. Categories should be titled in the plural
  2. Case
    1. Titles should be in sentence case (only initial letters of titles and proper nouns should be upper case)
    2. The initial letter of a subpage slug should be upper case
  3. Special characters
    1. MediaWiki allows special characters in slugs, but they should usually be degraded to ASCII characters (see table)
    2. Characters with accents or from non-Latin alphabets should not be degraded
    3. Where reasonable, consider redirecting from the page that uses degraded letters or non-degraded punctuation
  4. Formatting
    1. Formatting is not possible in slugs; do not use characters to represent formatting
    2. Do not attempt to attempt to replicate stylized names in slugs for anything other than camelCase


Subject of page Slug Links Other actions
Paul O’Connor Paul_O'Connor [[Paul O'Connor|Paul O’Connor]] Redirect from Paul_O’Connor
João Rocha João_Rocha [[João Rocha]] Redirect from Joao_Rocha
A.L.I.V.E.2 A.L.I.V.E. 2 [[A.L.I.V.E. 2|A.L.I.V.E.<sup>2</sup>]] Redirect from A.L.I.V.E.2, ALIVE_2 and ALIVE2

Degradable characters

Punctuation mark in title Slug
Punctuation Unicode Example Unicode Example
Apostrophe U+2019 RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK U+0027 Apostrophe '
Dashes U+2013 EN DASH
U+2014 EM DASH

Ellipsis U+2026 HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS U+002E FULL STOP × 3 ...

Display titles

There are two parts to the title: the display title is visible at the top of each article, while the slug is (for the sake of this style guide) the bit of the URI that appears after /wiki/, including any namespace and [#Subpages ancestor pages]. For example, the titles of this page are

Titles of pages on Oddworld Library

The default in MediaWiki is for the display and slug to be identical in all respects other than the switching of underscores and spaces. For simple topics such as developers or in-universe lore, this is mostly fine. However, there are three circumstances in which this should be changed.

  1. The title contains punctuation that is degraded under General Rule 3.1 above.
  2. The title contains the title of a work that should be rendered in italic.
  3. The title is a subpage or in a namespace

Given many Oddworld games contain an apostrophe, and game pages have many subpages, often all three will be true.

If any one of these conditions is true, the page should begin with the {{DISPLAYTITLE}} magic word. For instance, if you view the source of this page, you will see if begins with {{DISPLAYTITLE:Titles of pages on Oddworld Library}}. Semantic HTML elements such as <cite> and <sup> can be used here.