List of Oddworld species

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Species Faction Type Description
1%ers Civilized Race Bikers
Bats Wildlife Wild
Bees/Wasps Wildlife Wild
Birds Wildlife Wild
Bolamites Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Boombats Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Chippunkz Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Chroniclers Civilized Race Accountants, lawyers, stock brokers
Clakkerz Civilized Race Townsfolk
Elderlings Native Race Prophets, advisors
Elums Native Domesticated Steeds, meat
Fleeches Wildlife Wild Pets
Fuzzles Wildlife Wild Lab animals, pets, meat, Live Ammo
Gabbits Native Race Replacement lungs, various consumer products
Gloktigi Civilized Race Elite security
Glukkons Civilized Race Business executives
Grubbs Native Race
Guardians Native Wild Defence
Hint Flies Wildlife Wild
Interns Civilized Race Lab assistants, security
Khanzumerz Civilized Race Consumers
Kintos Wildlife Wild Slaves
Lusks Unknown Race Marauders
Meeches Wildlife Wild Meat
Meep Native Domesticated Meat
Meetles/Mugs Wildlife Domesticated Transport, tanks
Mudflubs Wildlife Wild Blubber
Mudokons Native Race Slave labour
Musklums Unknown Race
Oktigi Civilized Race Business executives
Outlaws Outlaws Race Outlaws
Paramites Wildlife Wild Meat
Ratz Wildlife Wild Avatars
Scoots/Worry Fish Wildlife Wild
Scrabs Wildlife Wild Meat
Scuba Toads Native Race
Sea Rexes Wildlife Wild
Skeeters Wildlife Wild
Slegs Wildlife Wild Pets, security
Sligs Civilized Race Security, personal assistants
Slogs Civilized Domesticated Security
Slurgs Wildlife Wild
Sniper Wasps Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
SpooceShrubs Plant Wild Spooce
Stangs Wildlife Wild
Steef Native Race
Stingbees Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Stunkz Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Thudslugs Wildlife Wild Live Ammo
Vykkers Civilized Race Doctors, researchers
Wolvarks Civilized Race Security
Zappflies Wildlife Wild Live Ammo