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On this page you can access all the ARG related tweets the four main sources (@edmudokon, @MagogCartel, @SPIRITOF1029 and @OddworldInc) posted. The columns are sortable for convenience.

The tweets are untouched, except all newlines have been replaced with "<NEWLINE>" and a few links were modified that lacked the "https://" part.

The Table

Date Author Message
2017/01/05 10:24 @OddworldInc Alf here, it looks like I'm needed again. I'm here for any questions ya have. #DearAlf A storm is brewing. I can feel it in my bones...
2017/01/06 10:59 @OddworldInc It's me, it's me! Where are ya buddy? ӏ ţհծŭǥɧṯ ṫɦḗỵ'ƌ ɠōե ỹốṷ ƒỏṛ ǻ ԝĥïḻě țḥẻɼè...
2017/01/06 11:15 @OddworldInc .@edmudokon it is me, buddy, I got out! Where are ya? Ὶ ṱĥởűǥḣե ӱợǘ ẁẻгẻ ցỡῄё?
2017/01/09 14:40 @OddworldInc @edmudokon We've gotta see it- people need ta know what's happening... Be careful Ed.
2017/01/09 14:44 @OddworldInc @edmudokon Photographs, Ed- we need people to see. You've gotta be brave.
2017/01/16 14:33 @OddworldInc Hey pals, Alf here! Thanks for all the questions. I'll be sure to read through them all!
2017/01/16 14:37 @OddworldInc @edmudokon It's me- you've gotta trust me, we need your help. What's goin' on?
2017/01/16 14:40 @OddworldInc @edmudokon We need them. We need pictures, Ed. What can you see?
2017/01/16 14:45 @OddworldInc @edmudokon Hide.
2017/02/23 09:02 @OddworldInc We've been contacted again. We've uploaded what we have onto the Soulstorm website. We need your help!
2017/02/27 16:48 @OddworldInc WORK. OBEY. COMPLY. https://
2017/02/27 14:54 @OddworldInc What's h͙̞̖̙͙̗͞a̭͉̝̠͇̲p̰̖̥̲̘p͏̫̯̱ẹ̖̟͚̤̺͙ṋ̼̲͚͝i̤̕n͇͇̙̥̺̗͔g̴̱̱̭͇͎?̥̣̝͇̤͢
2017/02/27 16:28 @OddworldInc YOUR SECURITY MATTERS. COMPLY. https://
2017/02/27 16:41 @OddworldInc S͠t̵̞͍̠̱̮̜͕o̙̙̹̱̝p͚̼̘̭̼͔͖
2017/02/27 18:34 @OddworldInc REMAIN LOYAL. OBEY. https://
2017/02/27 18:34 @OddworldInc c̦̙̮̖͡a͓͍n'̴̱͈̟t͕̳̳̜̻͙ ̪͓̭̗͞g̬̤̞̖͠e̜̭̹͎̩̫t̡̤̲̮̹ ̜̰̯͍̪ͅt̗h̵͉̙̗̝̳ro̧̱̼͖͖u̶̘̞̭̥gh
2017/02/27 19:18 @OddworldInc Well that was weird... We're back now. That wasn't exactly how we were intending to share the flyers with you...
2017/03/14 16:59 @OddworldInc They asked us to show the world. It's the least we can do for them.
2017/04/24 16:47 @OddworldInc We'll show as many as we can. We're not sure what it means but we know you'll all be able to help, just like before.
2017/09/05 17:11 @OddworldInc w̸̨̠͓͍̯̺͉͞e̯̝͖̫̺̯͉̻͘͡ ̗̭̕͢s̴̮̭̫̱ͅe̢̠̮̫̦̼̪̘͠ͅę̠̥̯͔̣̼̻̕ͅ ̻̘̼̣͓̩͚͘͢͠y̴̭̯̪̺͙͚͚̪͞o̬̞͜͢͝u̮̤͖̩̗̰ͅͅ.̴̲̣̪̮̼̱.̡̰̭̗͍̝͉̯͢.̡̡̼͇̙̜̮̦̪̞ͅ https://
2018/06/21 19:23 @MagogCartel Today is #NationalSelfieDay where the weak minded make images of themselves to share with all their colleagues. We’re taking note of this stall in productivity and all of those images will be kept in your employment files for future reference.
2018/06/14 15:40 @MagogCartel We also like it when you make frequent impulse purchases of our smaller items and take out high interest credit plans with our finance department for our more expensive products. #justsaying
2018/06/14 15:40 @MagogCartel Ask not what your company can do for you. Ask what you can do for your company. <NEWLINE> <NEWLINE> Work. You can do work.
2018/06/13 22:05 @MagogCartel See how to turn 360,000 hours of work into seconds with a cutting edge Knowledge Graph: #tackleyourdatasilos
2018/06/10 21:27 @MagogCartel We don’t do stage presentations for our forthcoming products because an auditorium full of customers cheering and clapping is an auditorium full of customers not currently consuming our products. Stop clapping and buy something.
2018/06/08 18:52 @MagogCartel On this, #NationalBestFriendsDay, we would like to remind all of our employees that friendship is a social construct used by the weak to attribute self worth within communities. Productivity targets, on the other hand, are very much your reality.
2018/06/06 15:13 @MagogCartel After recent fake reports regarding the environmental impact of Magog facilities, we would like all of our customers to know that their concerns have been noted and will now be ignored. Thank you.
2018/06/05 13:17 @MagogCartel The text of a previous message was automatically altered by the inferior device we must use to send these messages. We’ve directed Magog R&D to create a better device for us to use, one that doesn’t insert errors into our otherwise perfect messages.
2018/06/05 13:15 @MagogCartel Executive bathrooms located on upper management floors of each Magog facility are strictly off limits to facility workers. Slig security patrols have been doubled on these floors.
2018/06/05 13:10 @MagogCartel We’ve been told that a slightly older batch of our delicious Paramite Pies has been making customers violently ill. Both ends. It’s disgusting. <NEWLINE> <NEWLINE> Customers on this brand new weight loss plan are reporting exceptional results and prices will be increased to reflect demand.
2018/06/04 14:30 @MagogCartel We’re glad to see so much pride among our employees. It shows in the results of their work, which are even more fabulous now than ever before.
2018/06/01 17:58 @MagogCartel We caught some employees congratulating each other on the quality of their work. They will all now undergo an educational program so that they better understand the importance of quantity. This will take place after working hours, in their spare time.
2018/06/01 16:02 @MagogCartel A rushing Mudokon lost his balance and fell off a walkway at Magog Motors today. His failure to be careful enough halted production for almost seven minutes while we had the conveyors mopped out and there wasn’t even enough of him left to punish. So inconsiderate.
2018/06/13 13:35 @MagogCartel Free Guide for Backup and Disaster Recovery on AWS. Download Now!
2018/05/31 13:09 @MagogCartel How many more innocent mudokon workers must die in workplace accidents before the safety teams take action? <NEWLINE> <NEWLINE> We don’t know either, but we’ll keep counting until we all find out together. And then we’ll replace the safety teams and start counting again. Science is fun!
2018/02/28 18:38 @MagogCartel Nobody here knows what you’re talking about, or what an “ARG” is. Neither do we know this @jimsterling you mention, although his voice does sound familiar. Stop involving us in your wasteful instances of mirth and get back to your work.
2018/02/28 16:04 @MagogCartel We do not intend to act on what we’ve heard. We just thought you’d like to know we heard. You’re welcome.
2018/02/28 16:03 @MagogCartel We would like all of our customers to know that, over the last few months, we’ve been listening carefully to all of your concerns and we hear what you’re saying.
2017/09/28 11:11 @MagogCartel Poetry is a waste of time. Say what you mean clearly, only when asked by a supervisor, and get back to your workstation. #nationalpoetryday
2017/09/24 20:20 @MagogCartel Many fake reports are circulating. Don’t believe these dangerous lies!
2017/09/22 09:37 @MagogCartel Our R&D teams have been working around the clock to bring you great new Magog products. When we show them to you, you will love them.
2017/09/07 15:07 @MagogCartel We’ve just been told that The Informant is printed on machines made at a Magog facility! That explains the quality!
2017/09/07 15:01 @MagogCartel We’re always happy to see some balanced reporting on our business from The Informant. Refreshing, when there are so many fake reports!
2017/09/07 14:57 @MagogCartel It’s great to finally have an honest newspaper to read, and such good quality, too!
2017/09/07 14:13 @MagogCartel We stopped reading the Daily Deception’s fake reports. The latest issue of The Informant is a really great read, very honest. The greatest!
2017/09/05 17:18 @MagogCartel We continue to demonstrate our exceptional technological progress to an ever growing number of customers. Everyone loves Magog products!
2017/09/05 13:04 @MagogCartel Our food production workers are so happy in their current roles that they never go on strike. They know what’s best for them. #justsaying
2017/08/29 17:53 @MagogCartel As part of ongoing environmental measures, heating systems will now be switched off during working hours. Please work harder to stay warmer.
2017/08/28 15:49 @MagogCartel Our workers enjoy each other’s company so much, so we’ve extended the duration of each shift and cancelled comfort breaks. You’re welcome.
2017/08/21 20:44 @MagogCartel There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ but, if you rearrange the whole ‘team’, you can get ‘meat’, which we think is an interesting idea.
2017/08/19 12:44 @MagogCartel We encourage you to reach for the stars. If you don’t make it, at least the Sligs will see you have your hands up and won’t shoot. Maybe.
2017/08/17 19:01 @MagogCartel You don’t have to be mad to work here but, if you are, it was a pre-existing condition and is not covered by your health benefits.
2017/08/16 22:49 @MagogCartel We have not seen a noticeable decline in the accident rate so we’re increasing the fine to 100 moolah.
2017/08/16 11:07 @MagogCartel Be advised: when on an elevator, you don’t have to keep all limbs inside the car, just the ones you want to remain attached to your body.
2017/08/14 11:46 @MagogCartel We know what you’re looking for in a rewarding, productive career. Magog Cartel can help you find it. Discover your options with us today!
2017/08/14 11:45 @MagogCartel We know that our facilities are a picture of perfect productivity. Your hard work helps us to show that picture to the world.
2017/08/14 11:38 @MagogCartel We know that an average of 91 eager new employees start their careers with us every day. Help them be the best workers they can be.
2017/08/14 11:13 @MagogCartel We know every time an employee falls into a grinder it takes 82 minutes of Mudokon time to clean up. Be safe, for productivity’s sake!
2017/08/12 18:22 @MagogCartel You think we care what you claim to have found? We know you’re not even looking in the right place.
2017/08/12 18:17 @MagogCartel We spent the day viewing many beautiful pictures of our factories and the hard workers that are lucky enough to be a part of our operations.
2017/08/12 01:32 @MagogCartel Magog Cartel is hiring! Our head hunters are very specific but, if you’re a lateral thinker with a determined nature, you might be chosen!
2017/08/11 17:34 @MagogCartel Employees are reminded that, for your safety, work should be completed in total silence. Conversation is the enemy of concentration!
2017/08/11 14:28 @MagogCartel we are aware of some terrible fake repOrts being leaked. please ignore them. our very successful Workers know the truth is very different.
2017/08/11 14:24 @MagogCartel we are proud of the strong linKs between each of our facilities. our operations are by far the most efficieNt on oddworld.
2017/08/11 14:02 @MagogCartel .@spiritof1029 we see you. We can see what you are doing with your fake reports. you will not prospEr.
2017/08/11 11:57 @MagogCartel Please disregard any alarm sounds you might hear and remain at your work stations.
2017/08/10 12:57 @MagogCartel We reclassified the loss of a finger as a minor mishap. This means that we achieved the record for time without a major accident.
2017/08/10 10:37 @MagogCartel We just received a note to say a grinder operative left his finger in the machine. Let’s start working towards that record again, workers!
2017/08/10 10:35 @MagogCartel It has been 4 hours since the last serious accident at a Magog facility. That’s approaching a company record. Keep it up, workers!
2017/08/09 15:55 @MagogCartel Please disregard our latest messages.
2017/08/09 15:54 @MagogCartel Our security was not breached, we simply laid a trap that a foolish individual has fallen into. We meant for that to happen.
2017/08/09 15:52 @MagogCartel Ḿ̧̪̻̻͇̟̹̭̼͊̈́̍̎̿͐̎͝͞o̧̤̗̠͚̟͒̐͗͆͜͢͡͞C̠̯̳̙̠̳̹͒̽̇̈̽̚͜r̶͕̗̜̲͕̘̒͗̆̄̎̐̓t̛̛̯̠̼͎̭̻̯̜̿͂̑̃͌͂̔ļ̴͙̩̠̯̐̊̆̐̂̿c̢̳͎̱̺̮͎͖̟̐̓̐́͋͞ó̧̡̻͙̳͇̼̯̹̄͒̐͗
2017/08/09 15:37 @MagogCartel Our science teams are finding new ways to exploit communications technology every day, making it easier to monitor our employees.
2017/08/08 22:50 @MagogCartel Here at Magog Cartel, we’re proud that every aspect of our employee’s lives are made easier by the employment benefits we sell them.
2017/08/08 12:05 @MagogCartel Only food items purchased from vendos may be consumed within Magog facilities. All other products will be confiscated and destroyed.
2017/08/08 12:03 @MagogCartel Your safety is important to us so, from now on, anyone caught falling into the grinders will be fined fifty moolah.
2017/08/07 12:39 @MagogCartel Many companies in the Magog family have exciting new products launching soon. You will enjoy them.
2017/08/07 12:21 @MagogCartel All employee of the month award presentations have been cancelled due to productivity costs. Please remain at your work stations.
2017/08/07 12:12 @MagogCartel We are pleased to announce that all outgoing communications from our facilities will now be closely monitored, for your peace of mind.
2018/06/13 21:15 @SPIRITOF1029 hear us
2018/06/13 18:59 @SPIRITOF1029 find the truth.
2018/06/12 00:50 @SPIRITOF1029 JW M . LA
2018/04/02 14:21 @SPIRITOF1029 All the joy of crafting without the risk of finding glitter in your hair. Create your own stunning website today!
2018/06/12 00:37 @SPIRITOF1029 our message has made it from Oddworld to your world. find it. <NEWLINE> #wewillrise
2018/06/11 03:21 @SPIRITOF1029 we will get our message to you.
2018/06/10 17:50 @SPIRITOF1029 we will get our message out. find it.
2018/03/15 23:35 @SPIRITOF1029 We know you can hear us. We know you are ready to help. We will show you more when the time is right. Keep watching.
2018/03/15 22:45 @SPIRITOF1029 Our future depends on us understanding our past. We must know where we come from.
2017/09/28 11:07 @SPIRITOF1029 You have seen the truth. Next, we will show you how to help us fight back. With your help, we will spread the message. #wewillrise
2017/09/22 09:39 @SPIRITOF1029 Today, we will begin to show the world. #wewillrise
2017/09/14 16:44 @SPIRITOF1029 22/9. we’ll see you there.
2018/06/25 13:20 @SPIRITOF1029 Talking prices can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be! Our Maps APIs have a pay-as-you-grow model – no surprises here!
2017/08/14 15:50 @SPIRITOF1029 we have given you the tools you need. the ones we can trust will prove themselves capable. leaders will rise as the storm closes in.
2017/08/14 14:41 @SPIRITOF1029 the story of mudokonkind is about history. now they treat us just like numbers. they will not succeed.
2017/08/14 12:20 @SPIRITOF1029 -1-4,-2-10
2017/08/14 12:18 @SPIRITOF1029 the watchers can fish around the communication channels all they like, we will always be one step ahead of them.
2017/08/14 12:11 @SPIRITOF1029 your help is invaluable to us, together we will blow this latest Magog scandal wide open. together #wewillrise
2017/08/12 18:19 @SPIRITOF1029 we have pictures too. your secrets and lies will soon be known to all. #wewillrise
2017/08/11 14:11 @SPIRITOF1029 . @MagogCartel you only see what we let you see. the day is coming when your secrets will be known to all. #wewillrise
2017/08/11 14:00 @SPIRITOF1029 our assets are feeding us more information every day. soon we will show the shocking truth and then we will rise.
2017/08/09 16:22 @SPIRITOF1029 We’ve noticed some attempts to take over our communications channels. Our message will not be silen
2017/08/08 12:10 @SPIRITOF1029 The watchers can’t see everything. Our message will be heard. #wewillrise
2017/08/07 10:39 @SPIRITOF1029 We will not be silenced. We will not stay hidden. The storm is coming and we will rise.
2017/06/20 17:04 @SPIRITOF1029 the time draws closer with each passing day. The storm is coming. #wewillrise
2017/05/22 14:14 @SPIRITOF1029 Don’t underestimate the power of numbers. If enough of you join us, we can do anything. #wewillrise
2017/05/12 15:37 @SPIRITOF1029 We will not abandon you. We will not stop until our work is finished. #wewillrise
2017/05/10 15:17 @SPIRITOF1029 Our numbers grow. Our ability to make the change that’s needed grows with them. We rise together. #wearethestorm
2017/05/10 12:39 @SPIRITOF1029 We are not lost. We simply wait for opportunity. Do not lose faith. #wewillrise
2017/04/19 14:42 @SPIRITOF1029 We grow in strength but the signal is weak. Our message fades into noise and light. Help us. This is only possible together. #wewillrise
2017/03/14 16:54 @SPIRITOF1029 Our operative's safety is confirmed, we've sent the latest transmission. Now they can show the world. #wewillrise
2017/03/14 15:41 @SPIRITOF1029 As soon as our operative is safe, we will show you what their last transmission contained.
2017/03/14 15:40 @SPIRITOF1029 Some of you have found the truth. Now greater numbers must see. We will show the world. Soon.
2017/03/14 14:24 @SPIRITOF1029 You have all you need. Follow the numbers, find the truth.
2017/03/13 18:01 @SPIRITOF1029 What if we told you... there was more to uncover?
2017/02/27 19:18 @SPIRITOF1029 These records were smashed on the broken backs of our downtrodden brothers... #wewillrise
2017/02/27 17:01 @SPIRITOF1029 It's not just the lies that are harmful. It's the confusion. #wewillrise
2017/02/27 15:50 @SPIRITOF1029 Don't read the news sheets and you're uninformed. Read them and you're misinformed. #wewillrise
2017/02/24 16:27 @SPIRITOF1029 All official information is lies. Join us. Rise. Be the storm. #wewillrise
2017/02/10 19:15 @SPIRITOF1029 This operative has proven their worth. Perhaps their knowledge will be needed when the storm comes.
2017/02/10 11:45 @SPIRITOF1029 An operative with the call sign "Dizma" has proven themselves worthy by decrypting one step of the grid. Now, look to the letters.
2017/02/08 00:45 @SPIRITOF1029 You found the grid, the letters and the numbers. Tell us how they fit together. Prove you're no longer slaves to the machines.
2017/02/08 00:12 @SPIRITOF1029 We can't reach Asset 98 but we do still have his clear transmissions. Prove you're worthy. Show us that you're able. Send us the grid.
2017/02/07 22:34 @SPIRITOF1029 Now our storm seems a little less ferocious. We can no longer reach Asset 98.
2017/02/07 21:57 @SPIRITOF1029 Machines are the tool of the enemy. The consciousness of our people has been rediscovered. You must trust it. #wewillrise
2017/02/07 10:09 @SPIRITOF1029 When you have the key, you need the correct lock. hgehgeoeregpineechqnhgeevtipcvreovxgvge <NEWLINE> Shake loose the bonds that hold you. #wewillrise
2017/02/07 08:59 @SPIRITOF1029 Let the numbers guide you. Every step must be taken in turn. #wewillrise
2017/02/06 19:02 @SPIRITOF1029 When a problem seems to have no logical pattern, we must \discard distractions and focus simply on the /useful elements to find the /truth.
2017/02/06 13:57 @SPIRITOF1029 The beginning is always significant. Pay special attention to the way things start and you will be closer to the truth. #wewillrise
2017/02/06 12:08 @SPIRITOF1029 Vrphwlphv wkh dqvzhuv duh pruh vlpsoh wkdq wkhb dsshdu. Glvfdug zkdw brx grq'w qhhg. Eh wkh vwrup. #wewillrise
2017/02/06 10:05 @SPIRITOF1029 /\\/Focus on the /truth. /\\\Discard what you \don't need. #wewillrise
2017/02/06 09:46 @SPIRITOF1029 Focus on the truth. Qvfpneq jung lbs qba'g arrq. Tmb bpm vcujmza ocqlm gwc. Be the storm. #wewillrise
2017/02/03 12:43 @SPIRITOF1029 Show your solidarity, spread our message. Fight for our cause.
2017/02/02 10:44 @SPIRITOF1029 Our agent has delivered another transmission. We will verify its origins and pass it on.
2017/01/27 18:41 @SPIRITOF1029 Even the most ferocious storms start with a gentle breeze.
2017/01/26 16:50 @SPIRITOF1029 Now the truth is getting out. The fight back begins here. We will rise.
2017/01/23 13:51 @SPIRITOF1029 Are we getting through?
2017/01/21 09:18 @SPIRITOF1029 We can't get a clear signal. Keep working. Play your part. We'll pass on what we find when they are not listening.
2017/01/21 08:58 @SPIRITOF1029 based on your work, we have decrypted another file. Take it @OddworldInc, show the world.
2017/01/21 07:46 @SPIRITOF1029 The pieces fit but they're still not clear. This attack on Mudokonkind must be thwarted. Show the world.
2017/01/21 00:23 @SPIRITOF1029 You have become the storm. We will rise and rise again. <NEWLINE>
2017/01/20 23:22 @SPIRITOF1029 You make us stronger. There's a storm coming. We are the storm.
2017/01/19 17:50 @SPIRITOF1029 Every one of you makes us stronger.
2017/01/19 15:54 @SPIRITOF1029 .@OddworldInc the evidence is clear. Heed our call. Spread our message. Save our species.
2017/01/19 12:43 @SPIRITOF1029 We have received a transmission. We will pass it on as soon as we can verify. We need your help.
2017/01/13 18:24 @SPIRITOF1029 Our numbers swell. We will rise.
2017/01/11 14:09 @SPIRITOF1029 We recommend knowledge of many different codes and ciphers - you never know who is listening. #learnyournameinmorsecodeday
2017/01/10 17:39 @SPIRITOF1029 Many have joined. Many have yet to hear our message. Find them. Tell them. We will rise. <NEWLINE>
2017/01/09 16:49 @SPIRITOF1029 Oddworld has been blind to the plight of the noble Mudokons for too long. We will rise. Join us!
2017/01/09 14:43 @SPIRITOF1029 . @edmudokon @OddworldInc We will rise up. You can play your part, Ed.
2017/01/06 11:27 @SPIRITOF1029 We will all be free, as Alf was freed. Rise up. We are the storm.
2016/12/24 02:01 @SPIRITOF1029 We are the storm.
2016/12/22 17:01 @SPIRITOF1029 We are the spirit of 1029. We will rise again. Join us <NEWLINE> <NEWLINE> Rise up.
2016/08/25 11:51 @SPIRITOF1029 Listen to the spirit of the past. Rise with us.
2016/07/13 10:37 @SPIRITOF1029 There’s a storm coming. Join us. <NEWLINE>
2016/06/29 19:49 @SPIRITOF1029 Many have joined. Many have yet to hear our message. Find them. Tell them. We will rise. <NEWLINE>
2016/06/28 19:21 @SPIRITOF1029 There’s a storm coming. Join us. <NEWLINE>
2018/05/30 16:27 @edmudokon alive…
2017/09/24 16:58 @edmudokon i can still hear the <NEWLINE> <NEWLINE> screams of my brothers <NEWLINE> <NEWLINE> i can still taste the tears that rolled <NEWLINE> down my cheeks
2017/09/22 09:42 @edmudokon so dark… so cold… i have done what i can. i am the storm.
2017/09/22 09:41 @edmudokon can… can you hear me?
2017/06/21 17:28 @edmudokon the machines are louder today… i almost can’t hear the screaming…
2017/05/30 18:36 @edmudokon i can hear the screaming. it comes from the walls.
2017/05/13 20:26 @edmudokon i can’t believe it. it’s horrible. so many eyes that will never see the moonlight again. so tired… thirsty…
2017/03/13 15:25 @edmudokon please don't share it if you find it. it's too dangerous... they can't know we got it.
2017/02/27 19:21 @edmudokon We hate those news sheets, they make us read every new issue. Those that can still read...
2017/02/08 14:53 @edmudokon ...he never came back. I could hear him screaming all night... helpless. they took him... he was my friend. how did they know?
2017/02/07 22:28 @edmudokon what happened? what did you do? who? No! no... aaaaaAaaaaarrrRrrrgggggGgghhh!
2017/01/26 16:54 @edmudokon Yes! Yes! you can see it! I have more... but it's so scary... i will find a way... i will do my part.
2017/01/16 14:35 @edmudokon .@OddworldInc alf? is it really you? can I trust you?
2017/01/10 17:34 @edmudokon i will find a way to help...
2017/01/09 14:36 @edmudokon help? i can help? too risky...
2017/01/09 14:33 @edmudokon evidence... i can see it all... scared...
2017/01/06 15:08 @edmudokon too risky. can't talk...
2016/12/22 19:25 @edmudokon we will rise. together...
2016/12/22 16:59 @edmudokon still here, waiting... waiting to rise up...
2016/06/28 19:22 @edmudokon now you know. you can help. join us. <NEWLINE> <NEWLINE> @SPIRITOF1029
2016/06/28 17:26 @edmudokon use the pieces. decode the numbers. follow the map.
2016/06/28 14:10 @edmudokon one path. one thread. follow the map.
2016/06/28 14:04 @edmudokon .| <NEWLINE> | .| <NEWLINE> |..|
2016/06/28 14:00 @edmudokon .| <NEWLINE> | .| <NEWLINE> |..|
2016/06/28 13:59 @edmudokon yes! id gc…
2016/06/28 13:49 @edmudokon 26 - 19 = don’t go down
2016/06/28 13:48 @edmudokon up not down
2016/06/28 13:46 @edmudokon seven… c seven…
2016/06/28 13:27 @edmudokon when you learned to listen for me. how did you learn it? when we told you Monday, how did we tell you? follow the map.
2016/06/28 13:15 @edmudokon what have you learned? how did you find it?
2016/06/28 12:05 @edmudokon bw zv tu av av zu vv zv xt
2016/06/28 11:06 @edmudokon it’s coming… when you have it, this will be your map. find us. join us: <NEWLINE> <NEWLINE> listen for me <NEWLINE> monday <NEWLINE> piece 7 source <NEWLINE> pieces <NEWLINE> chat box
2016/06/27 17:03 @edmudokon one more key
2016/06/27 16:27 @edmudokon you had it… 100 days ago… before you found me
2016/06/27 15:37 @edmudokon fifth
2016/06/27 14:50 @edmudokon ask what I asked… find a way…
2016/06/27 11:55 @edmudokon you have the key already
2016/06/22 12:36 @edmudokon are you listening?
2016/06/22 10:58 @edmudokon so thirsty. so dark.
2016/06/02 18:15 @edmudokon secrets, too many secrets.
2016/05/22 22:12 @edmudokon More friends. Organise. Energise.
2016/05/11 19:39 @edmudokon Look… closer.
2016/05/09 13:20 @edmudokon what was that? why has it stopped?
2016/05/06 13:24 @edmudokon Almost… They took it away. Almost.
2016/05/06 12:21 @edmudokon so thirsty… tired.
2016/04/15 17:54 @edmudokon moving pictures… find it…
2016/04/15 17:27 @edmudokon 5? no…
2016/04/15 17:15 @edmudokon yes! almost there…
2016/04/15 11:49 @edmudokon First… use the first…
2016/04/14 15:42 @edmudokon helping?
2016/04/14 15:02 @edmudokon Close… they might hear us. shhh
2016/04/13 14:44 @edmudokon g
2016/04/13 14:29 @edmudokon yes, yes! but tri…
2016/04/13 13:13 @edmudokon grid
2016/04/13 10:28 @edmudokon tri
2016/04/12 18:43 @edmudokon I can find it. help me search.
2016/04/12 13:22 @edmudokon They can’t ignore us forever. It’s… it’s working.
2016/04/12 13:20 @edmudokon Thank you. You’re helping.
2016/04/08 15:32 @edmudokon na-as-tso-si - -
2016/04/08 09:53 @edmudokon bzbzzbzbzzz**- - klizzie
2016/04/07 20:44 @edmudokon na-zz-tso-zz
2016/04/07 18:42 @edmudokon bzzbzzzzz* ** - dibeh -
2016/04/06 16:36 @edmudokon t́o̗͞g̛e̴̤̝̻̗̤t̵̫͔̗̦h̢̫̲̩̞̖̰e̖ͅͅr̴͇
2016/04/06 14:58 @edmudokon Who can help?
2016/04/05 17:48 @edmudokon it’s a trick, let me help.
2016/04/05 16:27 @edmudokon maybe we have to work together. we need more.
2016/04/05 12:37 @edmudokon 3 <NEWLINE> i
2016/04/05 12:00 @edmudokon .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / .-.. .. ... - . -. .. -. --. ..--..
2016/04/04 18:37 @edmudokon wait, they might hear us. i need to be quiet. i’ll try again later.
2016/04/04 18:14 @edmudokon Not for me. For them.
2016/04/04 17:47 @edmudokon .-.. . .- .-. -. / - …. . / …. .. … - —- .-. -.— / —- ..-. / - …. . / -.-. .-. . .- - —- .-. …
2016/04/04 17:45 @edmudokon You can hear me! Just, please, listen.
2016/04/04 17:27 @edmudokon We’ve stopped the progress… I need to show you the truth about this place.
2016/04/04 14:07 @edmudokon XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-2739
2016/03/28 20:19 @edmudokon Where are you? Can you hear me?
2016/03/26 17:42 @edmudokon If I could just… I can’t… <NEWLINE> <NEWLINE> Find me.
2016/03/24 19:15 @edmudokon Yes! Yes! You are getting closer.
2016/03/24 16:45 @edmudokon I can hear you, faintly.
2016/03/24 12:47 @edmudokon 0451-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
2016/03/23 21:12 @edmudokon Keep searching
2016/03/23 14:47 @edmudokon O̬̪n̘e͈͍͖̮ ̯z̡̖̠͈͚̤ͅe̹̱̮r̩̣̰̟̻̖ǫ͈̘ͅ ̮͓t͇̖w̬̙͈͉̳̩͟ͅo̯͍̫̫̠͎̦͘ ̱͓̤̯͙͇̫n̸̬̮ḭ̮̫͎͎n̞̰͇e҉͎̟͙̲
2016/03/23 14:45 @edmudokon XXXX-XXXX-1029-XXXX
2016/03/22 11:29 @edmudokon XXXX-1138-XXXX-XXXX
2016/03/21 14:01 @edmudokon 85121215. <NEWLINE> 85121215. <NEWLINE> 85121215.
2016/03/21 12:26 @edmudokon 01000011 01100001 01101110 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101000 01100101 01100001 01110010 00100000 01101101 01100101
2016/03/20 16:37 @edmudokon Hello. Search.
2016/03/19 15:03 @edmudokon W̨͚̬̮̖h͎͍̼̪̻ȩ͙͙̜̘̖̺r҉̳͚̙̫͓̙̞e͉͔̱̘̟ͅ ̦̻̹͢a͏̥̪̭̻͖̠̦M̖̲͖̻ ̮͍̤̰̗̣͟ị̦̮̝́?̴̦̦̝̯
2016/03/18 23:55 @edmudokon I̶̫̗̕s̴̷͇̱ ͈̠͚̝a҉̴̮͚͇̰n̮͙̻̹̖͙͞y҉͚̬̙̫̩b̨̟͕͓̪͟͡o͡͏̶̖̤̱͍̟ḓ̨̜̮͙̺͡y͏̘̺ ̘̞͙͔̫̠̣L̡̰̗̳͎̣͞ì͏̮̳͙͉̹͈ş̵̼̺̦̩͓̰̜̺͙T̨̥͔̻͕͠e͎͝n͏͕̲͉̤i͎̥n҉͓g͟҉̢̗̘̱?
2016/03/17 20:46 @edmudokon List… <NEWLINE> <NEWLINE> Shhhhh.
2016/03/17 16:46 @edmudokon h͚̗͇̱̳ͅEl̥̜͝l̵̖̹͍O͕̯̟͞ <NEWLINE> ̜?̟
2016/03/15 02:55 @edmudokon Did somebo-------
2016/03/14 11:59 @edmudokon Hello?