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The following people are eligible to have their own Encyclopædia article:

The model page for developers is Lorne Lanning. Developers’ articles should include their career and works prior and subsequent to their Oddworld contributions, but should not go into the same kind of detail; if possible, tie their earlier work to their work with Oddworld (hypothetical example, an artist who trained as an architect but whose experience with character design in a past job helped them design Oddworld characters).

The model page for members of the Oddworld Forums is Max the Mug. Details of members’ lives outside of Oddworld should only be mentioned in passing. What is within the scope of their Encyclopædia article is their personal story behind discovering Oddworld, their membership (and possibly moderatorship) on the Forums (including when they joined, any username changes they had and any noteworthy departures, e.g. those who left for The Glass Asylum), and their involvement in the awards, OIPT or MSI.

Fan labour

Fan labour refers to the likes of fanfics, fanart, RPGs and fansites. For the time being, these are largely beyond the scope of the Encyclopædia, although this may change in the future. As it stands, the following articles are permitted: