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Fan of the Month

This month we honor a talented young web designer from Australia named Elodie. This ten year old is the creator of It's an enthusiatic site that has earned three Mudokon Heads. Yes, Elodie is TEN! Well, we had loads of questions for this very special Oddworld fan from down under. Australia again? I'm seeing a pattern developing here! Enjoy! - Alf

Name:   Elodie
Age: Ten

Elodie:  Primary School Student

Elodie:  Violin, Singing, Surfing (the internet), web designing and playing basketball.

Favorite Film:
Elodie:  The Matrix

How big is your family? pets?
Elodie:  I have 4 people in my family: Mum, Dad and my sister. Plus, we each have a guinea pig; mine is "Abby" and my sister's is "Gabby."

Favorite Food/Candy:
Elodie:   Pizza. Wonker Gobstoppers

Favorite School Subject:
Elodie:   English why? Because I love writing stories. That's one of the reasons I wrote a Oddworld Fan fiction.

Favorite thing you like to do when you're not in school?
Elodie:   Scootering and going to the movies!!

When did you first become aware of Oddworld?
Elodie:  At my cousins 11th birthday party, he started playing it when all the adults were talking. (I was scared of it then, but it was about 2 years ago.)

When did you first become a true Oddworld fanatic?
Elodie:  Last year, when I met Kristen (AbeBabe)!

What is your favorite Oddworld character and why?
Elodie:  Well, I like Sligs. I think they make funny sounds, and I like how you can possess them and blow them up!

Favorite bad guy:
Elodie:  I like the Glukkons™! They walk funny in the game.

Have you finished Abe's Exoddus?
Elodie:  Nearly!

Why is it that a 10-year-old is so interested in computers and web design?
Elodie:  It's fun, basically. Just doing it for your own pleasure, and getting comments from people all over the world is pretty amazing. The fact that my mother is a teacher has nothing to do with it.

Did you learn this at school or take a special class?
Elodie:  No, I didn't learn it at school and I didn't take a class (that would be SO boring).Actually, Kristen taught me web designing! I have always been interested, but I didn't know anyone who knew how to do it.

How much time do you spend each week on your Oddworld fan site?
Elodie:  Zero hours on school time, and about 10 hours some days on the holidays. Also on the weekends I add stuff I find.

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