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Fan of the Month

One of Oddworld's biggest fans is the talented young artist Theresa T. from the midwest state of Iowa. Inspired by Oddworld and it's creatures, Theresa's artwork has been featured in our fan art section. A self described Oddworld fanatic, Theresa has played and beaten all three Oddworld games. Theresa, fans like you inspire Oddworld!

Name:   Theresa
Age: 17 years old.

Location:   Iowa, USA

Occupation: Student

Favorite video game?
Theresa:  All of the Oddworld Games.

Theresa:  Art and writing stories.

Favorite Food:
Theresa:  Watermelon.

Favorite film?
Theresa:   "Space Balls"

When did you first become aware of Oddworld?
Theresa:   When I got the PlayStation and the first Oddworld game. My sister, Tammy got me into it. She rented Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and I started playing it. Then I finely got my own game, it was worth it too because that was the only game that I truly liked and I always played it more than all my other games.

When did you first become a true Oddworld fanatic?
Theresa:  After the first game I started liking Oddworld and as they kept on coming, I kept on buying. Istarted looking up sites and the first site I found was and this site gave a lot of information and had all the things I liked. Keep on making games and you'll make people happy.

How many drawings have you done of the Oddworld creatures? Tell us about being an artist!
Theresa:  I have about 57 Oddworld creature drawings. To be an artist is really easy. Everyone can draw it's just that they have other plans for their future. I use my artistic talent when I'm bored and stressed. Some of my drawings show my emotions and what the weather was that day when I drew the picture. I learned more in the art classes. Art classes help you out a lot. Art and writing lowers my stress and so does playing Oddworld games. I hope to become a famous artist in the future and when I do, the drawings I gave people will be worth a lot of Moolah! I'll be in the Art Institute of Minnesota.

What is your favorite Oddworld character and why?
Theresa:  I really like all the characters in Oddworld, but I like Abe because he was the first hero and becuase he is the only one that's bluish purple.

Favorite bad guy?
Theresa:  Vykkers Scientists and Sligs.

What's your favorite environment?
Theresa:  Scrabania

Have you finished Munch's Oddysee?
Theresa:  I finished the game about 6 or 7 times. Both the good and bad endings. I can tell you one thing, the graphics are better on the Xbox and I loved the cg movies. The best part and lines are when the two Mudokons got to the other side to help Munch and Abe with the egg crates and said "I hope they don't break them all."   What is it about the O mighty Raisin? Is he like an elder that knows everything? Even Abe treats him like one. Poor Munch. I feel sorry for him. I wouldn't want to go back to Vykker's Labs either.

Anything you would like to say to your fellow Oddworld fans?
Theresa:  I hope you all love and have the Oddworld games. And if you love it as much as me!

Check out some of Theresa's Oddworld artwork below by clicking on the image.