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Fan of the Month

Name:   Atusi (Atushi)
Age:   9 years old
Location:   Okayama, Japan
Occupation   Student. Third grader in elementary school
Favorite Film:   I like an animation movie of Japan. Do you know Doraemon? I like him.
Favorite food:   I like Sushi, but a mother's homecooking is the best!
Favorite video game?   The whole Oddworld series... but Munch's Oddysee is the Best!!

A:   I belong to "Aikidou" club. "Aikidou" is old Japanese fighting techniques without weapon like Judo. And "Aikido" is a synthesis of the parts left by Judo like defense techniques and spiritual teaching. Aikidou people fight for themselves like Mudokons ...hehehe.

Q:   When did you first become aware of Oddworld?

A:  When I was 5 years old, I was bashful and, moreover, also had few friends.
Father was pressed with business ... and he did not play with me.
I was really lonely. I said to father. "Please Play with me ! I am lonely!"
Father gave me Abe a GoGo and PlayStation several days after.
He said to me " From today, however busy I may be, I promise to make time to enjoy together with you. I repent of having grieved you. "

Father and I played Abe a GoGo from the day every day. It was really pleasant.
Abe a GoGo became my important treasure.

Q:  When did you first become a "true" Oddworld fanatic?

A:  For then 5 or 6 year-old me, Abe a GoGo and Abe'99 were difficult video games. I surely needed a father's help. I did not have a strategy manual. Then, I asked Father to look for the hints of the games by Internet. I finished these. Father also taught me about OWI and Oddworld. I became to like Oddworld Universe! I also got to know that there were many Oddworld fans all over the world and I made the friends with the fans in the world. Now I and father are introducing the wonderfulness of OW to everybody Japanese through our fan site now little by little. My mother says to me, "You are a really Odd as the same as father. "

Q:  What is your favorite Oddworld character and why?

A:  Of course, it is Abe. He always takes me to Oddworld! He is my Hero!

Q:  What's your favorite environment?

A:  FeeCo Depot, Paramonia, and Scrabania.

Q:   Who's your favorite bad guy?
A :  Vice President Aslik! (He is foppish and an affected guy!).

Q:   Have you finished Munch's Oddysee?

A:   Hmmmm... No. (It's not on the market yet in Japan. I can't keep waiting for it ! I desire to meet Munch and his friends earlier. I want to play it! I want to have a good Quarma rating and I want to get the "Happy Ending"!!

Q:   What did you learn through these games?
A:   I learned a lot through these games like courage, friendship, justice, cooperation and wisdom. Anyway, Play it ! Enjoy it ! and Power ups to the people!

Q:  Is there anything you would like to say to your fellow Oddworld fans?
A:  Hello! Moshi-Moshi ! Konnichiwa to the fans of Oddworld in the world.

Q:  If you could ask Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning one question, what would it be?

A:  My question is not about Oddworld. War has broken out in many countries. Please teach me how people in the world make friends in peace forever.

Visit Atusi's   we love Abe! site