Mudokon, worker class.

As a worker class of the Mudokon super
species, Abe has no sexual organs.


40 years

Hatched from the an egg within the nursery of
Rupture Farms 1029.

Abe is focused on the pursuit of rights for the
Mudokon laborers. He has little to no personal life.
For Abe, it's all business as there is tons of work to be done.

Abe was a slave laborer and one time recipient of the "employee of the year" award, at the meat processing plant of RuptureFarms - up until his escape. He has since become the social leader and militant labor organizer of the Free Mud Party.

Abe has an incredible sense of intuition. His sense of obligation is so strong that any commitments he has made (even if he made them in the hallucinatory or dream world) must be followed through. Some would think that Abe has difficulty making any distinction between the realms of reality and fantasy. The truth is that Abe makes no distinction between the two. To him, they are one and the same.

Ideally, Abe would love to just kick back and rest for awhile. Directly opposed to his desire for relaxation, is his sense of duty when it comes to the plight of his people. He feels indebted to the cause of rescuing the exploited Mudokon from all franchises across the land.

Abe is skinny, his skin is blue, and he wears a loin cloth. His lips have been sewn shut since birth and he sports some fantastic tattoos. These tattoos seem to have a life of their own because they grow and expand on him over time. He has acquired most of his tattoos from various mystical trials that he has been challenged by. Spirit guides had empowered him with additional tattoos to aid him in achieving their interests.