Jul 202011
The New Media Film Festival 2011 discussion panel covering the award winning video game documentary Moral Kombat, is now available in video form on youtube. The panel features the documentary’s director Spencer Halpin and Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning, and touches upon topics such as the making of the documentary and issues surrounding video games as a free art form.
2011 New Media Film Festival Q & A session with Expert Game Creator Lorne Lanning, Director Spencer Halpin and Producer Ramy Katrib. Moral Kombat takes a look into the controversial subject of violence in video games and examines the conflict between the game developers rights to create and its potential impact on children.
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Jul 162011
Oddworld Library (OddBlog’s parent website) is seeking to fill a web development position with an individual competent in the engineering, implementation and maintenance of integrated web technologies that will power an upcoming relaunch of the Library. Applicants must be fluent in PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, and must be capable of self-managing a large project designed in coordination with the Library Owners. They should be driven to deliver a platform that allows the Library to establish a team of content editors that will serve the Oddworld fan community. A successful applicant will be tasked with implementing integrated technologies that will include multilingual page support, user account management, a search engine, a wiki editor with version control and lightweight markup, and multimedia galleries. Experience with these is not essential, but is strongly preferred. To apply, please contact Wil Bunce-Edwards describing your prior experience and explaining your interest in assuming the position. We look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, Wil Bunce-Edwards and Xavier De Coster Oddworld Library Owners
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