Sep 292011
Tony Ferrol, owner and writer of The GameFreak Blog, today published his world-exclusive account of his hands-on preview of the Stranger’s Wrath HD remake. Ferrol was invited to visit to the offices of Just Add Water last Friday, where he was given the opportunity to play the beta build of the game. Overall, it sounds like Ferrol came away extremely impressed:
So basically guys, the game is great. Graphically it looks completely gorgeous, with amazing characters and environments, it sounds brilliant too (all the original sound samples and effects have been quadrupled in quality) and all in all Stewart and everyone at JAW has taken a fan favourite and improved it in almost every single way. I for one, cannot wait for it to be released, and i’m sure, no…I GUARANTEE that if you’re a fan of Stranger’s Wrath and the Oddworld series in general you’ll be more than happy that the series is in the hands of everybody at Just Add Water.
Also included alongside the article are a few new screenshots of in-game footage taken from the Xplosives McGee area of the game. Interestingly, at the end of the article Ferrol teases that he will be publishing an interview with Stewart Gilray tomorrow, in which “some EXCLUSIVE NEWS you won’t have heard ANYWHERE ELSE” will be revealed. You can read Ferrol’s full preview here.
Sep 282011
Game developer ADEPT Games, known for its puzzle game Trixel which is available on the AppStore, has announced a partnership with Oddworld Inhabitants on Trixel and Oddworld related content.

It brings us great pleasure to announce that we’ll be collaborating with our good friends at Oddworld Inhabitants on special Trixel and Oddworld-related content, to be detailed in the near future.

We’ll announce specifics about the project in the next couple of months. In the meantime, Adept Games’ Creative Director Daniel Boutros had this to say about the upcoming collaboration:

“I’m a big fan of the Oddworld universe games and team, and I’ve been wanting to work with them on something a little different for quite some time. I can’t wait to show people what we’re cooking up.”

Stewart Gilray of JAW LTD / Oddworld Inhabitants, had this to say…

“At Oddworld we’re always looking at new and interesting ideas in getting the universe out there. When Adept came to us with their ideas and thoughts for a tie in, there was no way we could say no.”


Trixel is a unique logic puzzle game built by Adept Games; a small crew comprising of games industry veterans and new blood alike. Trixel earned 8/10 and above critic review scores across the board, has gained numerous accolades since release, including a Best App Ever 2nd and 3rd place finalist in Puzzle and Family categories (2009) and many “game of the week” accolades from Metro UK, T3, WhatTheyPlay and others.

Sep 232011
Oddworld Inhabitants have posted a new image to their Facebook page, revealing the new Munch character model for Munch’s Oddysee HD. The image compares the new model to the old, showcasing the higher resolution textures and higher poly-count in the new model. The new HD model follows the release of new Abe, Scrab and Paramite models, first seen last month.
Sep 192011
An online petition has been created by fans of the Oddworld series in a bid to convince Microsoft to allow Oddworld games to appear on their Xbox Live service:
Many fans of oddworld are disheartened to know that it is unlikley that Microsoft will allow Oddworld games to be released on the Xbox 360.Us as fans have decided to start a petition and let Microsoft know just how much we want Oddworld to be released on the Xbox 360!Please help us get a much loved game on to a much loved console by signing this petition. Thankyou :)
Various different Oddworld outlets have referenced the petition, including Abe’s, Alf’s, and Just Add Water’s respective Twitter accounts, and the official blog. JAW have commented on the difficulty of getting games published on the Xbox Live Arcade several times since the announcement of Stranger’s Wrath HD, stating that they would prefer to publish on the Xbox Live Arcade but are unable to due to a restrictive file size limit. Alf has stated that the Games on Demand platform is an alternative they would “settle for”, but has a requirement of two prior games published on Xbox, which JAW have yet to meet. JAW have also stated that they will not be delaying the PS3 release of Stranger’s Wrath HD because of the Xbox 360 delays. If this is true, this could mean that the game may not appear on Xbox 360 at all, as Microsoft’s policy on downloadable games is that they will only be allowed if they are released first on Xbox Live, or at least simultaneously with other channels. As of this writing, the petition has gathered 224 signatures.
Sep 152011
The PlayStation Blog has released the debut trailer of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD for the PS3, with the video hosted by the official Oddworld Inhabitants YouTube channel.
The trailer reuses Michael Bross’s ‘Attract’ music from the game’s original trailer and attract mode video, and emulates several original elements in high definition, but is a minute longer in length. The video has been posted on the walls of the Oddworld Inhabitants, Just Add Water and PlayStation Facebook Pages, and has been shared almost a hundred times in an hour and a half. Stranger’s Wrath HD as well as Munch’s Oddysee HD will be available on PlayStation 3 later this year via PlayStation Network to complete the Oddboxx on PSN, and will later be released on PC and PlayStation Vita. Oddworld Inhabitants are still talking with Microsoft but have not confirmed an Xbox 360 release.
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Sep 092011
It looks like downloadable content isn’t the only Stranger’s Wrath merchandise planned. In a statement today, clothing company Insert Coin announced that they have been working with Oddworld Inhabitants to produce official t-shirt designs based on Stranger’s Wrath. The two designs produced are based on New Yolk City and Sekto Springs bottled water:
The first design is ‘New Yolk City’, inspired by the largest conurbation you romp around in the game. Taking its visual style from the wild wild west – and incorporating a gloriously wide-eyed Clakker – this iconic design is the perfect souvenir after a journey around the Western Mudos! The second design is ‘Sekto Springs’, which is based upon the 100% ‘authentic’ beverage at the heart of Stranger’s adventure. Refreshing and with a little hint of continental style, this tee is a salute to the world in which the game is set.
No price or release date has been confirmed as yet. Most of the store’s t-shirts are available at around £20/$30.
Sep 062011
More good news for fans of Stranger’s Wrath—Just Add Water has announced via a Twitter post that the coming weeks will see Stranger’s Wrath content (such as avatars) being released on the PlayStation Store. The developer has also tweeted two photos of a PlayStation 3 home screen (first photo, second photo), showing what appears to be a Stranger-themed wallpaper or XMB theme. The two photos show the same scene—the background of the game’s main menu, the HD reworking of which was recently revealed—but with Stranger—but notably features differences in Stranger’s pose, suggesting that the theme will be animated in the same way as the original menu version.
Sep 062011
Alf’s Rehab and Tea certainly seems to be back in full swing as this month’s Fan Art highlight has been posted over on the official Oddworld website. It looks like someone has taken notice of the large number of fans sporting Oddworld tattoos—in addition to the usual selection of artwork, Alf has put out a call for Odd tattoos, promising a dedicated gallery if enough submissions are sent in:
We’re also starting to notice a number of people with, getting or thinking of getting Oddworld tattoos. We can’t get enough of this dedication, and we want to show the world how much you love Oddworld, so we’re going to have a dedicated skin art gallery just as soon as we have a large enough collection. So if you’ve got Abe on your arm, a Slig on your shin, or a Wolvark on your… skin, then send in photos at the same address!