Dec 292011
As part of the Steam Holiday Sale, The Oddboxx is offered for a mere $3,74 until the 2nd January. Alternatively you can get each separate Oddworld game with a -75% reduction. To make a fair comparison, that’s Abe’s Oddysee for less than a cheeseburger, but nutritious enough to substitute carrots and tomatoes for 2 weeks, metaphorically speaking. Don’t miss this insanely cheap opportunity to complete your Oddworld collection or gift some friends! Heck I’d gift this to my enemies!
Dec 202011
With Stranger’s Wrath HD due for release on the EU PlayStation Network tomorrow, games journalists are beginning to publish their reviews of Just Add Water’s handiwork. Eurogamer’s review late last month was overwhelmingly positive, and it seems that opinion is shared by most critics., PSNStores, ShopTo News, Electronic Theatre, Console Arcade, GotGame, This is My Joystick! and Blast Process are among the websites to weigh in on the title and all are thoroughly impressed, with scores averaging around 9/10 or 4/5. A general complaint seems to be some minor technical issues, but reviewers have made it clear that these are minor and do not detract from the experience at all. Electronic Theatre seems to hold the most critical opinion of the game, saying “while fans of the original will love the visual overhaul, those expecting a brand new PlayStation 3 aesthetic may be left wanting”. Despite this, they still award the game a healthy 82% score, stressing that the game’s quirks are down to it being “still fundamentally a six year old videogame”. Overall, opinions so far are very positive, with most reviewers being especially pleased with the quality the game is for its price.
Dec 152011
San Luis Obispo magazine NewTimes has published a long and detailed article covering the history of Oddworld Inhabitants, from its creation to its current state. Author Colin Rigley has drawn from existing interviews and spoken to previous of the company’s employees to construct a fascinating tale of Oddworld’s commercial history from the perspective of local interest.
Dec 072011
After 15 months of development, Stranger’s Wrath HD will finally be released to PAL regions on December 21st. The date was confirmed today in a post on the PlayStation Blog, written by Stewart Gilray of Just Add Water. Development on Stranger HD was announced as completed last month, when a complete list of all changes, additions and upgrades was posted on the JAW website. Since then, it has been reviewed by Eurogamer, who gave it an overwhelmingly positive reception. JAW also reaffirmed via Twitter that the PC version would be arriving 2-3 months from now. UPDATE: According to the US PlayStation Blog, the North American release of Stranger HD will be on December 27th.
Dec 022011
After a few days of Oddworld Inhabitants hinting at something big, some fans may have been disappointed when today’s news was revealed to be the redesign. However, in the blog post detailing the new website’s improvements, there was also a snippet of Stranger-related news, the most notable of which being that the release date will be announced next week:
To everyone hoping we’d be announcing the release date today for Stranger’s Wrath HD, sorry to say that is not the case. We understand it’s been frustrating for many of you not knowing when you can expect to play the game, but these things take time to work out! But we can reveal that we will be announcing the release dates on Wednesday 7th December. In the very near future you’ll also be able to enter competitions to win free PSN download codes!
The release date is also listed as “December 2011” on the page for Stranger HD.
Dec 022011
The latest developer diary for Stranger’s Wrath HD has been posted on the Oddworld Inhabitants website. Written by Liam Jones of Just Add Water, the entry focuses on (re)designing the menus for the game, going from concept to completion – and then back again, as the menu system had to be completely rebuilt due to “circumstances out of anyone’s control”. The art direction was also changed, as Lorne Lanning (“the big L man”) apparently disliked the original’s style. A simple demo of the original menu design was included in the post. The final menu was built using ActionScript 1, to accommodate the Flash Player 6 projector Stranger’s Wrath uses.
Dec 022011
The official Oddworld Inhabitants website has received a redesign. Besides the visual changes, the site now includes a Downloads section, which currently features several HD desktop wallpapers for users to download; and a revamped Games section, featuring more detailed information about the Oddworld series’ games, including screenshots, trailers and review scores. Just Add Water’s Developer Diaries for Stranger’s Wrath HD have also been added. Hop on over to the new to explore the new site.