Jan 292012
Eurogamer.net and Digital Foundry has posted an excellent interview with Stewart Gilray as well as taken an in-depth look into the changes JAW decided to make when remaking Stranger’s Wrath for the PS3. Video and screenshot comparisons bewteen the original Xbox version and the new HD remake are made while Gilray explains the challenges JAW had to overcome in order to get the game running smoothly in 720p and 60fps. It’s a bit heavy on tech, but a great read nonetheless. Other interesting tidbits include the MIA Xbox360 version and JAW’s optimism towards finishing the rest of the Quintology.
Jan 182012
The official Oddworld website has been taken offline today for 24 hours, in protest of the proposed US Senate bills SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (PROTECT IPs Act).

Protest Mode

Oddworld Inhabitants is currently undergoing unscheduled blackout in protest of SOPA and PIPA. We’d link you to the Wikipedia articles on them, but, well… Please try back in 0 days, 23 hours, and 30 minutes (on Thursday January, 19 at 10:49 am). Sorry for the inconvenience.
The blackout is in alignment with planned blackouts from websites Wikipedia and Reddit.
Jan 172012
In a post on the Oddworld.com website, Oddworld Inhabitants have announced that Stranger’s Wrath HD will be 30% cheaper for PlayStation Plus subscribers, beginning January 17th in the United States and January 18th for Europe and Australia. The deal will last for 2 weeks.
And good news for PlayStation Plus subscribers! Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD will be 30% cheaper than usual for a limited time! Starting on January 17 in North America and January 18 in Europe and Australia, this special offer runs for two weeks, so if for whatever reason Stranger’s low price is too much for you, check this deal out!
Jan 132012
Developer Just Add Water have updated their website’s design, with a better portfolio and more organised structure. The biggest new feature is the live webcam, which broadcasts a 24/7 feed of the JAW offices over the internet. To celebrate, the team have announced a caption competition, encouraging fans to send in screenshots of the feed with funny captions. A copy of Stranger’s Wrath HD for the PS3 is up for grabs as the prize, with the winning submissions being announced on February 1st.
Jan 062012
Stewart Gilray has posted a summary of Just Add Water’s progress on bringing the recently released Stranger’s Wrath HD to Steam. The post, made on the official Steam Forums, reiterates the changes made to the game (including the updated graphics, UI, difficulties, and foreign-language subtitles), and also details specifics exclusive to the Steam version of the game. Notably, the game has a tentative release date of March/April 2012, will be thoroughly QA tested (in response to complaints of last year’s initial PC release containing numerous bugs), and will feature new achievements not included in the PS3 version of the game. Stranger HD PC will also use DirectX, instead of OpenGL (likely a result of compatibility issues between OpenGL games and ATi graphics cards).