Feb 242012
In a press release posted today, Just Add Water Ltd have announced that they have licensed the Bitsquid technology and game engine to use in future Oddworld titles, including Abe’s Oddysee HD. The choice to use Bitsquid tech was discussed in the press release:
The Bitsquid engine is designed to have some of the same core functionality and attributes, while being more lightweight and functional for digital download game development. “The ability to scale and iterate quickly without sacrificing quality is a key component to creating quality games that live up to the Oddworld name and reputation,” said Stewart Gilray, CEO of Just Add Water. “After a good deal of shopping around, we found the Bitsquid engine to have the perfect combination of power and flexibility for our needs.”
The Bitsquid engine is described as “a new high-end game engine, built from the ground up to focus on excellent multicore performance, cache friendly data layouts and advanced rendering techniques.”
Feb 232012
Lorne Lanning and Sherry McKenna will be appearing alongside 100 other industry leaders at the Greenlight Summit from May 21-25. The Greenlight Summit is an event for people working in the entertainment industry, featuring speaker presentations, Q&As, pitch sessions and masterclasses; and will be available to attend online. The two were confirmed as speakers at the event in a list posted on the ConceptArt.org forums.
Feb 152012
The official US PlayStation Blog has published a list of the best-selling PlayStation Network titles from January 2012. Stranger’s Wrath HD, which was released December 27th on the US PlayStation Network, was listed as number eight in the “op 20 PSN and PS3 Full Games” category, beating the likes of Crysis, Shadow of the Colossus and Call of Duty 4.
Feb 152012
In an interview with the website Near Vita, Stewart Gilray has revealed the first details of Stranger’s Wrath on the PlayStation Vita. The handheld version of the game will make use of the Vita’s back touch panel, may feature exclusive achievements and will possibly run at 30 frames per second (lower than the 60fps console version). Munch’s Oddysee for Vita was also mentioned briefly, with Gilray saying that touch controls were being implemented in a similar way to Stranger.
Feb 112012
Images of a Scuba Toad in a town in Stranger’s Wrath have been added to the Oddworld Inhabitants Facebook page, possibly hinting that new content may be added to Stranger HD in the future. The three images were added over Thursday and Friday. In the first image, the creature is not recognizable, but the second and third images provided a more close-up look, allowing people to identify the creature. Scuba Toads were originally intended to appear in Stranger’s Wrath as oarsmen for Stranger’s boat (and can be seen in this promotional image released during development), but were cut late in development because “their arms were too short”.
Feb 102012
GameCityNights has uploaded a full video recording of their conversation with Oddworld mastermind Lorne Lanning, which took place in April last year.
The irrepressible Lorne Lanning joined GameCity live from Oddworld Inhabitants HQ in Berkeley, California for ‘From The Desk Of…’ in which he examined the Oddworld legacy, the future of Oddworld Inhabitants and the HD remake of his critically acclaimed game Strangers’ Wrath. Oh, and the ‘weaponisation of pop media’. It was powerful stuff. Filmed at GameCityNights, Nottingham, UK April 28 2011
Feb 022012
After a two-month hiatus Alf has returned to answer more fan mail and showcase more fan art. February’s Fan Art section gives us 11 new images, including a model of Abe and a Glukkon tattoo. However, the highlight has to be the fantastic video of the opening cutscene of Abe’s Oddysee, remade entirely in Minecraft. This month’s Dear Alf features a veritable avalanche of queries and questions, no doubt a result of the Mudokon’s seasonal absence. Wild Glukkons, Mudokon milk, and slog rearing get a look-in, among other subjects. You can still send in fan art and questions to Alf, through Facebook, Twitter, Formspring or email.