Mar 182012
Rusel DeMaria is attempting to fund a third edition of his book, High Score: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games. The original book is now out of print, but DeMaria has found a publisher interested in an updated edition covering the period of 2000-2011. In an attempt to fund the four-to-six months of research and travel required to bring the book up to date, DeMaria has turned to funding platform Kickstarter, and is offering a rather unique incentive for potential donators. Along with fourteen other industry leaders, Lorne Lanning has agreed to meet and share a meal with backers who donate $250 or more. This is a Limited Reward of five spaces, with only three of those spaces available as of this writing. The date and location of the meetings is to be determined after the project has been funded.
Mar 172012
Stewart Gilray of Just Add Water is appearing today at Platform 2012, a gaming expo being held at the University of Hull. Gilray will be appearing as a speaker, giving a presentation titled “Oddworld: Past, Present & Future”. The presentation will look at the history of the Oddworld franchise and what its future has in store. He will then appear alongside Jamie Sefton of in a panel about getting into the games industry.
Mar 152012
After launching a brand new website, clothing company Insert Coin  has put several of their items on sale, including their Oddworld range – shirts which were once £25 are now listed as £17.50. We don’t know how long this sale will last, so if you’re interested in a discount you had best order soon.
Mar 132012
The official Oddworld Inhabitants Facebook page continues to be a great source of Oddworld content, with photographs of two different games running on the PlayStation Vita having been posted last week. The first photo shows a rather thrilling gameplay scene from Stranger’s Wrath. Unfortunately, the lack of detail prevents any in-depth analysis. The second image is a little more interesting, as it doubles as the first look at Munch’s Oddysee HD running in real time. The improved textures and higher-detail Abe model can be seen despite the low image resolution, and changes have been made to in-game signs to display controller buttons for the PlayStation. The photographs were taken around the same time as the games were previewed on the Just Add Water office livestream. It appears that the team are making good progress on porting the games to the handheld platform.
Mar 132012
As the month of March marches on, Alf has once again taken the time to answer fan questions. This round of questions is loosely based around Oddworld society, etiquette and breeding, with a peek into how Oddworld’s industries work. More questions? Alf will of course return next month, and you can submit your questions via Facebook, Twitter, Formspring or the tried-and-true email.