Jul 092012
Just Add Water have opened applications for a closed beta of the Steam version of Stranger’s Wrath HD.
In a post on the official Steam forums, Liamaj (JAW game designer Liam Jones) announced that JAW want “to test Stranger’s Wrath HD PC on as many different PC set ups as [they] can”.
Applications for the beta are open – the forum post has provided people interested in participating with an email address and a list of information to provide to JAW, including their Steam username and PC hardware specifications.
As this is a closed beta, not every applicant will be invited to participate. Additionally, since the beta is being run through Steam, only people who own the Steam version of Stranger’s Wrath can participate.
UPDATE: Applications have now been closed. JAW will be sending emails to applicants on Friday.

  3 Responses to “Stranger PC getting a Steam beta”

  1. i5 2500k
    8gb ram

  2. You need to send this info to JAW, not to us. Take a look at the Steam forum link in the post, that should give you all the info you need.

  3. Hello, thank you for this information and sorry :)

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