Dec 132012
Oddworld Inhabitants have announced that they will be releasing two Oddworld titles on two platforms next week.
The first is Stranger’s Wrath HD, which will be coming to the PlayStation Vita, its third platform to date. The handheld port will be on sale starting 18 December (in North America; Europe on 19 December) for $14.99/€11.99/£9.99 on the PlayStation Network, and will feature some touch controls specifically designed for the Vita.
The second title is Munch’s Oddysee HD, which after a long time in development will finally be seeing a release on PlayStation 3. This will be soon after Stranger, releasing on 19 December (in Europe; “late December” for North America) on the PlayStation Network for $9.99/€8.99/£7.99.
Dec 062012
More than a year after it was originally conducted, Oddworld Forums administrator Nathan’s second interview with Lorne Lanning has finally been published by OddBlog. After much delay, the answers to many fan questions are finally answered by the creator of Oddworld.

In this lengthy interview, Lorne explains the rationale behind his Xmobb project, the reason for the change in the Mudokon Pops logo, why Munch’s Oddysee was so cartoony compared to the earlier Abe titles, how his vision of Oddworld has changed over time, the history of the Mudokon people, and reveals the true nature of Khanzumerz, Gloktigi, Stranger’s bounty can, and the planet Oddworld itself.
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