Mar 182012
Rusel DeMaria is attempting to fund a third edition of his book, High Score: The Illustrated History of Electronic Games. The original book is now out of print, but DeMaria has found a publisher interested in an updated edition covering the period of 2000-2011. In an attempt to fund the four-to-six months of research and travel required to bring the book up to date, DeMaria has turned to funding platform Kickstarter, and is offering a rather unique incentive for potential donators. Along with fourteen other industry leaders, Lorne Lanning has agreed to meet and share a meal with backers who donate $250 or more. This is a Limited Reward of five spaces, with only three of those spaces available as of this writing. The date and location of the meetings is to be determined after the project has been funded.
Feb 232012
Lorne Lanning and Sherry McKenna will be appearing alongside 100 other industry leaders at the Greenlight Summit from May 21-25. The Greenlight Summit is an event for people working in the entertainment industry, featuring speaker presentations, Q&As, pitch sessions and masterclasses; and will be available to attend online. The two were confirmed as speakers at the event in a list posted on the forums.
Feb 102012
GameCityNights has uploaded a full video recording of their conversation with Oddworld mastermind Lorne Lanning, which took place in April last year.
The irrepressible Lorne Lanning joined GameCity live from Oddworld Inhabitants HQ in Berkeley, California for ‘From The Desk Of…’ in which he examined the Oddworld legacy, the future of Oddworld Inhabitants and the HD remake of his critically acclaimed game Strangers’ Wrath. Oh, and the ‘weaponisation of pop media’. It was powerful stuff. Filmed at GameCityNights, Nottingham, UK April 28 2011
Jul 202011
The New Media Film Festival 2011 discussion panel covering the award winning video game documentary Moral Kombat, is now available in video form on youtube. The panel features the documentary’s director Spencer Halpin and Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning, and touches upon topics such as the making of the documentary and issues surrounding video games as a free art form.
2011 New Media Film Festival Q & A session with Expert Game Creator Lorne Lanning, Director Spencer Halpin and Producer Ramy Katrib. Moral Kombat takes a look into the controversial subject of violence in video games and examines the conflict between the game developers rights to create and its potential impact on children.
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Jun 172011
lorne lanning

Lorne Lanning at SXSW 2011

The SXSW panel which took place in March 2011 and featured speakers such as Lorne Lanning of Oddworld fame and Jason Manley, co-founder of and The Art Department, has now been published online in audible form. Topics discussed, amongst many others, include the rise of, virtual schools compared to traditional curicculums, and the struggles the modern-day artist face while trying to survive the ever-accelerating changes taking place in the industry. If you’re a digital artist or traditional illustrator looking for information on how to market yourself to the world, this session is pure gold, don’t miss it! Listen to it here
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Feb 162011
Lorne Lanning along with other renowned game developers such as Jason Rubin and Peter Molyneux, makes an appearence in the fourth episode of “Game Theory with Scott Steinberg” which deals with the increased risks developers and publishers face when making video games in today’s rapidly changing market, as well as how it has affected the creation and maintaining of new intellectual properties. Link
Jan 212011
Here is a quick catch up of the latest Oddworld news. Abe’s voice, performed by Lorne Lanning, is number two on‘s Top Ten Computer Games Voices. A little Q&A has been held on Oddworld’s Facebook page along with a batch of new pictures from the upcoming remastering of Stranger’s Wrath on PS3. Finally, Lorne Lanning is once again in the judging committee for Ballistic Publishing‘s EXPOSÉ.
Nov 262010
Lorne Lanning (Co-Founder of Oddworld Inhabitants and Chief Creative Officer Oddmobb Inc) was present at this year’s 3D Summit. He took part in the Panel Session entitled “The Drivers in 3D Gaming & Content: 3D Games Capitalize on Hollywood Success“. The entire discussion has recently been posted on Youtube: Part 1 & Part 2. Thanks to Zukan for the heads up.