Feb 162011
Lorne Lanning along with other renowned game developers such as Jason Rubin and Peter Molyneux, makes an appearence in the fourth episode of “Game Theory with Scott Steinberg” which deals with the increased risks developers and publishers face when making video games in today’s rapidly changing market, as well as how it has affected the creation and maintaining of new intellectual properties. Link
Jan 212011
Here is a quick catch up of the latest Oddworld news. Abe’s voice, performed by Lorne Lanning, is number two on Xboxer360.com‘s Top Ten Computer Games Voices. A little Q&A has been held on Oddworld’s Facebook page along with a batch of new pictures from the upcoming remastering of Stranger’s Wrath on PS3. Finally, Lorne Lanning is once again in the judging committee for Ballistic Publishing‘s EXPOSÉ.
Nov 262010
Lorne Lanning (Co-Founder of Oddworld Inhabitants and Chief Creative Officer Oddmobb Inc) was present at this year’s 3D Summit. He took part in the Panel Session entitled “The Drivers in 3D Gaming & Content: 3D Games Capitalize on Hollywood Success“. The entire discussion has recently been posted on Youtube: Part 1 & Part 2. Thanks to Zukan for the heads up.