Mar 262014
The Yorkshire Voice briefly covered the upcoming New ‘n’ Tasty in a feature highlighting Just Add Water.
Notably, Stewart Gilray voiced his concerns over Facebook’s purchase of the Oculus Rift:
This is not Facebook’s first foray into the world of gaming, titles like Farmville and Mafia Wars have millions of users worldwide. Stewart said: “I personally detest that type of gaming, they’re games you play on your phone for five minutes when you’re on a train. I like my games to be story led with lots of adventure. So if Facebook turn Oculus into a casual gaming type of thing, I’ll personally have zero interest in it.”
Gilray also briefly talked about the level of violence in video games in a Youtube video posted along with the article. He criticised the general public for not recognising age ratings on games and for not purchasing games with these recommendations in mind.
Nov 082013
Lorne Lanning’s full talk at DICE Europe 2013 titled “Properties for the Apocalypse” has just been posted online.
In this massive speech, Lanning shares amongst many other things, his perspectives on the world while growing up, how George Lucas, Dr. Suess and Jim Henson inspired him, how developers have the ability to talk about controversial issues without disengaging their audience (Trojan Horse Pop), Oddworld’s recent comeback and how involvement with their audience will shape its future.

The full talk can be viewed on DICE’s youtube channel.
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Oct 222013

Edge published an article in their new series “Lost” covering the inception and ultimate halt of two Oddworld Inhabitants projects that never made it into production: Hand of Odd and Citizen Siege.
“The Hand of Odd was aiming to have an industrial class that followed the prevailing RTS paradigm, but while competing against an opposition indigenous class that harnessed its power not from the depletion of the environment, but from nurturing its growth, then harnessing its life force as a means to power an offense/defense system. Metaphorically speaking, a classic war zone that allows a Rupert Sheldrake vs Richard Dawkins war of ideologies.”

“Citizen Siege was based in a near future where the policies of recent White House administrations continued onward unabated; ultimately landing us in a dark totalitarian landscape where people have been reduced to pure commodity. In this world, your healthy tissue is used as collateral against financial debt, and if you sink low enough, you can be ‘re-possessed’ piece by piece.”

Read the full article and look at some new never-before seen concept art for both properties at Edge-Online.
Oct 212013
In a recent interview with Polygon, Lorne Lanning talked about the obstacles larger game developers face when striving to inject their games with more meaningful content, who are prohibited by the current market push towards big budgeted games.
Marketing and sales departments that are focused on sizable returns for their huge product investments are less concerned with meaning and more concerned with sales results. So the least likely place we should expect to see more subtly influential, deeper content is from those products with the highest budgets and greatest focus on ‘must have massive audience consumption results.’
“When content is deeper and more meaningful, then you can still create highly digestible and widely consumable entertainment products. Or, you can make Britney Spears albums. The games industry has more Britney Spears-class content than Pink Floyd. We just always aimed to deliver more of the later.

This analogy was echoed from earlier last month in DICE 2013 London, during Lanning’s presentation “Properties for the Apocalypse”.
Sep 192011
An online petition has been created by fans of the Oddworld series in a bid to convince Microsoft to allow Oddworld games to appear on their Xbox Live service:
Many fans of oddworld are disheartened to know that it is unlikley that Microsoft will allow Oddworld games to be released on the Xbox 360.Us as fans have decided to start a petition and let Microsoft know just how much we want Oddworld to be released on the Xbox 360!Please help us get a much loved game on to a much loved console by signing this petition. Thankyou :)
Various different Oddworld outlets have referenced the petition, including Abe’s, Alf’s, and Just Add Water’s respective Twitter accounts, and the official blog. JAW have commented on the difficulty of getting games published on the Xbox Live Arcade several times since the announcement of Stranger’s Wrath HD, stating that they would prefer to publish on the Xbox Live Arcade but are unable to due to a restrictive file size limit. Alf has stated that the Games on Demand platform is an alternative they would “settle for”, but has a requirement of two prior games published on Xbox, which JAW have yet to meet. JAW have also stated that they will not be delaying the PS3 release of Stranger’s Wrath HD because of the Xbox 360 delays. If this is true, this could mean that the game may not appear on Xbox 360 at all, as Microsoft’s policy on downloadable games is that they will only be allowed if they are released first on Xbox Live, or at least simultaneously with other channels. As of this writing, the petition has gathered 224 signatures.
Jul 162011
Oddworld Library (OddBlog’s parent website) is seeking to fill a web development position with an individual competent in the engineering, implementation and maintenance of integrated web technologies that will power an upcoming relaunch of the Library. Applicants must be fluent in PHP, MySQL and JavaScript, and must be capable of self-managing a large project designed in coordination with the Library Owners. They should be driven to deliver a platform that allows the Library to establish a team of content editors that will serve the Oddworld fan community. A successful applicant will be tasked with implementing integrated technologies that will include multilingual page support, user account management, a search engine, a wiki editor with version control and lightweight markup, and multimedia galleries. Experience with these is not essential, but is strongly preferred. To apply, please contact Wil Bunce-Edwards describing your prior experience and explaining your interest in assuming the position. We look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, Wil Bunce-Edwards and Xavier De Coster Oddworld Library Owners
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