Mar 132012
As the month of March marches on, Alf has once again taken the time to answer fan questions. This round of questions is loosely based around Oddworld society, etiquette and breeding, with a peek into how Oddworld’s industries work. More questions? Alf will of course return next month, and you can submit your questions via Facebook, Twitter, Formspring or the tried-and-true email.
Feb 022012
After a two-month hiatus Alf has returned to answer more fan mail and showcase more fan art. February’s Fan Art section gives us 11 new images, including a model of Abe and a Glukkon tattoo. However, the highlight has to be the fantastic video of the opening cutscene of Abe’s Oddysee, remade entirely in Minecraft. This month’s Dear Alf features a veritable avalanche of queries and questions, no doubt a result of the Mudokon’s seasonal absence. Wild Glukkons, Mudokon milk, and slog rearing get a look-in, among other subjects. You can still send in fan art and questions to Alf, through Facebook, Twitter, Formspring or email.
Nov 032011
November takes a very definite Slig theme as this month’s editorial pick of fan art is posted over on the Oddworld Inhabitants website, with 13 new images for you to admire. The beginnings of the previously-mentioned Oddworld tattoos collection has appeared, with 2 body art images included in amongst the other art.
Oct 262011
Self-described fruit tree and divulger of metaphors Alf is back again with a random sampling of questions sent in by fans. This month’s second Dear Alf section is now up on the Oddworld Inhabitants website. This time around finds Alf talking about—well, sidestepping—the Muds and the bees, the business families in Oddworld and their negotiations, and cloning. Given how busy the Oddworld team are, there will likely be only one Dear Alf posted in November. In the meantime, you can submit more questions for the mudokon media mogul through email, Twitter, Facebook, and Formspring.
Oct 032011
Tea fiend and business proprietor Alf has once again graced Oddworld fans with his unique brand of wisdom, and has posted the first part of this month’s Dear Alf on the Oddworld Inhabitants website. Questions this time around poke about in the structure of Oddworld’s capitalist society, dig up some geography, ponder who would win in a fight (it is always a Scrab), and even pry a bit into Alf’s own affairs. Alf is all done with questions for now, but you can always submit more for Volume 2 through email, Twitter, Facebook, and Formspring.
Sep 062011
Alf’s Rehab and Tea certainly seems to be back in full swing as this month’s Fan Art highlight has been posted over on the official Oddworld website. It looks like someone has taken notice of the large number of fans sporting Oddworld tattoos—in addition to the usual selection of artwork, Alf has put out a call for Odd tattoos, promising a dedicated gallery if enough submissions are sent in:
We’re also starting to notice a number of people with, getting or thinking of getting Oddworld tattoos. We can’t get enough of this dedication, and we want to show the world how much you love Oddworld, so we’re going to have a dedicated skin art gallery just as soon as we have a large enough collection. So if you’ve got Abe on your arm, a Slig on your shin, or a Wolvark on your… skin, then send in photos at the same address!
Sep 012011
The first part of this month’s Dear Alf is now available, with the liaison answering a selection of questions sent in by fans. This month’s questions focus on the various species of Oddworld. You can read the latest Dear Alf here. Alf now also has a Formspring account, allowing fans to ask him questions directly.
Feb 282011
Following the reopening of the fan art section, Alf reopens the Dear Alf and Fan of the Month sections. Alf answers a selection of fan questions in this brand new Dear Alf, just like in the old days. This month’s Fan of the Month is Terry Garret, a 23 year old mechanical engineering student. He has beaten Abe’s Exoddus multiple times using only the game’s sound effects, the occasional tip from his brother and a unique trial and error method he honed to perfection. Terry Garrett is completely blind.