Feb 242012
In a press release posted today, Just Add Water Ltd have announced that they have licensed the Bitsquid technology and game engine to use in future Oddworld titles, including Abe’s Oddysee HD. The choice to use Bitsquid tech was discussed in the press release:
The Bitsquid engine is designed to have some of the same core functionality and attributes, while being more lightweight and functional for digital download game development. “The ability to scale and iterate quickly without sacrificing quality is a key component to creating quality games that live up to the Oddworld name and reputation,” said Stewart Gilray, CEO of Just Add Water. “After a good deal of shopping around, we found the Bitsquid engine to have the perfect combination of power and flexibility for our needs.”
The Bitsquid engine is described as “a new high-end game engine, built from the ground up to focus on excellent multicore performance, cache friendly data layouts and advanced rendering techniques.”