Dec 152013
Oddworld Inhabitants have begun posting Developer Roundtables over on their official blog, where questions asked by fans are tackled by some of the developers working on the game. So far two Developer Roundtables have been posted to the site.
The first Roundtable focused on the potential inclusion of a map editor and multiplayer modes; with producer Craig Spiers, game designer Matt Glanville and environment artist Brett Lewis discussing the topic. While the group were immediately able to confirm that the original turn-based co-op multiplayer from Abe’s Oddysee would be returning (noting it was a favored game mode for parents playing with their children), the group’s discussion about alternative multiplayer modes concluded that while the team had some ideas, the amount of work required in redesigning levels to accommodate two simultaneous players means it wasn’t really feasible to do. Similarly, while the group discussed the possibility of including a map editor in the game, their limited time and budget wouldn’t allow them to develop something satisfactory.
The second Roundtable focused on the game’s art assets; with animator Maya Oruba, environment artist Colin Stewart and character artist Tom Bramall talking about their areas of expertise. The trio discussed the tools used to build the game’s art assets, their specific workflows, and how many of the assets they use are pulled from previous Oddworld games – the model used for Abe, for example, is a retouched version of the model used in the original Abe’s Oddysee’s pre-rendered cutscenes.
Dec 022011
The latest developer diary for Stranger’s Wrath HD has been posted on the Oddworld Inhabitants website. Written by Liam Jones of Just Add Water, the entry focuses on (re)designing the menus for the game, going from concept to completion – and then back again, as the menu system had to be completely rebuilt due to “circumstances out of anyone’s control”. The art direction was also changed, as Lorne Lanning (“the big L man”) apparently disliked the original’s style. A simple demo of the original menu design was included in the post. The final menu was built using ActionScript 1, to accommodate the Flash Player 6 projector Stranger’s Wrath uses.
Dec 012010
The latest developer diary from the Stranger’s Wrath remastering team at Just Add Water has been published on the official JAW website. This edition talks about restoring the fidelity of the game’s audio, both dialogue and effects, one of the biggest criticisms of the game’s original release. The article is punctuated by audio clips that really demonstrate how much life the improved sound quality is going to bring to the rerelease.
Nov 202010
This is a little heads up to notify you that the second developers’ diaries giving us insights into the remastering of Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath by Just Add Water has been posted. This entry takes a closer look at the character pipeline and shares what  the people at JAW are doing to bring them up to date. The first two updated characters shown are Stranger and a Fuzzle.
Sep 172010
The first in a new series of developers’ diaries chronicling the remastering of Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath by Just Add Water has been published on the official JAW website. This entry introduces the changes that need to be made to the game, which will form the backbone of the series, and describes their choice of version control software. There is also an enlightening image comparing the Stranger model with different polygon counts.
Sep 162010
Just Add Water has announced their first project working with the Oddworld universe, a remastered digital release of Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath on the PlayStation 3 via the PlayStaion Network. While the game itself will remain exactly the same, it will be updated with higher display resolution, improved character models, remastered audio and support for PlayStation Move. Resolution will be upped from 640×480 to 720p, and character model polygon counts increased from the original Xbox’s 3 000 to 25 000. Dialogue, often criticized for being grainy and low-quality, is having its bitrate doubled from the original 11kHz to 22kHz. Despite media reports that it will be PlayStation 3-exclusive, Lorne Lanning and JAW’s Managing Director Stewart Gilray have confirmed that an Xbox Live Arcade release has not been ruled out but can’t yet be confirmed because of technical and beaurocratic reasons. Stranger’s Wrath was the choice of remaster over Munch’s Oddysee for several reasons, including its lack of middleware dependency and high ratings by critics. It is the first announced of five projects being worked on by JAW and is expected to be released—with French, German, Italian and Spanish subtitles—near Easter 2011. JAW will be publishing a series of developer diaries about the remastering process, with the first part due today.