Mar 132012
The official Oddworld Inhabitants Facebook page continues to be a great source of Oddworld content, with photographs of two different games running on the PlayStation Vita having been posted last week. The first photo shows a rather thrilling gameplay scene from Stranger’s Wrath. Unfortunately, the lack of detail prevents any in-depth analysis. The second image is a little more interesting, as it doubles as the first look at Munch’s Oddysee HD running in real time. The improved textures and higher-detail Abe model can be seen despite the low image resolution, and changes have been made to in-game signs to display controller buttons for the PlayStation. The photographs were taken around the same time as the games were previewed on the Just Add Water office livestream. It appears that the team are making good progress on porting the games to the handheld platform.
Feb 112012
Images of a Scuba Toad in a town in Stranger’s Wrath have been added to the Oddworld Inhabitants Facebook page, possibly hinting that new content may be added to Stranger HD in the future. The three images were added over Thursday and Friday. In the first image, the creature is not recognizable, but the second and third images provided a more close-up look, allowing people to identify the creature. Scuba Toads were originally intended to appear in Stranger’s Wrath as oarsmen for Stranger’s boat (and can be seen in this promotional image released during development), but were cut late in development because “their arms were too short”.
Nov 282011
In a post on their official Facebook page, LittleBigPlanet have announced a Sackboy costume based on Munch. The costume will be available to download from November 30th 2011, and is priced at £1.59 / €1.99 / US $1.99 / AUS $ 3.45 / NZD $3.90. This is the second Oddworld-themed Sackboy costume, with a skin based on Stranger released on November 9th.
Oct 262011
Oddworld Inhabitants have posted some new Stranger’s Wrath-related images to their Facebook page. The images show comparisons of several character models, highlighting the differences between the original graphics and the improved graphics of the game’s HD remake. Characters featured include Caste Raider, Doc Vykker, Blisterz Booty, Sekto and of course Stranger himself.
Sep 232011
Oddworld Inhabitants have posted a new image to their Facebook page, revealing the new Munch character model for Munch’s Oddysee HD. The image compares the new model to the old, showcasing the higher resolution textures and higher poly-count in the new model. The new HD model follows the release of new Abe, Scrab and Paramite models, first seen last month.
Aug 282011
In a recent article for, Just Add Water have released some new in-game screenshots of Stranger’s Wrath HD. The new images are juxtaposed with screenshots of the same scenes running on the original Xbox version of the game, to highlight the graphical upgrades. Oddworld Forums user lloyd has kindly put together a minisite where you can directly compare old and new by rolling over the images. This comparison highlights the larger field of view, higher resolution textures and higher poly-count character models. Three more screenshots can be found on Oddworld Inhabitants’ Facebook page, including an updated version of the game’s main menu background. Some posts from JAW team members on the Oddworld Forums elaborate on the changes made; tda confirms that all of the new character models have been built from scratch (with the exception of a small handful remade from the models used for pre-rendered cutscenes), while Glitch explains the process of ensuring the level of improvement is consistent throughout the game.
Aug 282011
Oddworld Inhabitants have released a series of images on their Facebook page showcasing the graphical improvements made to characters in the Munch’s Oddysee HD update, including Abe, Scrabs and Paramites. An interesting detail is that Abe now sports his original four fingers, rather than the three he has had since Abe’s Exoddus.

Higher resolution images of the new Abe, Scrab and Paramite models have also been posted on the blog of Tom Bramall, one of JAW’s 3D artists.

Jun 072011
Just Add Water has announced that three Oddworld titles will be released on the PlayStation Vita, the successor to the PlayStation Portable formerly known as the Next Generation Portable (or NGP). Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath will be released on the PSVita this holiday season. The developer tweeted and posted on Facebook immediately after Sony’s press conference at E3, which demonstrated the PSVita and its ability to synchronize save games between it and the PS3, allowing players to continue their progress on either device. This feature will be enabled for both Oddworld titles.
Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath coming to PS Vita this holiday season, with cross platform cloud saves #E3
The developer also confirmed that Abe HD will appear on Vita in the future. What’s more, since Vita is backward compatible with downloadable PSP games, it will also play Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus. Discuss this story on the Oddworld Forums. Update: Speaking to Eurogamer, Stewart Gilray added that these ports will make use of Vita’s touchscreen.
“In a way that allows the player to play the same game as a full console title or as a handheld title. It’s also allowed us to improve on the design in terms of being able to affect things directly.” Elaborating on this, he added as an example: “Abe can pickup a fellow Mudokon by simply tapping the screen, and other gesture-based input”.