Dec 132012
Oddworld Inhabitants have announced that they will be releasing two Oddworld titles on two platforms next week.
The first is Stranger’s Wrath HD, which will be coming to the PlayStation Vita, its third platform to date. The handheld port will be on sale starting 18 December (in North America; Europe on 19 December) for $14.99/€11.99/£9.99 on the PlayStation Network, and will feature some touch controls specifically designed for the Vita.
The second title is Munch’s Oddysee HD, which after a long time in development will finally be seeing a release on PlayStation 3. This will be soon after Stranger, releasing on 19 December (in Europe; “late December” for North America) on the PlayStation Network for $9.99/€8.99/£7.99.
Oct 302012
On October 26th, Oddworld Inhabitants’ ran its first livestream – for roughly an hour and a half (the first of two videos starts at around the 35-minute mark), Stewart Gilray entertained viewers through by playing through the first few levels of Munch’s Oddysee HD.

The playthrough confirmed a number of interesting changes and additions to the rerelease. The game’s controls have been altered to more closely match those of the original PlayStation games, with Gamespeak commands now taking two buttons and the “action” button no longer sharing space with the “jump” button. To help players get to grips with the Gamespeak changes, a new UI has been added to the game which displays a list of available commands when holding down the Gamespeak buttons. And fans will no doubt be pleased to hear that several sound effects—Munch’s “bounce” in particular—have been swapped out for more realistic or muted sounds.

Gilray briefly discussed some of the details of Munch HD’s release. The game will be released on PlayStation Network first at $10 in North America, €8.99 in Europe and £7.99 in the UK. The Vita version will have to be purchased separately, and the PC port of the update is estimated to be released around three months after the PlayStation 3 release.
Jun 062012
Just Add Water have posted a large collection of screenshots on their Flickr page, covering Stranger’s Wrath and Munch’s Oddysee for the PSVita and the PS3 version of Munch’s Oddysee. The PS3 screenshots are available at a resolution of 1280 x 720, while the Vita game screens are available at 960 x 544 (the Vita’s native resolution). Altogether, 123 screenshots have been posted.
Mar 132012
The official Oddworld Inhabitants Facebook page continues to be a great source of Oddworld content, with photographs of two different games running on the PlayStation Vita having been posted last week. The first photo shows a rather thrilling gameplay scene from Stranger’s Wrath. Unfortunately, the lack of detail prevents any in-depth analysis. The second image is a little more interesting, as it doubles as the first look at Munch’s Oddysee HD running in real time. The improved textures and higher-detail Abe model can be seen despite the low image resolution, and changes have been made to in-game signs to display controller buttons for the PlayStation. The photographs were taken around the same time as the games were previewed on the Just Add Water office livestream. It appears that the team are making good progress on porting the games to the handheld platform.
Feb 152012
In an interview with the website Near Vita, Stewart Gilray has revealed the first details of Stranger’s Wrath on the PlayStation Vita. The handheld version of the game will make use of the Vita’s back touch panel, may feature exclusive achievements and will possibly run at 30 frames per second (lower than the 60fps console version). Munch’s Oddysee for Vita was also mentioned briefly, with Gilray saying that touch controls were being implemented in a similar way to Stranger.
Nov 282011
In a post on their official Facebook page, LittleBigPlanet have announced a Sackboy costume based on Munch. The costume will be available to download from November 30th 2011, and is priced at £1.59 / €1.99 / US $1.99 / AUS $ 3.45 / NZD $3.90. This is the second Oddworld-themed Sackboy costume, with a skin based on Stranger released on November 9th.
Nov 042011
The National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers Corp. (aka NAViGaTR) revealed on the 3rd November the results of its first Best of the Decade award, an award celebrating the video games of 2001-2009. After a long series of elimination rounds and nominations, the final awards were determined by a combination of superdelagates and public vote. Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, released in 2001, made it to the final nomination for the Character Design of the Decade award, but ultimately lost to Shadow of the Colossus (which won the title with 70% of the superdelagate vote). This is not the first time Colossus has beaten out an Oddworld title for a NAViGaTR award: the 5th annual awards (held in 2005) had Team ICO best Stranger’s Wrath, once again for the Character Design award.
Oct 182011
Stewart Gilray appeared as a guest on episode 237 of the PSNation podcast, posted last Thursday. The podcast covered a wide variety of topics, with discussions several times turning to Just Add Water’s current and future projects. Continue reading »
Sep 232011
Oddworld Inhabitants have posted a new image to their Facebook page, revealing the new Munch character model for Munch’s Oddysee HD. The image compares the new model to the old, showcasing the higher resolution textures and higher poly-count in the new model. The new HD model follows the release of new Abe, Scrab and Paramite models, first seen last month.
Aug 292011
Just Add Water has been interviewed by gaming website GotGame. Speaking on behalf of the Yorkshire games developer, CEO Stewart Gilray discussed Gravity Crash, and divulged some information on the Stranger’s Wrath HD remake. Of note is that, while there is still no definite release date, JAW does have a planned deadline, and are close to moving into Beta testing:
Right now we’re just finishing up various PS3 specific elements, then we’ll be at Beta. During Beta we will be optimizing the heck out of the game. Currently it’s running at 60fps 90% of the time, we want to ensure that it’s 60fps ALL of the time. As to what can players expect… It IS the same game it was in 2005, we’ve just polished it, lots more polys, much more detailed textures. We’ve doubled resolutions most of the textures in the game, in some cases even more. We’ve pushed out the view distance in some places just to give a much better view of the vistas in the game.
Also, interviewed last week was Michael Taylor, a freelance audio composer and editor currently working with JAW on the Stranger’s Wrath and Munch’s Oddysee HD updates. In the interview with Nerd Vice, Taylor discussed his past experiences in the games industry (where he has previously worked on various Xbox Indie and iOS games), and talked about his work on the Oddworld HD remakes. His work includes converting and recreating the original audio files to the best possible quality (Taylor previously discussed his work on Stranger’s Wrath in a Dev Diary posted on JAW’s website). Taylor also discussed recording some previously lacking female dialogue, the lack of which was brought to the attention of Stewart Gilray by fans; and mentioned that his work was approved by Michael Bross, the original composer for Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath.