Feb 122014
The PlayStation 3 version of Stranger’s Wrath HD now has a free demo for prospective players to try, as detailed in a post on the Oddworld website. The demo is available in both Europe and North America.

The demo was released alongside a free update for American players, which patches in the following features (previously only available in the European version of the game):
  • Stereoscopic 3-D support (bundled into the main game)
  • PlayStation Move support (also now part of the main game)
  • All movies have been re-encoded in MP4 format (Install size reduced from 3.2GB to 1.6GB)
  • Various performance improvements
  • Leaderboards added, so you can challenge your Steef-mates
  • Brazilian Portuguese language added
To download the update players must first delete the current installation of the game and redownload it from the PlayStation Store.
Mar 042013
You may have heard that Stranger’s Wrath Vita had a patch incoming. You may also have heard that the patch was delayed so that some issues could be fixed.
Well worry not, as Oddworld Inhabitants have now confirmed that the issues have been worked out and the patch is now live in Europe and North America. The patch adds an online leaderboard which allows players to compare completion times on bounties; alternative controls for those who dislike the Vita’s rear touchpad; and some bug fixes.
Nov 202012
After enjoying over two months of Steam exclusivity, the PC version of Stranger’s Wrath HD is coming to more digital stores.
The announcement came in a post on the Oddworld.com blog, where the Inhabitants team announced that the game was now available on Gamefly, with Amazon soon to follow. Strangely, the patch is expected to reach GOG.com users sometime in January, another two months after other outlets.
To celebrate both the new(ish) release and Thanksgiving, Stranger’s Wrath HD will also be on sale until November 26, for less than $5 on Gamefly or Steam.
Oct 262012
A new patch for Stranger’s Wrath HD has made its way to Steam.
The patch, announced on Just Add Water’s Twitter earlier today, fixes a handful of issues still present after the HD patch, including a bug which made Stranger’s “sprint” unreliable and made Intel graphics incompatible with the game. There are also a number of optimizations, including better particles and a less resource-intensive anti-aliasing option.
We are unable to confirm if the patch has made its way to platforms other than Steam – so far Steam has been the only PC platform to receive the HD update, with JAW stating that the update would come early next week.
Oct 182012
On September 14 (last month as of this writing) Oddworld Inhabitants announced that after a month of closed beta testing, Stranger’s Wrath HD was ready to go on Steam.
As previously promised, the game wasn’t just added brand new to the Steam store but instead added as a patch to the currently available version of the game, making the HD-ification free for those who bought the original Stranger’s Wrath on Steam.
A small hotfix was quickly applied to catch some bugs, but overall the update appears to have been well-received, especially considering the original port’s rocky reception.
Although the game has now been available on Steam for over a month, there is currently no word on when the HD update will be released to other digital PC game distributors. (UPDATE: JAW have confirmed via Twitter that the update will be published “next week”)
An unfortunate hiccup with the released was that, due to Just Add Water having difficulties getting older software running, beta testers of the patch would not have their names in the PC credits at first as promised (although the names are still set to be added in the near future).
Another patch is also being developed to fix further longstanding issues, according to Stewart Gilray, CEO of JAW and Oddworld Inhabitants Development Director.
Jul 092012
Just Add Water have opened applications for a closed beta of the Steam version of Stranger’s Wrath HD.
In a post on the official Steam forums, Liamaj (JAW game designer Liam Jones) announced that JAW want “to test Stranger’s Wrath HD PC on as many different PC set ups as [they] can”.
Applications for the beta are open – the forum post has provided people interested in participating with an email address and a list of information to provide to JAW, including their Steam username and PC hardware specifications.
As this is a closed beta, not every applicant will be invited to participate. Additionally, since the beta is being run through Steam, only people who own the Steam version of Stranger’s Wrath can participate.
UPDATE: Applications have now been closed. JAW will be sending emails to applicants on Friday.
Jun 272012
As per the announcement last week, today is the day that the PlayStation 3 version of Stranger’s Wrath HD receives a patch, adding in several new features and fixing some known issues. According to the official Oddworld website, that patch is now available for download in all regions, including America, Europe and Australia. This means that the brand new Move support, 3D support and YouTube video uploading is now available for everyone to use and abuse.
Jun 202012
Over on the official website, Oddworld Inhabitants have announced that a patch for the PlayStation 3 version of Stranger’s Wrath will be available to download next week. The patch will be released June 27th and fixes several bugs and includes support for stereoscopic 3D, PlayStation Move and video capture. The full list of changes is as follows:
3DTV support Scour the wilds, ruins and hideouts for scumbag Outlaws with the latest stereoscopic broadcasts from the Mongo River. Oddworld has never had so much D! PlayStation Move support Immerse yourself in the action by pointing and firing from your very own crossbow. (Note: Your PlayStation Move controller is unlikely to resemble a crossbow.) Video recording and uploading Record your victories, failures and candid moments straight to your PlayStation 3, and upload them directly to your YouTube account. Brightness & Gamma controls No need to visit Doc for a new pair of eye-spectacles, now you can change the visibility of the very world around you with our brand new sliders. Audio fixes Tired of lazy Townsfolk cutting themselves off mid-sentence? Fed up with soft-spoken Live Ammo? Is the soundtrack to your adventure jolted, often absent? Never fear! Our audio fixes fix your audio! Increased crosshair visibility 9 out of 10 bounty hunters say they prefer our newer, opaquer crosshair. “It’s so much easier to see!” said excited Corn Jaws of New Yolk City. Fixed Quicksaves and Autosaves Before, you could only load full saves from the Load Game screen. But now you can revert back to your most recent AutoSave and QuickSave for added convenience. Extra subtitles The accessibility of Western Mudos has taken a step up with the introduction of additional gameplay-relevant subtitling in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Performance Improvements Ask at your local General Store or Black Market for all available improvements to your experience of life.
An official trailer for the patch has also been posted on OWI’s YouTube channel, clocking in at 1:45 and available in glorious HD.
Jan 272011
Oddworld Inhabitants recently released a batch of updates for both PC versions of Stranger’s Wrath and Munch’s Oddysee on Steam. The updates include the following bug fixes and new features:
Stranger’s Wrath
  1. Fixed performance issues.
  2. Fixed save game permissions issues. Save games and config file are now saved in “Program Files” to “\Documents\Oddworld\Stranger’s Wrath”.
  3. Fixed controls “sticking” issues.
  4. Fixed tutorial text – Camera mode switch button text.
  5. Fixed turorial text – Camera reset button text.
  6. Fixed broken achievement “Mine your business”.
  7. Fixed incorrect texts being displayed in controls Layout screens.
  8. Fixed 5.1 and 7.1 audio.
  9. Fixed Mouse lag.
  10. Fixed issue with only 1 of 3 dialogue lines working in Jail house.
  11. Fixed first person view on nVidia boards.
  1. Added screen resolution selection to launcher.
  2. Added v-sync option to launcher.
  3. Added joystick selection to launcher.
  4. Added customisable controls.
  5. Added support for third party “generic” joypads.
  6. Added widescreen suppport.
  7. Re-authored Keyboard “layout” screen in options.
  8. Removed automatic joypad detection.
Munch’s Oddysee
PC Update #1
  • Fix crash issues
  • Fix sound issues
  • Broken achievement fixes
Another update for Munch will be released in a couple of weeks, with a load more fixes and additions. There are still some compatibility issues with Stranger’s Wrath and ATI graphics cards. If you are experiencing graphical issues with the games, contact Just Add Water [info AT jawltd.com] and send them your system specifications. You can discuss the updates on the forum.