Sep 192011
An online petition has been created by fans of the Oddworld series in a bid to convince Microsoft to allow Oddworld games to appear on their Xbox Live service:
Many fans of oddworld are disheartened to know that it is unlikley that Microsoft will allow Oddworld games to be released on the Xbox 360.Us as fans have decided to start a petition and let Microsoft know just how much we want Oddworld to be released on the Xbox 360!Please help us get a much loved game on to a much loved console by signing this petition. Thankyou :)
Various different Oddworld outlets have referenced the petition, including Abe’s, Alf’s, and Just Add Water’s respective Twitter accounts, and the official blog. JAW have commented on the difficulty of getting games published on the Xbox Live Arcade several times since the announcement of Stranger’s Wrath HD, stating that they would prefer to publish on the Xbox Live Arcade but are unable to due to a restrictive file size limit. Alf has stated that the Games on Demand platform is an alternative they would “settle for”, but has a requirement of two prior games published on Xbox, which JAW have yet to meet. JAW have also stated that they will not be delaying the PS3 release of Stranger’s Wrath HD because of the Xbox 360 delays. If this is true, this could mean that the game may not appear on Xbox 360 at all, as Microsoft’s policy on downloadable games is that they will only be allowed if they are released first on Xbox Live, or at least simultaneously with other channels. As of this writing, the petition has gathered 224 signatures.