Feb 152012
The official US PlayStation Blog has published a list of the best-selling PlayStation Network titles from January 2012. Stranger’s Wrath HD, which was released December 27th on the US PlayStation Network, was listed as number eight in the “op 20 PSN and PS3 Full Games” category, beating the likes of Crysis, Shadow of the Colossus and Call of Duty 4.
Jan 172012
In a post on the Oddworld.com website, Oddworld Inhabitants have announced that Stranger’s Wrath HD will be 30% cheaper for PlayStation Plus subscribers, beginning January 17th in the United States and January 18th for Europe and Australia. The deal will last for 2 weeks.
And good news for PlayStation Plus subscribers! Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD will be 30% cheaper than usual for a limited time! Starting on January 17 in North America and January 18 in Europe and Australia, this special offer runs for two weeks, so if for whatever reason Stranger’s low price is too much for you, check this deal out!
Dec 202011
With Stranger’s Wrath HD due for release on the EU PlayStation Network tomorrow, games journalists are beginning to publish their reviews of Just Add Water’s handiwork. Eurogamer’s review late last month was overwhelmingly positive, and it seems that opinion is shared by most critics. TheSixthAxis.com, PSNStores, ShopTo News, Electronic Theatre, Console Arcade, GotGame, This is My Joystick! and Blast Process are among the websites to weigh in on the title and all are thoroughly impressed, with scores averaging around 9/10 or 4/5. A general complaint seems to be some minor technical issues, but reviewers have made it clear that these are minor and do not detract from the experience at all. Electronic Theatre seems to hold the most critical opinion of the game, saying “while fans of the original will love the visual overhaul, those expecting a brand new PlayStation 3 aesthetic may be left wanting”. Despite this, they still award the game a healthy 82% score, stressing that the game’s quirks are down to it being “still fundamentally a six year old videogame”. Overall, opinions so far are very positive, with most reviewers being especially pleased with the quality the game is for its price.
Dec 072011
After 15 months of development, Stranger’s Wrath HD will finally be released to PAL regions on December 21st. The date was confirmed today in a post on the PlayStation Blog, written by Stewart Gilray of Just Add Water. Development on Stranger HD was announced as completed last month, when a complete list of all changes, additions and upgrades was posted on the JAW website. Since then, it has been reviewed by Eurogamer, who gave it an overwhelmingly positive reception. JAW also reaffirmed via Twitter that the PC version would be arriving 2-3 months from now. UPDATE: According to the US PlayStation Blog, the North American release of Stranger HD will be on December 27th.
Dec 022011
After a few days of Oddworld Inhabitants hinting at something big, some fans may have been disappointed when today’s news was revealed to be the Oddworld.com redesign. However, in the blog post detailing the new website’s improvements, there was also a snippet of Stranger-related news, the most notable of which being that the release date will be announced next week:
To everyone hoping we’d be announcing the release date today for Stranger’s Wrath HD, sorry to say that is not the case. We understand it’s been frustrating for many of you not knowing when you can expect to play the game, but these things take time to work out! But we can reveal that we will be announcing the release dates on Wednesday 7th December. In the very near future you’ll also be able to enter competitions to win free PSN download codes!
The release date is also listed as “December 2011” on the Oddworld.com page for Stranger HD.
Nov 302011
Eurogamer have just published their review of Stranger’s Wrath HD. The review (which is based on the PlayStation 3 version of the game) is overwhelmingly positive, praising Just Add Water’s work on the HD remastering as well as the core gameplay and plot.
So yes, Just Add Water’s done us all a real favour here, recovering the best Oddworld game ever made for a generation that either missed it the first time around or is just too lazy to get the original Xbox out of the attic.
The final score awarded is a solid 9/10. The review also confirms that the price of Stranger HD when it is released on the PlayStation Network will be £9.99/€11.99/$14.99.
Nov 212011
In a post on the Oddworld.com website, Oddworld Inhabitants have announced that the Stranger’s Wrath dynamic PlayStation 3 theme (first hinted at in September) will be available to purchase from PlayStation Network soon. The theme will be available for American/SCEA users on November 22nd (tomorrow), and European/SCEE users on November 30th. A video of the theme in action is viewable on the official Oddworld Inhabitants YouTube channel.
Sep 062011
More good news for fans of Stranger’s Wrath—Just Add Water has announced via a Twitter post that the coming weeks will see Stranger’s Wrath content (such as avatars) being released on the PlayStation Store. The developer has also tweeted two photos of a PlayStation 3 home screen (first photo, second photo), showing what appears to be a Stranger-themed wallpaper or XMB theme. The two photos show the same scene—the background of the game’s main menu, the HD reworking of which was recently revealed—but with Stranger—but notably features differences in Stranger’s pose, suggesting that the theme will be animated in the same way as the original menu version.
Jun 072011
Just Add Water has announced that three Oddworld titles will be released on the PlayStation Vita, the successor to the PlayStation Portable formerly known as the Next Generation Portable (or NGP). Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath will be released on the PSVita this holiday season. The developer tweeted and posted on Facebook immediately after Sony’s press conference at E3, which demonstrated the PSVita and its ability to synchronize save games between it and the PS3, allowing players to continue their progress on either device. This feature will be enabled for both Oddworld titles.
Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath coming to PS Vita this holiday season, with cross platform cloud saves #E3
The developer also confirmed that Abe HD will appear on Vita in the future. What’s more, since Vita is backward compatible with downloadable PSP games, it will also play Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus. Discuss this story on the Oddworld Forums. Update: Speaking to Eurogamer, Stewart Gilray added that these ports will make use of Vita’s touchscreen.
“In a way that allows the player to play the same game as a full console title or as a handheld title. It’s also allowed us to improve on the design in terms of being able to affect things directly.” Elaborating on this, he added as an example: “Abe can pickup a fellow Mudokon by simply tapping the screen, and other gesture-based input”.