Nov 202012
After enjoying over two months of Steam exclusivity, the PC version of Stranger’s Wrath HD is coming to more digital stores.
The announcement came in a post on the blog, where the Inhabitants team announced that the game was now available on Gamefly, with Amazon soon to follow. Strangely, the patch is expected to reach users sometime in January, another two months after other outlets.
To celebrate both the new(ish) release and Thanksgiving, Stranger’s Wrath HD will also be on sale until November 26, for less than $5 on Gamefly or Steam.
Mar 152012
After launching a brand new website, clothing company Insert Coin  has put several of their items on sale, including their Oddworld range – shirts which were once £25 are now listed as £17.50. We don’t know how long this sale will last, so if you’re interested in a discount you had best order soon.
Dec 292011
As part of the Steam Holiday Sale, The Oddboxx is offered for a mere $3,74 until the 2nd January. Alternatively you can get each separate Oddworld game with a -75% reduction. To make a fair comparison, that’s Abe’s Oddysee for less than a cheeseburger, but nutritious enough to substitute carrots and tomatoes for 2 weeks, metaphorically speaking. Don’t miss this insanely cheap opportunity to complete your Oddworld collection or gift some friends! Heck I’d gift this to my enemies!