Oct 262012
A new patch for Stranger’s Wrath HD has made its way to Steam.
The patch, announced on Just Add Water’s Twitter earlier today, fixes a handful of issues still present after the HD patch, including a bug which made Stranger’s “sprint” unreliable and made Intel graphics incompatible with the game. There are also a number of optimizations, including better particles and a less resource-intensive anti-aliasing option.
We are unable to confirm if the patch has made its way to platforms other than Steam – so far Steam has been the only PC platform to receive the HD update, with JAW stating that the update would come early next week.
Oct 182012
On September 14 (last month as of this writing) Oddworld Inhabitants announced that after a month of closed beta testing, Stranger’s Wrath HD was ready to go on Steam.
As previously promised, the game wasn’t just added brand new to the Steam store but instead added as a patch to the currently available version of the game, making the HD-ification free for those who bought the original Stranger’s Wrath on Steam.
A small hotfix was quickly applied to catch some bugs, but overall the update appears to have been well-received, especially considering the original port’s rocky reception.
Although the game has now been available on Steam for over a month, there is currently no word on when the HD update will be released to other digital PC game distributors. (UPDATE: JAW have confirmed via Twitter that the update will be published “next week”)
An unfortunate hiccup with the released was that, due to Just Add Water having difficulties getting older software running, beta testers of the patch would not have their names in the PC credits at first as promised (although the names are still set to be added in the near future).
Another patch is also being developed to fix further longstanding issues, according to Stewart Gilray, CEO of JAW and Oddworld Inhabitants Development Director.
Jul 092012
Just Add Water have opened applications for a closed beta of the Steam version of Stranger’s Wrath HD.
In a post on the official Steam forums, Liamaj (JAW game designer Liam Jones) announced that JAW want “to test Stranger’s Wrath HD PC on as many different PC set ups as [they] can”.
Applications for the beta are open – the forum post has provided people interested in participating with an email address and a list of information to provide to JAW, including their Steam username and PC hardware specifications.
As this is a closed beta, not every applicant will be invited to participate. Additionally, since the beta is being run through Steam, only people who own the Steam version of Stranger’s Wrath can participate.
UPDATE: Applications have now been closed. JAW will be sending emails to applicants on Friday.
Jan 062012
Stewart Gilray has posted a summary of Just Add Water’s progress on bringing the recently released Stranger’s Wrath HD to Steam. The post, made on the official Steam Forums, reiterates the changes made to the game (including the updated graphics, UI, difficulties, and foreign-language subtitles), and also details specifics exclusive to the Steam version of the game. Notably, the game has a tentative release date of March/April 2012, will be thoroughly QA tested (in response to complaints of last year’s initial PC release containing numerous bugs), and will feature new achievements not included in the PS3 version of the game. Stranger HD PC will also use DirectX, instead of OpenGL (likely a result of compatibility issues between OpenGL games and ATi graphics cards).
Dec 292011
As part of the Steam Holiday Sale, The Oddboxx is offered for a mere $3,74 until the 2nd January. Alternatively you can get each separate Oddworld game with a -75% reduction. To make a fair comparison, that’s Abe’s Oddysee for less than a cheeseburger, but nutritious enough to substitute carrots and tomatoes for 2 weeks, metaphorically speaking. Don’t miss this insanely cheap opportunity to complete your Oddworld collection or gift some friends! Heck I’d gift this to my enemies!
Mar 162011
Following yesterday’s addition to Direct2Drive, GamersGate is now the latest online games store to stock the Oddboxx, as well as Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath, DRM-free. All Oddworld games on GamersGate, including Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus, are now being sold with a 50% discount for the next 12 days. Since yesterday, Direct2Drive has extended its 50% sale to Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath, although still only in the Unitied States region. The latest updates to Stranger’s Wrath have now gone live on Steam, although the latest updates to Munch’s Oddysee can currently only be installed manually. Stewart Gilray has stated that Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath will be DRM-free on Amazon Game Downloads, Stardock and newly-confirmed GOG.com.
Mar 152011
IGN’s online game store, Direct2Download, is now the second digital distributor of the Oddboxx. Earlier today, the rival of Steam’s uploaded Munch’s Oddysee, Stranger’s Wrath and the four-game compilation, the Oddboxx. Unlike Steam, Direct2Download features Raymond Swanland’s Oddboxx boxart. The games are similarly priced on both Steam and Direct2Download, although Steam is currently holding a weeklong 50%-off sale on all Oddworld games and packages. Direct2Download has 50% off the Oddboxx in the United States region only. Other digital distribution services are expected to upload the Oddboxx shortly, including Stardock, Amazon, GamersGate, and others to be announced.
Jan 272011
Oddworld Inhabitants recently released a batch of updates for both PC versions of Stranger’s Wrath and Munch’s Oddysee on Steam. The updates include the following bug fixes and new features:
Stranger’s Wrath
  1. Fixed performance issues.
  2. Fixed save game permissions issues. Save games and config file are now saved in “Program Files” to “\Documents\Oddworld\Stranger’s Wrath”.
  3. Fixed controls “sticking” issues.
  4. Fixed tutorial text – Camera mode switch button text.
  5. Fixed turorial text – Camera reset button text.
  6. Fixed broken achievement “Mine your business”.
  7. Fixed incorrect texts being displayed in controls Layout screens.
  8. Fixed 5.1 and 7.1 audio.
  9. Fixed Mouse lag.
  10. Fixed issue with only 1 of 3 dialogue lines working in Jail house.
  11. Fixed first person view on nVidia boards.
  1. Added screen resolution selection to launcher.
  2. Added v-sync option to launcher.
  3. Added joystick selection to launcher.
  4. Added customisable controls.
  5. Added support for third party “generic” joypads.
  6. Added widescreen suppport.
  7. Re-authored Keyboard “layout” screen in options.
  8. Removed automatic joypad detection.
Munch’s Oddysee
PC Update #1
  • Fix crash issues
  • Fix sound issues
  • Broken achievement fixes
Another update for Munch will be released in a couple of weeks, with a load more fixes and additions. There are still some compatibility issues with Stranger’s Wrath and ATI graphics cards. If you are experiencing graphical issues with the games, contact Just Add Water [info AT jawltd.com] and send them your system specifications. You can discuss the updates on the forum.
Dec 212010
The Oddboxx has been launched on Steam! This pack contains Abe’s Oddysee, Abe’s Exoddus, Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath; the two later ones making their first ever appearance on PC. Even tough some testing has been done on the games, some gamers are experiencing technical difficulties. If you have a problem too be aware that the guys responsible for the ports are listening to you and are working on patches to fix those bugs. You can either post your problem over on Oddworld.com or on their Facebook page.
Dec 182010
Oddworld.com has announced it a couple of hours ago: The games will be released on Steam on the 20th of December, 2010. Note that during the first 24 hours of release, the game will be sold with 50% of its marked price discounted. After this and until January 3rd, a 25% discount will apply to the marked price. Go on oddworld.com for more info.