Feb 062013
Here’s an interesting story – according to a post on the forum NeoGAF, Abe may have been planned as an upcoming character for PlayStation 3 game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
The post’s source is a screenshot of a tweet from Stewart Gilray, which reads “we were to get Abe in DLC in April or May, but they cancelled us.”
The original tweet no longer appears in Gilray’s timeline, so we can’t verify if the screenshot was faked; however, the Just Add Water CEO has responded to a few inquiries about the post in a noncommittal manner, which suggests it is be genuine.

The screenshot of the (seemingly deleted) tweet.

Oct 232012
Hey, remember the Abe Speak iPhone app that was announced? Oddworld Inhabitants definitely do, as close to two years after the initial announcement the developer has posted a new photograph of it running.
The latest build is described in a Twitter post as only having “small bugs left”, and although the studio says that there is currently no specific timetable, it’s quite possible the app will be releasing in the near future – especially after the attention the Oddworld Portal app garnered.
This is also the first confirmation that the app would run on an iPad – the original announcement only ever specified iOS, with preview photos showing off the iPhone version.
Aug 302012
NOTE: This story was originally written on August 29th. Due to our extensive downtime, some of the story details have changed – several subsequent updates have increased the roster of PSOne games available in North America.

You may have heard about PSOne Classics, the recent addition to Sony’s PSVita which allows players to download and play games made for the original PlayStation console. Well, Oddworld Inhabitants have announced in a post on their website  that Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus are a part of the opening lineup, alongside over 100 other PSOne games.

PSOne Classics allows players to buy and download PSOne games and play them on their PSVita. If a player has previously bought a PSOne game through their PlayStation 3 they can simply redownload it or transfer it from the PS3, without having to repurchase the game.

Unfortunately, the regional differences between Europe and America were quite staggering – Vita owners in America initially only had access to nine PSOne games, while European customers got the full lineup of 130. Both Oddworld games were at first only available in Europe, and were not included in the nine available to America.

Luckily an expansion of the catalogue was promised, with Alf happily confirming via Twitter  that Oddysee and Exoddus would be coming soon to American Vita owners. Both Oddworld games were made available in North America in an update only a single day later.

Aug 092012
Earlier today game developer Just Add Water posted the first screenshot of the upcoming game Abe HD to their Twitter account.
The screenshot, which you can see below, appears to feature an area which appeared very early in the original Abe’s Oddysee – the second “screen” that players visited in RuptureFarms, in fact. Just like in the original area there is a Directory (which were used as maps in the original game) and a ledge.
Abe himself also appears in the screenshot. It appears that in this game Abe will be realistically rendered and colored, rather than having his skin tone simplified outside cutscenes (as happened in Oddysee and Exoddus).
click for full size

The first screenshot of Abe HD (click for full size).

Nov 112011
Game developer Just Add Water have confirmed in a tweet that Stranger’s Wrath HD has been rated by American and European ratings boards. The ESRB have given Stranger a rating of Teen, while PEGI have rated the game as suitable for ages 12 and up. The ESRB rating describes the game as containing “Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Violence”, and lists PlayStation 3 and PS Vita as platforms. The lack of an Xbox 360 rating suggests that the game may not appear on Xbox Live after all. the PEGI website has not yet been updated with the remake’s rating, but lists the original Xbox game as containing “Non realistic looking violence towards fantasy characters – Mild bad language”.
Sep 062011
More good news for fans of Stranger’s Wrath—Just Add Water has announced via a Twitter post that the coming weeks will see Stranger’s Wrath content (such as avatars) being released on the PlayStation Store. The developer has also tweeted two photos of a PlayStation 3 home screen (first photo, second photo), showing what appears to be a Stranger-themed wallpaper or XMB theme. The two photos show the same scene—the background of the game’s main menu, the HD reworking of which was recently revealed—but with Stranger—but notably features differences in Stranger’s pose, suggesting that the theme will be animated in the same way as the original menu version.
Sep 032011
Just Add Water is in the process of making a trailer to promote the new Stranger’s Wrath HD update. In a series of Twitter posts, the games developer has announced that they have captured the raw data for the trailer, and are now in the process of editing that data down to a more manageable level. A tweet by Stewart Gilray seems to confirm that the trailer will be made up of ingame footage, not pre-rendered CGI. With the game previously being announced as close to Beta, the announcement of a new trailer may signify that the game is close to release, although at this point nothing has been confirmed.
Jun 072011
Just Add Water has announced that three Oddworld titles will be released on the PlayStation Vita, the successor to the PlayStation Portable formerly known as the Next Generation Portable (or NGP). Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath will be released on the PSVita this holiday season. The developer tweeted and posted on Facebook immediately after Sony’s press conference at E3, which demonstrated the PSVita and its ability to synchronize save games between it and the PS3, allowing players to continue their progress on either device. This feature will be enabled for both Oddworld titles.
Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath coming to PS Vita this holiday season, with cross platform cloud saves #E3
The developer also confirmed that Abe HD will appear on Vita in the future. What’s more, since Vita is backward compatible with downloadable PSP games, it will also play Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus. Discuss this story on the Oddworld Forums. Update: Speaking to Eurogamer, Stewart Gilray added that these ports will make use of Vita’s touchscreen.
“In a way that allows the player to play the same game as a full console title or as a handheld title. It’s also allowed us to improve on the design in terms of being able to affect things directly.” Elaborating on this, he added as an example: “Abe can pickup a fellow Mudokon by simply tapping the screen, and other gesture-based input”.
Dec 062010
After some teasing done by Abe and Alf a new press release has been issued on oddworld.com: The OddBoxx is officially coming this 2010 Holiday season! This means that all four Oddworld games, are going to be released on PC, including Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath.
Dec 032010
Oddworld fan liaison Alf has returned from his sabbatical to post on the Oddworld Forums and open an account on Twitter. Alf has been an intermediary between Oddworld Inhabitants and Oddworld fans since before OWI controlled their own official website, but hasn’t been seen since he went on sabbatical in April 2005. Upon his return Alf is seeking followers on Twitter. Alf is not the only Mudokon on Twitter, his friend Abe having started tweeting in May this year.