June 2005


Xbox.com publishes Stranger boss walkthroughs

Story 358 reported by Xav on
Tuesday, 28th June 2005 at 11·37 a.m. CEST

Xbox.com has put up some walkthroughs for Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath, including Boilz Booty, Eugene Ius, Filthy Hands Floyd and the Looten Duke.



Lorne discusses future of gaming at VES Festival

Story 357 reported by Xav on
Friday, 24th June 2005 at 2·01 p.m. CEST

According to Computer Graphics World is Lorne Lanning going to be a panelist at the ‘Next generation: The future of Gaming’ discussion at the Ves Festival tomorrow (25 june), notice that both Lorne Lanning and Sherry McKenna are members of the Visual Effects Society.

Also EAgames.com has put up some tricks to beat the bosses of Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath.

Sources: Computer Graphics World



Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival ’05

Story 356 reported by Xav on
Thursday, 23rd June 2005 at 10·55 a.m. CEST

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath has been nominated for the EIEF05 Edge Award at Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival.



G4 nominates Stranger for G‐Phoria awards

Story 355 reported by Max on
Saturday, 18th June 2005 at 11·18 p.m. BST

Voting for the third annual G‐Phoria Awards can now be done online. Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath has been nominated for the category of ‘Best Cinematic’, and the Stranger himself for the ‘Favourite Character’ category.

The winners will be announced on G4 at 20:00 Eastern Time (17:00 Pacific Time) on 9th August, 2005.



OWI in talks with media conglomerates

Story 354 reported by Xav on
Saturday, 18th June 2005 at 11·32 a.m. CEST

Bizjournals.com reports that:

The company is in talks with several media conglomerates to create the first Oddworld movie and ‘Citizen Siege,’ a new title that may appear first on film, television or in games.

Sources: Bizjournals.com



Oddworld in The Art of Maya

Story 353 reported by Xav on
Wednesday, 15th June 2005 at 6·18 p.m. CEST

Some art of Oddworld Inhabitant and it’s game Stranger’s Wrath will be featured in the The Art of Maya 3rd Edition book according to Alias’ press release. Thanks to Oddish for the head up.

Sources: Oddish



UnforgivingEdges’s Oddworld radio programme downloadable

Story 352 reported by Xav on
Sunday, 5th June 2005 at 5·24 p.m. CEST

UnforgivingEdges’ Oddworld show is finally available to download. You can pick it up here (33MB). Notice the show was originally aired April 6th 2005.

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