September 2005


Photos from a Wal‐Mart world

Story 369 reported by Xav on
Monday, 26th September 2005 at 6·35 p.m. CEST

A report of Lorne Lanning’s multi‐media presentation called ‘In a Wal‐Mart world, Creative is a dirty word’ has been posted on the IGDA site. The text is the same as the one on GBGames that was reported the 2005‐08‐26. The new tidbits are the pictures showing Lorne (1 & 2).



Electronic Gaming Monthly takes Lorne’s job

Story 368 reported by Max on
Tuesday, 13th September 2005 at 10·08 p.m. BST

The October issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly features a two‐page ‘Take This Job’ article on Lorne Lanning, in which he describes his past career and gives helpful hints on how to enter the industry.

It’s also around about now that Oddworld Inhabitants should be celebrating its eleventh birthday.

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MO game section updated

Story 367 reported by Xav on
Monday, 5th September 2005 at 9·16 p.m. CEST

The game section of Munch’s Oddysee has been updated on the official site, no new content, just a nice new layout.

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