December 2005


Oddworld feature film!

Story 382 reported by Xav on
Saturday, 24th December 2005 at 5·37 p.m. CET

Happy Christmas to all of you! Here is some excellent news: Oddworld Inhabitants are officially working on the first Oddworld feature film! The news comes straight from Raymond Swanland himself.

Sources: The Art of Raymond Swanland

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Best Use Of Extra‐Terrestrial Interlopers

Story 381 reported by Xav on
Wednesday, 21st December 2005 at 10·38 p.m. CET

Gamasutra awarded Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath the ‘Best Use Of Extra‐Terrestrial Interlopers’ special award. ‘The judges decided that its mix of Spaghetti Western tropes and cute‐as‐bull‐pie alien culture was worthy of an esoteric commendation.’



GameSpot’s Best of 2005

Story 380 reported by Xav on
Saturday, 17th December 2005 at 10·03 p.m. CET

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath has been nominated in the ‘Best Graphics, Artistic’ section of GameSpot’s Best of 2005’s Special Achivements awards.



1UP’s 2005 Awards Nomination

Story 379 reported by Xav on
Thursday, 8th December 2005 at 9·36 a.m. CET

1UP is holding a ‘2005 Awards Nomination’. Be sure to go vote for Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath in the ‘shooting’ category.


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