July 2006


Video Game Culture Clash

Story 406 reported by Xav on
Tuesday, 18th July 2006 at 12·26 p.m. CEST

GameSpy has written an article about why it’s so difficult for a western game company to make a game that’s also a hit in Japan. They asked Lorne Lanning’s opinion about this, and he has some intresting answers.

Sources: GameSpy



d’artiste: Concept Art

Story 405 reported by Xav on
Monday, 3rd July 2006 at 8·41 p.m. CEST

Oddish pointed out that Ballistic Publishing’s latest book, d’artiste: Concept Art, contains some Oddworld Pictures on pages 104 & 105. Two of those images are rare ones.

Sources: Oddish


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