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The first screenshot posted by Stewart Gilray

Abe Speak is a free Oddworld app for iOS under development by Just Add Water, expected to be released in the next couple of months.[1] It is not counted as one of the four ‘Oddworld Inhabitants-based projects’ JAW expect to release in 2011.[1][2]



In August 2010, Xavier speculated on the Oddworld Forums that one of the five projects Just Add Water were claiming to be working on was an iPhone port of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee,[3] refering as evidence to an image tweeted by JAW in June,[4] and to the July PSNation Podcast interview with Stewart Gilray.[5] Gilray commented in Xavier’s thread saying only ‘I love speculation :-)’.[6]

The tweeted image, published with the hashtag ‘#secretproject’ three weeks earlier than JAW’s announcement of working with Oddworld Inhabitants,[7] appears to depict the corner of what Xavier interpreted as an app icon using the image of Abe in front of Abe’s Moon that was published on the home page of JAW’s website.[8]

When asked in the PSNation Podcast what Just Add Water were doing apart from Gravity Crash, Gilray produced the sound of Abe’s Oddysee’s main menu and Abe saying ‘Hello’ and ‘Follow me’. Xavier and Nate[9] interpreted this as Gilray’s generating the sounds on his iPhone, which has been confirmed by Gilray.[10]


The second screenshot posted by Stewart Gilray

In February 2011, Stewart Gilray tweeted two images of Abe Speak.[11][12] The first shows Abe chanting on an adaptation of the Abe’s Oddysee GameSpeak menu screen. The GameSpeak words have no buttons next to them (being presumably activated using touchscreen), and there is an information symbol in the bottom-right corner. The second image shows the loading screen from Abe’s Oddysee adapted to say ‘Abe Speak is loading so get over it!’.

Gilray has further revealed that the images were from a free iOS app called Abe Speak[13] that had been finished for over a year[11] but remained unpublished because planned changes to it were put to one side in favour of more important jobs (likely referring to the Oddboxx).


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