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The Article

Hand of Odd

Feed or Bleed it! Save or Enslave it! Grow or Mow it!
Hug or Mug it! It's Greedy Industrialists versus hairy ECO Extremists on a world gone Odd!

With Hand of Odd, Oddworld and its amazing Inhabitants redefine the world of computer strategy games. Players become Mudokon tribal chiefs or rapacious Glukkon executives to battle for control of the land. Oddworld is A.L.I.V.E., so whether it's new age thrills, toxic spills, hormone pills or rip saw chills; these are all at your disposal while you're nurturing wondrous rolling hills or profitable lumber mills. So what if your Quarma is sucked down a whirlpool of ambition? You won't miss your soul. Or will you?

It may look like a tree to you...

...but to a greedy Glukkon executive, it's a wad of profitable Old Growth toothpicks awaiting the applicationof forest-devouring buzzsaws...
...while to a fruitball Mudokon tree-hugger it's a sacred manifestation of the hippy-dippy spirit of Great Mother Odd.

It may look like an animal to you...

...but to a ravenous Glukkon bone rancher, it's Moolah on the hoof...
...while to a touchy-feely Mudokon it's an honored noble beast. Who cares if it's dumping in the nurery? Messing with naature is a sin, y'know?

It may look like a pristine alpine lake to you...

...but to lunatic Vykkers bio-engineer, it's the perfect place to dump toxic waste and those diseased animal parts...
...while to a fanatical Mudokon Fish-Kisser it's a holy wellspring of the water of life (for the fish, of course, anyone else caught drinking from the lake will be severely beaten).

Both sides are wacko. But you still gotta pick one....

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