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These are the currently active Oddworld fansites found over the internet.


Oddworld Library

Magog on the March

Established around , Magog on the March is a content-archival site run by an anonymous group of fans. It contains over a thousand archived interviews, video transcripts, articles, etc. related to Oddworld, its creators, and related franchises.

The site also hosts a video archive and a four-episode series about Oddworld Lore.


First launched late 2018, then properly established on , Oddwords is an Oddworld fansite, created by Nemin. It hosts articles related to Oddworld, along with a few interviews, statistics from the series, and deep-dives into the history of Oddworld Inhabitants.

Oddworld FANDOM

The Oddworld FANDOM is a secondary community-run wiki, created to document the game. Despite featuring many more pages than the Library, many have complained about the FANDOM wiki's loose interpretation of canon[1], which helped perpetuate long-standing myths about the series.


Oddworld Forums


The Oddworld Reddit is a forum-like community site focused on fan content and lore discussions.


The OddTumblr is a loose network of Oddworld-themed Tumblr blogs. It is largely characterized by roleplaying, "Ask [character]" blogs, where users can interact with the host of the blog as if they were the character in question, fan art, and fan fiction.


The Oddworld Amino is a minor Oddworld community hosted on aminoapps.com. It features fan art, fan videos, and a few Oddworld-themed chat rooms.


Oddworld Forums

The Oddworld Forums Discord was launched on by Moot [2] to first complement then (after the original site's archival) succeed the Forums. As a community continuing OWF's traditions, it too shares the same relaxed moderation and love-hate relationship towards the series.

As of the server has 340 members.

The Local Server

The Local Server is the R.E.L.I.V.E. project's own Discord, where the project is coordinated and support for it is given. It also features an off-topic chat and general Oddworld-related conversations.


AbeHD or the Abe's Exoddus HD project is a community-run project to upscale the graphics of Abe's Exoddus.


Though technically not a fansite, we include it here for the sake of comprehensiveness. On Oddworld Inhabitants launched its own Discord[3], hosting channels for discussing the individual games, posting fan art, and off-topic conversations.

The Discord was also a pivotal part of the SoulStorm ARG, during which employees of the company roleplayed as different characters, sharing cryptic clues and playing out events from the ARG.

As of the server has 4995 members.


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