The Mongo Valley is populated by colonial Clakkers, neurotic and condescending townsfolk who settled in the area after the river was dammed during their own Expansion Period. Clakkers are perfectly content to lead their humdrum lives in their dusty, insular villages. When not watching their favourite TV programmes and films (E! The True Nolybab Story; Dial S For Scrambled; One Flew Over the Clakker’s Nest), they will shuffle about town searching for banal conversation, stack shelves, resort piles of boxes and find things to compain about. It is not known whether the Clakkers intentionally moved to the Mongo Valley, or whether they just started colonising where their trailers and procreation vehicles broke down.

For leisure, Clakkers like nothing more than to belittle other species. They love to swindle Outlaws for Moolah and henpeck the natives with bullhorns. While they are famed for their warm Southern Mudos hospitality, cases of accepting an outsider as part of their society, such as the Stranger or Vykker Surgeon, are rare, and there is little cultural integration. They are especially loathed by Outlaws, who make it their job to terrorise and extort townsfolk. Not surprisingly, hunting bounties is a high‐demand, high‐paying job opportunity.


The main industries in the Mongo Valley are farming and mining. Opples and corn are the staple diet of the townsfolk, and they are more than content with that, supplementing their diet with homemade cornbread and the popular Pawk N Beenz. The main income for all Clakker settlements, though, is digging for Grubb artefacts and selling them on. Sometimes giant mining and excavation operations develop. However, the most successful settlements are always those that have a valuable ability to trade. New Yolk City is located at the lowest navigable point on the River Mongo, while Gizzard Gulch profits by piping and carting water from their plant to all the nearby villages.