Oddworld FAQ

The Oddworld Library’s unofficial Oddworld FAQ is a list of frequently asked questions about Oddworld, with full answers to each. It exists to pre-empt these questions being asked again, to reduce the number of occasions when we must repeat the answers. If read through, it also contains many interesting facts about Oddworld.

Abe questions

Why is Abe blue-skinned when most Mudokons are green?

Ancient Mudokon prophecy tells of a Mudokon with blue skin who will save his people form slavery and use as a natural resource.28, 29 Abe’s skin colouration fulfils this prophecy, but how it’s explained more scientifically is not certain. Mudokons are chamæleonic in that their skin changes to reflect their mood. Sad Mudokons appear blue, and even though Abe can be happy, underneath he is depressed by the history and potential fate of his kind.30

Alf teases that it might have something to do with a wager the Mudokons had with Abe when they worked at RuptureFarms, losing a bet that Abe couldn’t hold a mouthful of Paramite Juice for ten minutes without swallowing.31:20 He has also joked that the difference may be down to diet.32:16

Why are Abe’s eyes yellow when most Mudokons’ eyes are white?

Abe’s eyes are commonly described as bloodshot, although Alf opts for genetics as the explanation.18 Either way, Abe’s yellow-red eyes add to his visual distinctiveness just as his blue skin does.

Why are Abe’s lips stitched together?

There have been several conflicting answers given to explain why Abe’s lips are sewn together. In Abe’s Oddysee and Exoddus, all Mudokon face symbols used by the Magog Cartel, including both versions of the Mudokon Pops advert, show cartoon Mudokons with their lips stitched together,33, 34, 35 while slaves are prohibited from talking to each other (and are shot if they do).36 This suggests that all Mudokons have their mouths sewn shut to stop them chatting with each other. Obviously, the stitching stretches once it is applied, or else Mudokons would not be able to GameSpeak.

Alf has confirmed that Abe is not the only Mudokon to have his mouth stitched;37:8 that the Glukkons’ lack of quality control means that, over time, the lip stitches get loose enough for the Mudokons to talk;37:8 and the Mudokons have the option of cutting their stitches out,38:9 but Abe keeps his as a reminder of his past.18 He has clarified that Abe had his mouth sewn shut as a baby because he was noisy and cried a lot,39:7 but has also said it was an unsuccessfil attempt to stop him from chanting.38:9.

In January 2005, Lorne appeared on G4tv.com, where he explained to the audience that Abe’s mother (Sam) sewed Abe’s lips together to keep him alive, and stated that there was a bigger reason, too.40 This explanation had also been proposed earlier;41 however, Abe’s stats page on Oddworld.com clearly states that he was hatched from an egg within the nursery of RuptureFarms,5: ‘Birthplace’ while Sam is held captive by the Vykkers (although presumably not in the Vykkers Labs destroyed in Munch’s Oddysee, as was the original idea).42

Why is Abe’s ponytail longer in some concept art?

Abe’s design had a waist-length ponytail in Steven Old’s conceptual drawings from his early iterations to the three-quarter view that initially ‘nailed the energy and emotional quality of Abe’ and became the Abe we know today,43, 44 and survived to the sculpture of him crafted by the Shiflett Brothers, Brandon and Jarrod.45 For whatever reason, possibly because hair was near-impossible to animate in the 32 bit era,46 Abe’s ponytail was shrunk for Abe’s Oddysee, and has remained the same length since.

However, in the run up to Munch’s Oddysee, concept and promotional images of a long-ponytailed Abe47, 48 began arousing the interest of fans. When asked about it, Lorne described how ponytail length increased with a Mudokon’s spiritual development.23:12 While obviously a reference to the abandoned idea of status in Munch’s Oddysee, OWI may have considered giving Abe back his long ponytail, now that CG animation technology had improved, to represent the growth of his psychic powers. Alternatively, it may have been a design favourite of one of OWI’s artists (other than Steven Olds, who had already left OWI)49.

Why did Abe’s voice get lower from Abe’s Oddysee to Abe’s Exoddus?

Lorne altered the tone of Abe’s voice to make it more audible, thinking Abe should have grown as a character following his Oddysee, and this could be reflected by a ‘hardening’ of his voice. Many fans preferred Abe’s voice as it was in Oddysee, and in retrospect Lorne realized Abe’s Oddysee voice haad been a part of his essence and charm. For Munch’s Oddysee, Lorne made the tone of Abe’s voice a mixture of the two but closer to that of Abe’s Oddysee.50

Paul O’Connor independently offered a couple of explanations, suggesting the differenc was down to a different audio compression, or Josh Gabriel’s uncredited voice work in Abe’s Oddysee.51

How has Abe become able to possess more species?

In Abe’s Oddysee, Abe was only able to possess Sligs. By Abe’s Exoddus he could also possess Scrabs, Paramites, and Glukkons, and in Munch’s Oddysee he added Slogs, Interns, and Vykkers to his repertoire. Broadly speaking, this is explained by Abe’s growing spiritual and psychic abilities. To begin with, Abe could only possess the more intelligent species.52 It has never been officially said, but one popular fan theory is that Abe’s Scrab and Paramite scars first gave him the power to possess these creatures respectively.[citation needed] Also, we never see Abe come in contact with Glukkons, Interns, or Vykkers before he first has the chance to possess them without being shot, so his ability to control these races might be inherent.

Why must Abe use Spooce and a possession orb in Munch’s Oddysee?

The possession orb was the solution Oddworld Inhabitants chose to handle possession in 3D. An earlier idea was to have Abe automatically target the closest possessable character the player could see, similar to the earlier games, but this appartently didn’t work out well enough to survive the production process.53 The Shaman tells Abe the Almighty Raisin has given him the ability to possess characters from a distance.54 Abe can still use his old method of direct possession.55 Spooce isn’t necessary for Abe to possess, but it does help,56:21 and may by necessary to form a possession orb.

Why are Sligs oblivious to the possession of each other in Munch’s Oddysee?

In Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus, some Sligs would shoot at their possessed colleagues, apparently able to detect that they were not in control of their own body. In Munch’s Oddysee, Sligs (and other industrial creatures) will only attack a possessee if they are insulted three times or directly attacked. This is because Abe’s skill of possession has improved since the start of the Quintology. At first, the Sligs he controlled would have glassy eyes and stumble around a lot: it was obvious. By Munch’s Oddysee, his performance is much more convincing.21

Oddworld Inhabitants didn’t like that Sligs knew when another Slig was possessed, because it lacked the ‘infiltration’ feeling they wanted, but it made sense for gameplay. They changed this in Munch’s Oddysee to heighten the ‘infiltration’ aspect of gameplay by allowing possessed Sligs to socialize with their colleagues (although the significance of this was massively reduced by the finished game).42

Can Abe possess other Mudokons?

No, that would be too weird.42

Is Abe the only Mudokon capable of possession?

Abe is the only Mudokon we’ve ever seen possess other characters, and it might be assumed that he is the only one capable if it, or that it is an ability open only to Mudokons with great psychic powers, such as Shamans. There is no certain answer, but if Abe is the only Mudokon who can possess others, what psychic powers are Glukkons guarding against by installing chant suppressors in their factories? Also, some Mudokons must already be aware of the power of possession for Abe to be taught it in Monsaic Lines.57

Why did Abe’s hand scars change from Abe’s Oddysee to Munch’s Oddysee?

Abe’s tattoos seem to have a life of their own because they grow and expand on him over time.5: ‘Physical Traits’ Apparently, as Abe completed the quests set for him by the Weirdos, his hand scars changed from simple Scrab and Paramite rock art to the Mudanchee and Mudomo symbols respectively.

Mudokon questions

Why did Mudokons lose a finger between Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus?

In Abe’s Oddysee, Mudokons all had four fingers on each hand, but when Abe’s Exoddus was released, many people noticed Abe and his brothers now only had three fingers per paw, as they have done ever since. Subsequent copies of Abe’s Oddysee were also altered to remove a finger from all Mudokon hands, including the one that appears on Abe’s Moon.

The reason for this change is that Oddworld Inhabitants were advised that it would be tough to sell four-fingered characters to the Japanese market,1 as they would risk being threatened with legal action by certain liberation groups who do not want four-fingered humanoid characters to appear in Japan.2 They claim it is a derogatory symbol comparable to the yellow badges Jewish people were forced to wear by various authorities throughout history.3

In Japan there exists a social minority group, who are still discriminated against, know as the ‘burakumin’, descendants of an outcast caste called the ‘eta’. The eta typically worked in occupations relating to death, such as executioners, undertakers, butchers, and leather and abattoir workers, and Buddhist and Shinto views on killing meant the eta were seen as undesirables.4 A four-fingered gesture came to be an insult for those that worked with animals (Oddworld Inhabitants suggested this because of work-related accidents,3 but more likely it refers to the four legs of animals)2.

Oddworld Inhabitants were told that the Walt Disney Company pays five million dollars a year so their characters can keep their original four fingers3 (although this appears to be a myth), and were not prepared to pay that money, and instead adapted Abe’s image so that Abe would be inoffensive in Japan. However, they take note that permitting characters to be offensive if enough money is paid is a form of extortion, and recognize the irony that although the burakumin liberation groups claim to be stamping out discrimination against descendants of meat workers, they have discriminated against Abe—who happens to be a meat worker.3

Why are all Mudokons male? Are there female Mudokons?

All Mudokons we’ve seen so far have been sexless workers with no reproductive organs or behaviour.5: ‘Reproduction Model’ They are gender neutral,6 but they have typically male names and voices that will emphasize the importance of female Mudokons when we eventually see them.7:11 The Mudokon race is matriarchal, with a small number of queens doing all the reproducing for the entire species, much like similarly eusocial bee, ant, and wasp colonies on Earth.8 Also, there is currently only one Mudokon queen alive: Sam, who was intended to make her début in Munch’s Oddysee.9 She is being held captive by the Vykkers and forced to lay Mudokon eggs that are sold as unborn slaves.

If worker Mudokons are asexual, are there fertile male Mudokon drones like there are in bee, ant, and wasp colonies?


How are native Mudokon populations sustained when Sam is held captive?

There are a few Mudokons who have never been enslaved,11 although they are a dying breed.12 This suggests that Sam has been held by the industrialists for less than the average Mudokon life expectancy, which is 40 years.5: ‘Average Life Span’ Villages have only been kept alive by escaped worker class Mudokons and stolen Labor Eggs.

Why do Mudokons wear loincloths if they have no sexual organs?

Mudokons may not have sexual organs, but they are still modest about their buttocks and crotch (they appear to have equipment typical of males for urination, albeit diminished[citation needed]), and loincloths are worn for the sake of decency.13 They are also practical in that they help keep Mudokons warm,13 and help protect this sensitive part of the body (the extent of its fragility can be seen when Abe lands, crotch first, on the tusk of a Guardian statue)14.

Loincloths are also worn for fashion.13 Different materials and dyes are used for Muds to personalize their loincloth according to their occupation and spirituality.15

What is the bulge at the back of a Mudokon’s loincloth?

It’s thought to function as both the knot that keeps the loincloth tied in shape and a pocket. It would be where Abe keeps the grenades, rocks, meat, and bones he carries throughout Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus.16

How do Mudokons pee without male sexual organs?

Mudokons might still have external equipment typical of human males for the purposes of urination, albeit diminished.[citation needed]

What is the ponytail that Mudokons have?

Mudokons have feather-like hair that grows from their heads. In some work places, employers shave off Mudokons’ feathers,17 but where they do not Mudokons tie their hair into ponytails for their own safety.18 Some native Mudokons also prefer this style, but usually freed worker class Mudokons adopt other traditional styles like buns.19

What does Big Face look like beneath his mask?

Big Face wears his mask religiously,20 but he most likely looks perfectly normal underneath, despite any jokes Alf might make.21:6

Why hasn’t Big Face returned since Abe’s Oddysee?

Abe has in many ways grown beyond what Big Face can teach him.22:7 Big Face has already made a hero out of Abe, showing him his people’s past freedom and peaceful ways, and teaching him the prophecies that foretold Abe’s deeds. He remains the spiritual leader of the Mudokons, while Abe has become more of a military/revolutionary leader.

Will we ever see evil Mudokons?

It seems unlikely we’ll ever see Mudokons in charge of businesses or industrial operations, but we will definitely see Mudokons in big cities who are living a full-blown consumer lifestyle,[citation needed] probably as blue-collar labourers. Like their enslaved brothers, they don’t understand the damage that their lifestyle is causing, and find it hard to give it up when it’s the only thing keeping food on their plate. Like all Inhabitants, they are not actually evil, but are just living in a way that maintains their existence.7:2

What is the relevance of the birds in the Quintology games?

Mudokons evolved from birds,23:25 an ancestry that left them with the lightweight bones and feather-like hair they still have, and may go some way to explaining the apparent spiritual bond between Mudokons and a certain kind of Oddworld bird. Birds are seen when Abe dies, when he receives the power to transform into Shrykull,24 and occasionally when he teleports by spiritual means;25, 26 they also form rescue portals. Some fans speculate that birds are the physical manifestation of Mudokons’ souls, while Alf suggests that it is merely a representation of the spirit world made viewable only to the audience.27

Industrial questions

Why do Sligs wear masks, and what do they look like underneath?

Sligs are forced to wear their masks, whether by their employers or their mothers (the Sligs queens)58, because they are so ugly that Glukkons would refuse to work with them if they could see their faces.59, 60 Even Mudokons38:24 and other Sligs61:22 think Sligs are ugly.

The masks also have some more practical uses. Sligs have allergies to airborne industrial pollutants, of which there are many in the workplace. They can’t afford medication on their Slig salaries, so they purchase masks that filter out the pollutants.62 The masks of Big Bro Sligs may also be hooked up to an air compressor/oxygen pump to help their breathing.63 The masks are installed with infrared vision, accounting for their red glow58 (although not accounting for Sligs’ inability to see Abe when he’s hiding in shadows). Armour can be fixed to the masks of both worker and Big Bro Sligs.

Underneath its mask, a Slig has two compound eyes that are dark-coloured (they do not themselves glow red).58 These eyes do not grow when a Slig is given steroid treatment, so Big Bro Sligs’ eyes are pathetically small compared to their huge heads.64.

Why did Slig masks change between Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus?

All Sligs in Abe’s Oddysee, in gameplay and in FMVs, wore masks with a single visor. In Abe’s Exoddus, the Popper Sligs in gameplay kept the same visor masks, but Flying Sligs and Sligs in FMVs wore masks with two separate eye holes. The new mask style was developed and introduced when, following investigation into the soaring numbers of Slig suicides, the visor model was found to have an optical misalignment that resulted in the Sligs’ vision being doubled, as though they were pulling cross eyes. This caused many accidental falls from high ledges and into heavy machinery.

Sligs have great systems admins that keep on top of new technology,65:9 and the Vykkers quickly developed the new masks. By Munch’s Oddysee the visor model seems to have been completely replaced by the newer design. Slig suicide rates have fallen accordingly.66

From a character design perspective, Oddworld Inhabitants felt that the single-eyed Sligs weren’t capable of enough expression, so they redesigned their faces.67

Doesn’t the Flying Slig in the opening FMV of Abe’s Exoddus have wings rather than helicopter blades?

Yes, the Slig who mutters ‘something smells’ just before Abe lands and gameplay begins was indeed wearing an older flying harness model that used vibrating/flapping wings. What he could smell was actually ozone, generated by the lubrication oil in his wings buring away. This caused the wings to seize up, leading to a fiery crash landing about ten seconds after the Slig went offscrean.

The winged model was discontinued after that, not because the rotating propeller model was any safer, but because it was cheaper to manufacture.31:13 Slig flying harnesses are still called ‘wings’.68

The vibrating wings were an early design for Flying Sligs,69 but were apparently replaced by the rotor design after the ‘Vision’ FMV was completed, but before gameplay and the ‘Brew’ FMV were finished.

What do Sligs’ ‘BS’ and ‘S’mo BS’ mean?

The abbreviations ‘BS’ and ‘S’mo BS’ mean, respectively, ‘bullshit’ and ‘some more bullshit’, but mean nothing specifically. They appear to be nonsense sounds, but are used later in both Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus to use Slig voicelocks.

Why don’t Sligs rebel against the Glukkons?

Some fans think of Sligs as being little more than another species of slave to the Magog Cartel, and wonder why Sligs don’t rebel against their taskmasters, especially since Glukkons have no real way to defend themselves. Although Sligs don’t really like Glukkons, they love their jobs because the Magog Cartel provides them with all the benefits that appeal to their personality: They get to handle and use weaponry, wear pants and flight suits that give them mobility, and have authority over Mudokon slaves and Slogs.38 Any Slig that attempted to rebel and jeopardized the other guards’ access to these perks would soon be quietened by its work colleagues.

Is Molluck still alive?

Molluck is presumed dead after the events of Abe’s Oddysee,31 and knowing the Glukkon Queen would punish him for the fall of RuptureFarms 1029 and SoulStorm Brewery 40170 he stayed in hiding71 while the Magog Cartel initiated an exhaustive search for him.72 Molluck was going to reappear in Munch’s Oddysee to face trial against Lady Margaret.73

Why don’t Glukkons wear mechanical legs?

Vykkers have considered producing and marketing prosthetics for Glukkons,74 but no Glukkon would ever be caught wearing mechanical limbs.22:13

Why don’t Interns rebel against the Vykkers?

Interns are not treated well by the Vykkers, being deprived of sleep and having their lips sewn together to stop them whistling, but they remain loyal to their employers.32:10 Whereas Sligs preserve their employment to handle weaponry, drive vehicles, and abuse Mudokons, Interns love their jobs because it gives them access to designer pharmaceuticals, the Internet,39:3 and Fuzzle cruelty. Any thoughts they might have towards rebellion would be drowned out by apathy, complacency, and the music from their headphones.75

Will we ever see good industrial characters?

Yes, there will be industrial characters that appear to be ‘goodies’ to us, although the distinction between good and evil will always be subject to blurring on Oddworld.38 On a small scale, there are a handful of minor and not-necessarily-canonical characters that might be considered good. Reporter for The Daily Deception, Crig the Slig seems to work with Alf in answering fan mail; Alf tells how a Slig in RuptureFarms called Wildum was beaten to death with its own arms by its colleagues when they found out it wasn’t beating Mudokons;61:20 an Intern in Vykkers Labs was suspended from work when he was caught petting Fuzzles;76 Outlaw informant Scuz shared information with Clakkerz and Stranger in Buzzarton to get his own back on Packrat Palooka. Perhaps most pertinantly, the albino Slig grub from the unrealized story SligStorm would have escaped its birthing complex77 and the emotional deprivation within that leads naturally loving Sligs to become callous and sadistic.78

Nature questions

How can highly territorial Scrabs run around in a herd in Munch’s Oddysee?

Scrabs were initially seen in Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus living in solitude, fighting each other one-on-one. However, in Munch’s Oddysee, a herd of Scrabs is seen. This is clearly an intended change to Scrab behaviour and not a huge oversight, but the idea of Scrab herds in the game was decided upon before Oddworld Inhabitants had come up with an excuse to allow them (and partially retcon the lore of Scrab behaviour).79 No single definitive explanation has been given to account for this, although many have been suggested by Paul O’Connor, Alf, and fans.

  1. The Scrabs seen prior to Munch’s Oddysee are all dominant Alpha Scrabs that are always antagonistic towards one another.38:23, 79, 80

  2. The Scrabs in Abe’s Oddysee and Exoddus are ready to mate, accounting for their heightened aggressiveness.79

  3. The Scrabs in the Scrabanian Temple and Mudanchee Vault have been trapped for years, making them cranky and half-mad.79
  4. As the number of Scrabs sharing a vicinity increases, their behaviour changes. When solitary Scrabs encounter each other in twos or threes they will fight to the death. When a large number of Scrabs are together, they cooperate as a herd.81, 82, 83:14

Do Scrabs/Paramites/Meeches/Elums/Slogs/Fleeches/Gabbits/Fuzzles/Interns/Vykkers/Outlaws have queens?

Paramites have queens, but Scrabs do not.84 Slog queens37:6, 10:4 and Fuzzle queens83:6 have been referred to, but never confirmed. Vykkers do not have a queen. They are autogamous: self-fertilizing hermaphrodites. Gabbit reproduction is an ongoing question among fans, but has never been confirmed either way by Oddworld Inhabitants.85 For other species, there is no particular evidence either way.

How do Scrabs/Paramites/Slogs/Slegs/Fleeches see?

Scrabs and Paramites ‘see’ by electroreception, sensing like sharks the electromagnetic fields that all living things produce.67 Certainly Scrabs, Paramites, Slogs and Fleeches all have a sense of hearing, as they can be involved in GameSpeak or be awoken by loud footsteps and bursting Slurgs. Other possibilities have been discussed by fans; echolocation in Scrabs and ground vibrations and smell in Paramites are popular ideas.

Will we ever see Meeches? Will their extinction be reversed?

Alf has hinted numerous times that there may still be Meeches living in the wild,38:13 having heard a rumour about a pack of Meeches being discovered on a lost plateau and transferred into a Glukkon hunting preserve.86 Meech extinction may only be local to Mudos.87 At one point, The Hand of Odd was going to be set in Oddworld’s past, before Abe’s birth, allowing for the possibility of wild Meeches being in the game.38:16 Lorne definitely wanted to visit Meeches later in the Quintology to try and bring them back from extinction.23:5

Why hasn’t Elum been seen since Abe’s Oddysee?

On the A.L.I.V.E. game engine, Elum was a memory-intensive character whose scenes in Abe’s Oddysee were carefully scripted and fairly limited,32:28, 88 never appearing with more than Abe and a Slig at any time.80 His animations were hard to fit into the game, and there were many programming issues such as Abe getting shot while mounting Elum, or mounting him backwards.89 Because of RAM cramp, he was excluded from Abe’s Exoddus88 with the excuse that even Elum was not hardy enough to find food in the Necrum Desert, and so did not cross it with Abe.[citation needed]

It was intended that Elum would make a ridable return in Munch’s Oddysee23:7, 32:28, 67, 89, 90, 91, possibly even herds of Elums,90 but their only appearance in the final game turned out to be nothing more than vivisected carcasses on the chopping tables in the ‘Vykkers Suites’ final level.31:18, 56:13

Referring specifically to Abe’s pet Elum from Abe’s Oddysee, Alf has variously said that he stops by his Rehab for honey,65:10 that he is retired,56:13, and that he was caught and slaughtered in RuptureFarms before Abe shut it down.39:15

What’s the difference between Slogs and Slegs?

Slegs are a separate species from Slogs, but closely related, like wolves or coyotes are to domestic dogs. Whereas Slogs are domesticable, Slegs are undomesticable; their use in Stranger’s Wrath as apparently domesticated guard dogs employed by Wolvark Sloghandlers is possibly a mistake or compromise.

How does Stranger justify killing the wildlife he uses as Live Ammo? Why don’t they attack Stranger?

Most of the Live Ammo Stranger fires survives the experience. Fuzzles, Bolamites, Stunkz, Chippunkz, Stingbees, and Sniper Wasps all go about their business once their job is done.92 The only creatures that die are Boombats, Bada Boombats, and Riot Slugs. Riot Slugs only live for 24 hours in nature, and are happy to help Stranger.92 Boombats are similarly short-lived, and using them as Live Ammo reduces the risk of a whole cave of them exploding in one huge boom.92.

Live Ammo critters do not attack Stranger because of the natural way he has with nature.94

Story questions

What created the rift between Mudokons and Glukkons?

Long ago, the Glukkons were a superstitious people that dabbled a lot in sorcery and occultism. The Mudokons believed the Mudokon pawprint moon (today known as Abe’s Moon) showed that they were, for lack of a better term, the Chosen People. The Glukkons went to extraordinary lengths lengths during their Alchemy Era to prove that they were the true chosen people, but a disaster of unknown type caused a ‘supernatural meltdown’ that destroyed the Glukkons’ ancient culture and nearly wiped them out.

As a result, the Glukkons abandoned and outlawed any kind of mysticism in favour of a colder and more logical outlook. They came to understand what they saw as ‘the harsh realities of nature’ and became adept at business management, but with an almost inbred but completely forgotten hatred of Mudokons for their claims to divinity. They thought they were giving uncultured barbarians civilized employment while purveying cheaper consumer products to the industrialized races.23:21, 95

How did Abe’s Moon form?

In his 1999 interview with The Exoddus Club, Lorne said that we wouldn’t find out how Abe’s Moon came to be,23:16 but the ‘History’ essay on the official site gave an account of the origin of the modern relationship between Glukkons and Mudokons millennia ago, in which the Mudokon pawprint moon played a pivotal role.95 However, in the première episode of Icons in 2002, Lorne explained that originally he wanted to show a meteor storm slowly forming the familiar craters as Abe was escaping from RuptureFarms, and that it was only the game’s budget that prevented this making it into Abe’s Oddysee.96: 13·59

How would RuptureFarms make profit turning just 100 Mudokons into Mudokons Pops? How would it run without workers?

Molluck’s plan wasn’t necessarily to turn the entire workforce into meat products in one go. An L.E.D. screen message says that RuptureFarms has a high number of work-related accidents,97 and although these are probably not all Mudokon fatalities, the impression is that the factory has a high Mudokon turnover anyway, constantly bringing in new slaves to replace the old, the killed, the escaped, and the disabled. It even has its own nursery for hatching Mudokons from Labor Eggs.5: ‘Birthplace’ Buying unborn Mudokons, raising them as slaves, then giving them ‘early retirement’ would still turn a net profit. Any reduction in the plant’s workforce could be compensated for by mechanization, or working the Mudokons harder: they wouldn’t have to last as long, after all!

How can Director Phleg’s voice be in the ‘Happy Ending’ to Abe’s Exoddus after he was blown up?

Director Phleg definitely died in the ‘Phleg Explodes’ FMV when Abe depossesses him, but his voice is apparently heard offscreen during the M.O.M. News segment of the ‘Happy Ending’ yelling ‘I hate that guy!’ Obviously, this cannot be his voice. It must be the voice of a Glukkon that sounds much like him. In the French-language version of the game, the offscreen voice is not that of Phleg’s.98

Why did Lulu go to Vykkers Labs?

Although it is not made explicit in the game, Glukkons that make it to the status of Glockstar are promoted to Vykkers Labs.42 Since there are Glockstars that don’t work for the Vykkers (a competing business to the Glukkons), this is probably an invitation made by the Vykkers Conglomerate that Lulu accepts.

How were the Glukkons and Vykkers able to clap at the Gabbiar Auction?

Glukkons walk on their hands while their vesigal legs have never been seen to be operable. Vykkers have no palms with which to clap. All the same, Alf suggests that they are all capable of clapping (Vykkers with ferocity and two pairs of hands), and speculates that Vykkers have also invented clapping amplifiers to make themselves seem better at it than they really are.65:5

Why did Abe need te possess Lulu to get the Gabbiar? How did Abe and Munch get the Gabbiar from Lulu after the auction?

Lulu came to Vykkers Labs without any personal security, only the Valet Slig who seems to be unarmed, and might have ditched Lulu anyway after he lost his fortune at the Gabbiar Action. After that, it would have been easy for Abe to possess Lulu and hand the Gabbiar over, or just swipe it without being noticed.99 This is why it’s important for Lulu to be the one who acquires the can: any other Glukkon would came with suitable personal Slig security.

Who set the explosives in the good ending for Munch’s Oddysee?

The rigged explosives are a collaborative effort between Munch and the Fuzzles. Setting the bombs was the ‘personal business’100 Munch was taking care of while Abe was in the Vykkers Suites on his own. Munch himself says it was the Fuzzles’ plan.55: 6·12 ‘The Fuzzles got deir own plan.’ And yet The Daily Deception reported the looting of Vykkers Labs’ armoury (the source of the explosives) before Abe and Munch separated after clearing Labor Egg Storage.101

Why does Munch have his own moon? Will all heroes have their own moon? Why doesn’t Stranger have his own moon?

Each hero in the Oddworld Quintology will have their own moon.23:17 Since Stranger’s story is not part of the Oddworld Quintology, he is not amongst these heroes, and he does not get to have his own moon. The importance of all these moons has yet to be revealed, but there may be spiritual significance in them later in the story.

When and where does Stranger’s Wrath take place?

Stranger’s Wrath takes place in Western Mudos shortly following the events of Munch’s Oddysee. Mudos is the country Abe and Munch live in, but Stranger is just in a different region.

Is it possible to get 20 000 Moolah, and how does Stranger’s Wrath progress differently if you do? Is there an alternative ending?

By bountying Outlaws alive, searching for their hidden stashes, and not buying everything at the General Stores, Stranger can indeed earn upwards of 20 000 Moolah before he goes to see the Doc. However, since the Vykkers Surgeon is already dead by the time Stranger reaches his Mongo Retreat, the story does not progress any differently. Stranger’s Wrath is the first game by Oddworld Inhabitants not to have multiple endings.

What is the operation Stranger needs to survive?

Stranger wants the number of his legs to be halved so he can continue living and working with the other inhabitants of the Mongo River Valley without ever being recognized as a Steef. As seen in the ‘Captured by Outlaws’ FMV, his having four legs immediately allowed D. Caste Raider to identify him as a Steef, and Stranger’s capture then became a goal of reward-seeking Outlaws, Clakkerz, and Wolvarks, not to mention Sekto. From the Doc’s drawings, it looks like he was planning to combine Stranger’s rear and forelegs.

What the heck happenend at the end of Stranger’s Wrath?

The Stranger spots that the body lying in front of him has hoofed feet, just like Steef do. When the body is turned over, the Grubbs identify it as benig the Olden Steef, their previous protector. Stranger immediately think this Steef is actually Sekto, but when the Steef coughs and asks Stranger if the water is ‘free’, it becomes apparent that it hasn’t been in control of its body. We learn that Oktigi like Sekto are actually parasitic creatures that control the bodies of others. We see Sekto, really an octopus-creature, has crawled into the water and swum away.

Miscellaneous universe questions

How many species of Outlaw are there?

There is only one species of Outlaw, and that is their species’ name. Outlaws may come in a rich variety of sizes and shapes, but this is just individual variation amongst the race.

What are Khanzumerz/Chroniclers/1%ers/Sea Rexes/Meetles/Shock Rockers/Kintos/Mudflubs/Skeeters/Stangs/Scuba Toads?
  • Khanzumerz are the consumers of all those Glukkon, Vykkers, and Oktigi products. It is not known whether they are a distinct species, or whether this is just the Oddworld word for ‘consumers’ that includes many races.

  • Chroniclers are a race of accountants, lawyers, and beaurocrats.

  • 1%ers were an early concept for Meetles. They are an industrial race of bikers.

  • Sea Rexes are huge underwater beasts, bigger than any Oddworld creature we’ve seen so far. They just swim and eat everything in their path.

  • Meetles are a wildlife that starts out as a larva and can turn into one of two adult forms depending on its diet. If it eats a herbivorous diet, it becomes peaceful and gentle, and is used by Mudokons. If it eats meat, it becomes an aggressive Mug, used as living tanks by the Glukkons.

  • Shock Rockers are a class of Interns that carries a cattle prod. They were in the Munch’s Oddysee manual but not in the game itself.

  • Kintos are a peaceful native race that lives in the mountains. They were turned into slaves to carry the Glukkon Queen in her sedan chair.

  • Mudflubs live at the bottom of rivers. Their blubber is used as a fuel.

  • Skeeters are flying insects that suck out characters’ brains.

  • Stangs are aquatic creatures, like a cross between sharks and jellyfish.

  • Scuba Toads are a native race that live with the Grubbs around the Mongo River. They were going to row the Stranger’s boat, but they had to be cut from the game because their arms were too short.

Abe game questions

How do I get the Abe games to run on Windows XP?

Right-click on the game’s run file and select Properties. In the compatibility tab, find the subtitle Run in compatibility mode for:, and in the dropdown menu select Windows 95. Click on Apply and OK, then run the game.

With thanks to Rich for providing this technique.

How do I access Zulag 2?

If you can’t access Zulag 2 of RuptureFarms, chances are you haven’t yet escaped from the factory. There is a door a few screens back you need to go through to escape through RuptureFarms’ Stockyards.

How do I operate voice locks?

For Slig voice locks, you first need to be in possession of a Slig. Respond to the lock with a ‘hi!’, then wait for the sequence to finish before imitating it. In Abe’s Exoddus, the code always ends in a laugh.

For Glukkon voice locks, use a Glukkon to respond with a ‘hey!’, then when asked ‘what?’, demand ‘do it!ଅ

What is the Guardian Angel movie? and how do I watch it?

The Guardian Angel movie is a 30 second television advertisement made for Abe’s Oddysee that was never broadcast. It was included in the PlayStation game as a bonus, but was not ported to the PC release. It is also included on the Movies of Oddworld DVD.

Oddworld.com used to host the movie for download in AVI format, but now cannot be found anywhere else.

Will there ever be another Abe game?
We’ve kicked around the idea of a third Abe game a couple times, but for various marketing reasons I don’t think it’s going to happen.
(Paul O’Connor, July 1999)

It is unlikely there will be another game taking place before Munch’s Oddysee featuring Abe alone. However, Oddworld Inhabitants are currently creating a feature film based on the Oddworld IP, and a screenplay for a Abe’s Oddysee film has existed for a number of years.

Munch’s Oddysee questions

Why is Munch’s Oddysee an Xbox exclusive?

Oddworld Inhabitants were already growing increasingly frustrated with the difficulty of development and the limited capabilities of the PlayStation 2 when the Xbox’s specifications were released. Expecting the A.L.I.V.E. 2 game engine to power their next few games, OWI wanted to make it the best they could to avoid sub-par limitations, so they moved development to Microsoft’s machine.

Part of the deal between OWI and Microsoft was that the title remained Xbox exclusive, although Microsoft later licensed production of an Oddworld game for the GameBoy Advance to be published by THQ.

What’s with the SoBe vending machines?

During the run-up to Munch’s Oddysee’s release, SoBe aided promotion by giving away a number of Oddworld-decorated goods (including waterbeds and a jet ski). Oddworld Inhabitants returned the favour by replacing a number of Health Up vendos with SoBe dispensers. This was not a business deal, and no money was ever exchanged.

However, a number of fans felt OWI had sold out and refused to ever have anything to do with Oddworld again. Still others felt that the presence of an Earth product on Oddworld compromised the atmosphere and escapism of Oddworld. The SoBe machines were removed from the European release.

How do I get all the Mudokons through the first Sloghut?

You need to make use of Abe’s new magical ability of picking Mudokons up by the butt and carry them through the gauntlet one by one.

What are the large skeletons found in Paramite Run and Brewery To Be?

Alf confirms only that they are from a creature we had not seen at that point, and further suggests it may be a beached Sea Rex or a decomposing Meetle.

Wasn’t there going to be more in Munch’s Oddysee?

Yes, there were many massive gameplay and story elements planned for Munch’s Oddysee that didn’t make the final cut. It is normal for creative content to be lost over the course of any video game’s development, but Oddworld Inhabitants found themselves forced to deliver the game by the Xbox’s launch date, and so a vast quantity of the story had to be cut, while the gameplay had to be simplified because of limited technical capabilities.

Please eagerly anticipate The Oddworld Encyclopædia’s upcoming article on Munch’s Oddysee: The Director’s Cut.

Stranger’s Wrath questions

Why did OWI make a shooter after promising they never would?

Following the release of games such as GTA 3 and Halo, it became apparent to Oddworld Inhabitants and Lorne that the gaming climate had changed, and that hardcore gamers no longer wanted to be playing as characters such as Munch. In order to make Oddworld appeal to a larger audience, OWI produced a shooter, but infused it with creative, innovative features such as third-person motion and mêlée combat, Live Ammo and settlements of characters designed to appear to emulate daily life.

Why aren’t Abe and Munch in Stranger’s Wrath?

Abe and Munch are on vacation following the events of Munch’s Oddysee for the GBA. Lorne wanted to move away from the Quintology while he waited for technology to become great enough to birth the creative ideas he wanted. The existing cast was almost completely replaced so as to not worry about fans’ expectations of known characters.

Why is Stranger’s Wrath a Western?

Lorne and many Inhabitants are fans of Westerns and the prologued shootouts of Clint Eastwood’s films. While Westerns are only one source of inspiration for the game, the team wanted to create Sergio Leone-style combat to encourage longer-lasting, more thoughtful battle gameplay.

Why is Stranger’s Wrath Xbox exclusive?

When development of Stranger’s Wrath began, Oddworld Inhabitants were still obligated under contract to produce the next three Oddworld titles exclusively to the Microsoft Xbox. However, at this time Ed Fries left Microsoft Games and the company adopted a policy which involved abandoning all games that showed any signs of innovation, including Psychonauts and Stranger.

OWI found a publisher in EA Games, who were eager for the game to also be released on the PlayStation 2, but they miscalculated how long it would take an external developer to port the game to PS2. Either the releases would have to be staggered, or the completed Stranger’s Wrath would have to remain unreleased until the PS2 port was completed. EA wasn’t willing to do either of these, so the PlayStation port was simply dropped.

Why do Slegs disappear when they bite you?

No canonical explanation has been given by OWI, but it’s likely to be to limit the damage a single Sleg can do to the Stranger.

How do I bounty Packrat Palooka?

Once you’ve deactivated his shields with Zappflies, you need to get him down from his platform. Try using Boombats and/or Fuzzles, and once he’s on the ground try to prevent him from entering either of the doors at the base of his platform. You can punch him repeatedly to slow him down as your crossbow is reloading.

How do I use my stamina boosters/regenerators?

These automatically come into effect as soon as you buy them. Boosters give you more stamina, though this doesn’t show visually on your HUD. Essentially, your stamina will decease at a slower rate. Regenerators simply make your stamina regenerate more quickly.

Miscellaneous catalogue questions

Oddworld Inhabitants have released four games, so are we nearing the end of the Oddworld Quintology?

No, we’re not even close. Abe’s Oddysee was the first title in the Quintology, and was to be followed by Munch’s Oddysee. Abe’s Exoddus is merely a ‘bonus’ game designed to fill in the time between the first game and the release of next-generation hardware. Although it is part of the story of the Quintology, it doesn’t count as a proper chapter. The third chapter of the series will be the as-yet unglimpsed Squeek’s Oddysee. Stranger’s Wrath and The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot are not part of the Quintology at all, although the first takes place in the same time frame and on the same continent.

What is SligStorm/Hand of Odd/Munch’s Exoddus/Squeek’s Oddysee/Habitales/Fearietales/The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot?

These are all titles announced or mentioned by Oddworld Inhabitants which, for a variety of reasons, have not yet seen the light of day. For all known information on any of these titles, please eagerly anticipate The Oddworld Encyclopædia’s upcoming catalogue section.

Are Oddworld Inhabitants still making games, or just films?

Oddworld Inhabitants are currently concentrating on showcasing their intellectual property on the big screen, and are not known to be working on any videogame project. They have not abandoned the game medium, but it is likely (though not certain) any games they work on in the future will be financed by publishers looking to release tie-in games to feature films.

What is Oddworld Inhabitants doing now? When will the Oddworld film be released? When will the official website be updated?

There are numerous misconceptions echoing through the gaming community, so it’s important we get this right. Oddworld Inhabitants is no longer a videogame developer: the company employs no game designers, programmers or animators. It is also not a film development company. It is purely a creative core of designers and storytellers creating tales, characters and conceptual artwork that will be brought to life by external development partners to be made into games or films. This is not a rare relationship. Many game franchices are owned by publishers who dictate what develop can make the next game in the series. The difference is that OWI is not a publisher, and Lorne and Sherry will remain the director of his works.

The reason for this is so that Oddworld Inhabitants can concentrate on what it does best: creating ideas. Before, Lorne would have to spend a large percentage of his time in administration. He can now leave that responsibility with the developers whose job it is to create the entertainment. It also means Lorne can—instead of splitting his time between ideas, programming, animation, PR, etc.—divide his time between different projects. This means several different project can be worked on at once.

The first example of this new business model is the current partnership between Oddworld Inhabitants and Vanguard Animation in the creation of Lorne’s first feature film, Citizen Siege. Contrary to popular belief, Lorne has not stopped designing games, and Citizen Siege, like all of his ideas, was conceived as a film and game at the same time. This allows his stories to be created as films and games from the same digital databases, meaning that future releases, including Citizen Siege, are likely to be released as a film and game simultaneously.