Sea Rexes

Sea Rexes are large marine creatures that were built to appear in Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, but never did because of technical restraints.1


A Sea Rex is a large, limbless, marine carnivore that is always hungry and eats anything in its path; it especially likes Gabbits.23 Alf describes its size as indeterminable because it is always undulating through the water,4 but says it could easily swallow his entire Rehab.5 Alf has said that Sea Rexes are not hunted, either because of their size or because they taste bad.4

Production history

The Sea Rex first appeared to fans as a non‐linked image on the ‘Wildlife Characters’ page in’s new Oddworld Universe section when it was first published in July 2000,6 but days later Paul O’Connor mentioned that the creature might be confined to FMVs,7 a possibility reiterated the next year by Lorne2 in an interview published around the same day that the Sea Rex picture was removed from the Oddworld Universe page.8

Technical director Matt Aldridge confirmed that the Sea Rex had been ‘built’, but didn’t specify if he meant in realtime.9 An FMV featuring a Sea Rex was broadcast on GameSpot TV very early on in Munch’s Oddysee’s promotional campaigns,10 but the Sea Rex was not included even in an FMV in the final game because of technical reasons.1 The cut FMV was later included on the Movies of Oddworld bonus DVD.

During the development of Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath, Oddworld Inhabitants considered having small Sea Rexes in the Mongo River disturbing Stranger’s boat in gameplay.

A number of large skeletons seen in concept art, FMVs and gameplay from all four Oddworld games have over the years been theorized as belonging to Sea Rexes by fans on the Oddworld Forums, particularly the two large skeletons that appear in the ‘Paramite Run’ and ‘Brewery to Be’ levels of Munch’s Oddysee.11 Regarding these latter, Alf has speculated that they may belong to a beached Sea Rex,12 but this might be a reference to the fan theories themselves.


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