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  • Published: 08 September 2016
  • Host:
  • Author: Alf
  • Game: Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty
  • Format: Publised Online

The Designer Diary

We take a look back at our first wholly original piece of level design in nearly ten years.

Almost two years to the day since Alf’s Escape was first released on PlayStation 4, we take a look back at our first wholly original piece of level design in nearly ten years.

Alf’s Escape was created when the developers at Just Add Water found that remaking Abe’s Oddysee sparked new ideas that just wouldn’t fit in with the original feel of the game. And so, the first ever Oddworld DLC was born. Alf’s Escape places the well trodden mechanics of the main New ‘n’ Tasty game into a brutal slaughterhouse environment.

The concept is simple, travel down to the deepest darkest part of RuptureFarms where no Mudokon dare walk, find Alf’s bar, and guide him out to safety.

The JAW team had great fun designing and bringing to life this never before seen area of RuptureFarms, and the previously untold story gave them the freedom to push the mechanics further than ever before. The area itself is not much bigger than a Zulag but Alf’s Escape was designed to be much more difficult than the main game, really pushing the player to think around obstacles while remaining responsible for your tea-guzzling companion.

Setting him aside from the main game’s 299 Mudokons with a name, personality and an individual voice makes the whole experience so much more intimate and, ultimately, more emotional. Players become totally invested in Alf’s well-being, which makes the final run out of RuptureFarms a manic sprint for both you and your buddy.

The success of Alf’s Escape has most definitely played a part in the continuation of Abe’s story, the new content gave us room to explore new ideas and test out brand new mechanics while remaining within the boundaries of a well loved character and environment.

We’ll be streaming Alf’s Escape today via our Twitch channel so if you haven’t already, take a gander at this lovely little excursion into the depths of RuptureFarms, and challenge yourself in a way never before seen in Oddworld.