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Special Odd Chat - The Oddworld Scriptures

Special Odd Chat
Published: 20 May 2004
Host: OddChat

This chat transcript by Oddguy is still available on the Oddworld Forums.

Special Odd Chat

Hey all you oddworld fans,
Check into Odd Chat today for a special chat from owi...
PST around noon and also later this afternoon for you Aussies....

Join us for some fun!

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oddguy> yay!
Alfs_Assistant> technical difficulties still
Alfs_Assistant> our guest is having pc problems...
Alfs_Assistant> hold on!
oddguy> We'll be patient.
Alfs_Assistant> the guest is looking at the opening movie right now...
oddguy> Ooooooh! I wonder if it it's Abe Babe?
Alfs_Assistant> who's Abe Babe?
Oddish> Kristen i think
Alfs_Assistant> she in the US?
oddguy> Nevermind. She's been to OWI before and she just went to E3. I thought she may have stopped by.
Oddish> the second fan of the month
Alfs_Assistant> ah yes...i read her report.
Alfs_Assistant> now i know who you are talking about.
oddguy> I just thought she might of stopped by since she was in Cali.
Alfs_Assistant> well e3 (LA) is quite a long way off. over 200 miles.
oddguy> Yeah, but it's a lot closer than where she normally lives. Australia.
Alfs_Assistant> that's a good point!
Alfs_Assistant> huh...
Alfs_Assistant> i wonder why she didn't ask to stop by this trip?
oddguy> Maybe she didn't want to impose since you guys are working hard on Stranger.
oddguy> ;)
Alfs_Assistant> that's probably it. she's soooo considerate in that way.
Alfs_Assistant> Alf should be signing in...
oddguy> Alf! Howdy!
alf> howdy do!
alf> AA, are you causing trouble?
oddguy> Yes.
oddguy> He burned my village.
alf> AA! How many times have I told you not to burn villages?!!!
Sapph> It's good to see you in here, Alf. Just popping on to say hullo and answer questions?
alf> Yup...just a bit of chit chat.
oddguy> Can we ask questions?
oddguy> And get answers?
Alfs_Assistant> sure!
alf> Sure, you can always ask questions.
oddguy> Cool! So, have you kids found a publisher?
alf> there's just some I won't answer ;) Moooowahahaha
oddguy> We missed you guys at E3.
Alfs_Assistant> what?! We were there!
alf> AA and I went together.
Alfs_Assistant> trying to get free stuff.
alf> No tee shirts for us.
alf> This is why we are always in loinclothes and no tops.
oddguy> You guys didn't have a booth set up though...right?
alf> No one ever gives us shirts!
Alfs_Assistant> Only booth I was interested in was Big Cheese.
Sapph> Really though, any specific reason that Oddworld Inhabitants as a presence wasn't at E3?
alf> E3 isn't the only place to announce, probably the most popular, but it can be done in other ways.
oddguy> So, you guys are planning to announce somewhere else?
alf> It's up to the publisher when/where.
oddguy> So, you guys have a publisher?
oddguy> Or not yet?
alf> No news on that yet, sorry!
buckminster> and of rumors about more than just an xbox release?
alf> Rumors, rumors, rumors!!!!Arrrrrrg! I will file that in my rumor folder.
alf> What mag? OXM?
buckminster> yes
Oddish> yes
buckminster> as stated on the forums, their article was probably based off of forum rumors. :p
alf> Funny, they never ask to talk to me.
Oddish> there is another guest coming, right?
Oddish> I mean an important guest?
Alfs_Assistant> our special guest is...
Alfs_Assistant> drumroll pleez
Sapph> *obliges by doing said drumroll*
oddguy> *plays drums*
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Alfs_Assistant> Now from the War Room at OWI...
alf> yay abe babe!
Alfs_Assistant> yay!!!!!!!!
oddguy> Abe Babe!
Abe_Babe> Hey all...
Alfs_Assistant> Abe Babe just viewed the game...
oddguy> Ha! I knew it.
Alfs_Assistant> or short demo...
Alfs_Assistant> of the game.
Abe_Babe> ;)
Sapph> Are you at OWI right now?
oddguy> So Abe Babe, you're at OWI HQ?
Abe_Babe> Yes...
oddguy> I love you
alf> woa
Abe_Babe> Well, I just saw the opening movie and gameplay demo
buckminster> and...?
oddguy> How has it changed since what we saw in X-Factor?
Abe_Babe> It's awesome!!! :D
Abe_Babe> Yes...I think it was a lot more different
Abe_babe> The graphics are absolutely amazing... the gameplay graphics are almost like the CG... there was hardly any difference.
Oddish> wow!!!!
buckminster> very froody
alf> what does froody mean?
alf> is that british?
oddguy> No developer has been able to achieve that!
oddguy> Go OWI!
Oddish> I've been waiting for graphics like that
Sapph> Are you allowed to tell us what it was like? How Stranger moved, what you did, etc?
oddguy> Yes...details
Abe_Babe> The levels appeared to be very huge
Abe_Babe> You can get lost... there seems to be lots of exploration!!! Yay!!!
Alfs_Assistant> Remember guys...Abe Babe needs to be careful about what she reveals...
Abe_Babe> I will be getting to play later on though... so that will be awesome!!!
Alfs_Assistant> anymore questions?
oddguy> How's the Live-Ammo?
Abe_Babe> The live ammo factor was really unique... I like that idea. ;)
Oddish> do you like the game?
Abe_Babe> I loved it. ;)
Esus> was it fun?
Abe_Babe> Awesome!!! There were funny parts too. Oddworld kept their humor there too.
Abe_Babe> I really think that this game will appeal more to the general gamer...although it still keeps the same Oddworld thing about just seems to me that lots of people will like.
Sapph> So is it pretty much a FPS?
Alfs_Assistant> No Sapph...
Alfs_Assistant> the term FPS doesn't appear in the game.
oddguy> Good.
alf> I'm thirsty.
oddguy> How is the music and sound, Abe Babe?
Abe_Babe> I loved the really seemed to fit with the areas that it was played in, as I'm a fan of game music...I really liked it.
Esus> how big was the environement/place you saw/played in?
Abe_Babe> Huge!!! They seemed to go for miles.
oddguy> How has OWI HQ changed since your last visit?
Abe_Babe> It hasn't really...just some new posters and statues around! ;)
oddguy> Did OW4 meet your expectations, or exceed them?
Abe_Babe> I'd probably say exceed so far!!!
Alfs_Assistant> as she sits right next to two muds...
Alfs_Assistant> hehehe
* Abe_Babe gives alf a brew
alf> Mmmmmm...thanks.
Alfs_Assistant> ok we need to go...
Alfs_Assistant> Abe Babe will have the game controls in her hand after lunch... then try to make another oddchat later today.
Abe_babe> See you guys!