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Dear Alf

They say the only dumb question is the one that doesn't get asked. Well, I beg to differ. The dumb question is the one that gets asked OVER AND OVER AGAIN! So, before you write, check our list of Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Glukkons® walk on their hands which suggests to me that they either have very little legs or no legs at all. This has led me to conclude that if a Glukkon is by itself it has no way to defend itself, which made me wonder: How could the Glukkons persuade the sligs and the slig queen to work for them in the first place?

Alf: Moolah. Power. Pants. Take your pick.

Q: How did Abe® come across his name? I'll guess that the Glukkons wouldn't waste their "valuable" time naming their slaves, so who did? Did the Mudokon Queen Sam name him at birth, and if so how did he remember it?

Alf: Mudokons name each other. It's a lot less confusing that saying, "Hey, you!" all the time.

Q: Alf, are you an ex-RuptureFarms-slave saved by Abe or were you a wild Mudokon who joined him on the quest for Necrum?

Alf: I wish I knew. Thanks to my SoulStorm® Brew addiction, I have these ...uh ... blackouts. Sometimes I just forget what...uh forget ... What was the question, again?

Q: Speaking of names, do Sligs have names? If so, who names them? If not, are they identified by numbers (like all the fan-fiction writers seem to believe)?

Alf: Yes, Sligs have names. They earn them in the cr¸che, after graduating from Slaughter School.

Q: What are rats? What are Sea Rexes? What are Mudflubs?

Alf: Various Oddworld animals that you'll see in Munch's Oddysee and other future games.

Q:Why do you torture us by not explaining anything clearly??


Q: I wonder a thing about the movie or/and the picture when you see Mudokons riding on some Elums, what are they doing? Are they hunting? If they are hunting then what do they hunt? Mudokons have to eat something!

Alf: Mudokons have used Elums for generations for all manner of work: hunting, traveling, scouting. As far as what we hunt...well, anything we can get!

Q:Will Munch be in a wheelchair throughout the whole game? If so then how does he jump and what kind of view do you get, is it like Abe's Exoddus?

Alf: Munch can get in and out of his chair. He's awkward on land, so the chair helps him travel rapidly over flat surfaces.

Q: Why is Abe's mouth stitched up, all the other Mudukons' mouths aren't?

Alf: Abe's lips were stitched up to keep him from chanting. It didn't work, and Abe could have removed his stitches a long time ago, but he keeps them as a reminder of what he once was, and what awaits us all if he fails.

Q: What does Bigface look like?

Alf: No one has ever seen him without his mask.

Q: Who is the Mudokon named "Sam" and what connections does he have with the Oddworld Quintology?

Alf: "He" is a "she," and you'll find out in Munch's Oddysee.

Q: Could the "aliens" that capture Munch when he is stuck in a bear trap possibly be humans?

Alf: Not unless humans are using Vykkers technology.

Q: Will the "meeches" shown in the Abe's Exoddus starting fmv on a poster labeled "extinct" ever resurface in a later game?

Alf: I wouldn't bet against it.

Q: Will the Big Bro Sligs be a tough enemy in Munch's Oddysee?

Alf: The toughest. We're talking armor, brawn, firepower, and a room temperature IQ.

Q: Does Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee have bosses? Will Munch and Abe fight the Glukkon queen?

Alf: Queen Margaret would never sink so low.

Q: Will there be a game without Abe? Will there be a game that goes back to when the Meeches were around?

Alf: At one point "Hand of Odd®" was going to be set in Oddworld's past, before Abe's birth ... and we might explore Oddworld's past some time in the future. But right now, as in the past, we're concentrating on the future. Past results, however, are no indication of future performance. Consult your broker before investing in this or any other fund.

Q: Hey Alf, what're the chances of Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus being re-released for Xbox? You know, all-on-one-disc-for-a-budget-price kinda thing? Go on! Please?

Alf: The chances of seeing such a thing are extremely remote, as platform differences between the Xbox and the original PlayStation are so great that we'd pretty much have to re-do the games from scratch.

Q: I would like to know how far the emotion engine goes in the means of helping out hope-shattered slaves. I mean, will it be much more of a caring, nurturing thing when you meet up with a beaten Mudokon, or, and I mean these words, will it be more of a pat on the shoulder, a quick "sorry," and "ok" response, then the Mudokon follows you? I hate to say it, but the situations I described that appeared in Exoddus seemed soul-less & empty. That's not really what happens, which made it kind of unrealistic. Know what I mean?

Alf: Well, I know that Abe was the first guy that ever spared a kind word for little ol' me. A little kindness goes a long way when you're a slave, and I know a lot of the guys feel the same way.

Q: Hey, Alf, in Munch's Oddysee will be able to control Mudokons with Vykkers.

Alf: Vykkers can't control Mudokons. At least, I hope they can't. Yipes!

Q: Abe's Exoddus was Abe's Odyssee's bonus game. Will Hand of Odd be Munch's Odyssee's bonus game or will there be a Munch's Exoddus?

Alf: No, Hand of Odd is an entirely separate concept. The bonus game for Munch will be Munch's Exoddus.

Q: Yo, did the Vykkers scientists saw their own feet off or something? They have stitched up stumps.

Alf: Or something.

Q: Will we be seeing any appearances by any of the "extinct" races of Oddworld, like some secrete secluded area where meeches still thrive?

Alf: Oddworld is a big place, so you never know...

Q: I thought Scrabs were solitary creatures that hated each other; so why are there cinematics on the site in which you see Scrabs in herds?

Alf: The Scrabs you saw in past games were "Alpha Scrabs"- rogue males that can't stand the sight of other Alpha Scrabs. Long confinement in stockyards and ancient temples had made them a bit cranky. In Munch's Oddysee, you'll see Scrabs as they live in the wild É with a single Alpha Scrab at the head of a heard of lesser Scrabs. They're still pretty cranky, though.

Q: Will there ever be Slig without its mask in Munch's Oddysee? Will we ever see what they look like without a mask on?

Alf: Ugh! Why would you want to see such a thing?

Q: Hi, Alf. Slurgs eat Fleech offal, right? Offal is not poop, so why does everybody seem to act as if it is?

Alf: It's all the same when it's stuck to your shoe.

Q: Are Glukkons and Sligs related biologically/evolutionary speaking? What about Elums and interns?

Alf: You've got some strange notions, son!

Q: Does the Almighty Raisin belong to a species?

Alf: No one knows. The Almighty Raisin is an enigma.

Q: If some Sligs are fairly wealthy, and some Glukkons are really poor, then could a Slig buy a Glukkon slave?

Alf: A Glukkon would sell his own heart before allowing such a thing.

Q: Did RuptureFarms make food out of Elums?

Alf: Some of the guys remember seeing a skinned Elum hanging around the place, so, yeah, they probably did.

Q: Who produces the punk rock the interns listen to?

Alf: Punk rockers.

Q: How do greeters balance?

Alf: Pretty darn well, I'd say!

Q: Will there ever be a film about Oddworld?
Alf: Absolutely.

Q: What's the average yearly rainfall in Oddworld?

Alf: On average, the water falls down, and hits the ground. Sometimes it goes up, but not so often.

Q: What sports do free Mudokons play?

Alf: Me an' Buddy play hackey-sack every now and then.

Q: Who was the fattest person and how heavy?

Alf: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest man of all time was the late Jon Brower Minnoch, who was just a Meech Munchy shy of weighing 975 pounds.

Q: Are you a virgin?

Alf: Hold on a, not anymore.

Q: After looking over the skull schematic of a Mudokon, I couldn't help noticing that there appeared to be the Mudokon's long lost nostrils at the top of its head. Alf, is that where your nostrils are located?

Alf: Are you a Vykker?

Q: The same skull picture showed the distinctive lack of teeth. I believe it was said that Mudokons evolve from birds. Do Mudokons have a beak behind their lips? Is their jaw strength stronger or weaker due to this feature? Could a Mudokon potentially bite someone and actually be effective?

Alf: You ARE a Vykker!

Q: How do Glukkons sleep? Do they rest on their forearms, sleep standing up, or lay down on couch/hammock/bed/etc.?

Alf: Give me back my skull, and we'll talk.

Q: Abe is 15, and Munch is 18. How old are they in human years?

Alf: I dunno. What's a "human?"

Q:Glukkons have small eyes, which are very sensitive to the light, does this mean you can blind them by smashing windows to make sunlight come through?

Alf: I've never tried it. Glukkons do seem to like gloomy places, but that might just be their nature.

Q: Will you be able to talk to Interns and help Interns get what they want from life?

Alf: You can talk to Interns, but they can't hear you over that infernal racket coming from their headphones.

Q: I heard that you will be able to make the profit makers of the game bankrupt by stealing their credit cards, is this be true?

Alf: I'll have to try that the next time our publishers visit the office.
Q: When the Quintology is over on Oddworld, will you be going to a different world?

Alf: No one's mentioned anything to me. Do you think I should pack a bag?

Q: How many endings will they be to Munch's Oddysee, please make at least four endings!!!

Alf: I'd like to see a dozen, just so long as they're all happy endings.

Q: How many endings were there in Abe's Exoddus, I got the bad ending and the good but if you saved all 300 do you get a third?
Alf: There's a little bonus recognition for being perfect.

Q: Is the Oddworld team still going to include lethal weaponry or only non-lethal like the Blitz-Packer??

Alf: Yes!

Q:Since there's money involved in Munch's Oddysee, will you be able to buy stuff, like clothes?

Alf: What's "money?" Is it anything like Moolah?

Q: was reading in a book and came across a section that explained the color and meaning of auras. The text reads: "A stong presence of red indicates a willfull personality; it may signify selfishness, physical strength, or powers of leadership. Green is the color of nature and healing, but may reveal a deceitful character. Orange is an indicator of physical health. A strong yellow presence reveals intellectual abilities. Blue refers to one's religious or spiritual state: the deeper the blue, the more enlightened the individual. Black is the color of death, malice, or evil. And gray indicates a depressed or melancholy personality." -From 'Facts and Fallacies' by Reader's Digest. This made me wonder about the color of Mudokons. Was this the inspiration for their colors? Blue, green (and I think I've seen orange somewhere, but I could be wrong!). Thank you for your time.

Alf: Uh ... I dunno about auras, and all that. We're just the colors that we are. Some of the guys have auras after drinking too much SoulStorm® Brew, but I think that's something different.
The End...whew!