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Fan of the Month

Name:   William (aka Max the Mug)
Age:   15 years old
Location:   Norwich, England
Occupation   Paperboy
Favorite Film:   Amelie
Favorite food:   While nothing tastes quite like the oozing flesh of a chilled Mudokon Pop, my absolute ideal meal would have to be a curry of some kind.
Favorite video game?   I'm not an avid video gamer, so Oddworld shines above the rest.

A:   I enjoy listening to music and creating it on my trombone. I've had a lot of fun (and frustration) trying to put up my website. And whenever I can, I like to draw stories and write pictures - Oddworld has been quite an inspiration in those two areas.

Q:   When did you first become aware of Oddworld?
A:  When I first played the demo of Abe's Oddysee on Boxing Day 1997. I instantly became attached to Abe and his story, and I loved the easy-to-understand gameplay. I got the full game Summer '98.

Q:  When did you first become a "true" Oddworld fanatic?
A:  I first realised that when I read about Abe's Exoddus in a magazine. I tried looking for Oddworld on the web, found and the GTI Forums. After a while I began posting under the username 'skELUMton'.

Q:  What is your favorite Oddworld character and why?
A:  It could only be Munch. I love his personality and determination, and I fully support the cause he fights for, so it's very easy for me to sympathise with him. He's also absolutely adorable!

Q:  What's your favorite environment?
A: Necrum. It's just got a great atmosphere to it - the tall trees, the orange sky, the silent city. It seems like a very eerie but peaceful place, with a lot of history to it.

Q:   Who's your favorite bad guy?
A :  The Vykkers, as a whole, would be my favourite 'bad' guys. Their weird ways of doing business are both twisted and utterly hilarious, and Humphrey and Irwin are both delightful characters.

Q:   Have you finished Munch's Oddysee?
A:   I most certainly have, and with all four endings.

Q:   What did you learn through these games?
A:   I learned a lot through these games like courage, friendship, justice, cooperation and wisdom. Anyway, Play it ! Enjoy it ! and Power ups to the people!

Q:  Is there anything you would like to say to your fellow Oddworld fans? A:  Aside from the customary cheering of "Stay Odd!", I want to apologise to everyone for taking such a long time getting The Oddworld Encyclopedia website up and running. I promise that work is still underway, so it's just a matter of time.

Q:  If you could ask Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning one question, what would it be?
A:  Could I have a job at Oddworld Inhabitants?   -The End


Map of Oddworld   (1.1MB jpg - 1080 x 776)
A Map of the planet of Oddworld in accordance to the Oddworld Quintology.